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  1. Thanks for this. After tweaking these values I've got result which i needed.
  2. Hi everyone! I have this slight little problem that is driving me crazy for around two hours now. I'm using BIS_fnc_typeText2 to display info in a cutscene. After a while I figured out how to display it in the bottom left corner of my screen, however, I have cinematic lines enabled and I need the text displayed above the cinematic lines and slightly to the right (but still on the left side). I've been experimenting with some values, but so far, I wasn't able to get it right. [ [ ["June 27th, 1967, 12:00", "align = 'left' shadow = '1' size = '0.7' font='EtelkaMonospaceProBold'"], ["", "<br/>"], ["Central Highlands near Cambodian border", "align = 'left' shadow = '1' size = '0.7' font='EtelkaMonospaceProBold'"] ], safeZoneX, safeZoneH + safeZoneY ] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText2; Thanks in advance for any help. The culprit is definitely in safeZoneX, safeZoneH + safeZoneY, something needs to be added there, so it will be above the cinematic lines and slightly indented to the right.
  3. XerXesCZ

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    This is actually very sad, it happens too often these days with good quality mods. It's probably some pis*ed off kid who got DMCA for redistributing others work as their own making his move. One good thing would be in my humble opinion to demand proof of identity / credit card information from those who are filling out the claims. Serious people wouldn't have any problem, but in case of false claim, bill them for the time lost by people from Steam and from people on the defending side.
  4. XerXesCZ

    JBOY Dunk Tank

    Man, this is hilarious! 😅 Great work!
  5. XerXesCZ

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Oh, but there are actually two autosaves present in this scenario, the newest autosave and the one before it.
  6. XerXesCZ

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    So far, I am loving it! It's clear that lots of work have gone into this. Bugs encountered so far: Also, please consider enabling the save feature. Although I can understand the decision behind this, it's same like danger zones in Contact. Since this is Arma, players should be able to save their game at their own leisure. I had many rage quits after clearing up a base, moving van with unused cargo to be sold at merchant, only to die some stupid death. 😀
  7. XerXesCZ

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    I'm most certainly looking forward to this! @AZCoder If you are looking for beta testers, I'll be gladly one of them!
  8. XerXesCZ


    Thanks for pointing out this mission, @kodabar! I assume you are going to play it and put it on Youtube? I very closely follow your channel because you always point out the best Ravage missions! 😉
  9. Do you have your GPU(s) in SLI? Had similar problem after - funny thing that is - updating my graphics card drivers, Arma 3 won't run anymore and will CTD frequently w/o reason.
  10. Thanks to all for your help, this was little tricky for me! Now is everything working as it should. I was aware of the script by @Grumpy Old Man, but to be honest wasn't quite sure what to do next with it. Thanks to fool-proof anwers in this thread I was able to solve it, and even managed to learn something new! Thanks again!
  11. Thanks for your answer! Oh, I am aware of that. I don't even known how this happened, probably was thinking about other things. I have reported my post.
  12. Hi everyone! First of all, I want to say that I've done my research on this topic before I've decided to post a topic of my own - but sadly either I didn't understand it or it wasn't the thing I was looking for. My question is; how I display a custom picture on in-game PC screen? Basically, I have a setup which is shown in image below. I understand that for a custom image I want to show on the screen I need to convert it to paa format, but I don't know the code needed to show it on the screen. Next question is a little bit trickier; I want to achieve a "security camera surveillance feed" on on the double screens. I understand it has to do something with PIP - basically I place object, initialize camera somehow from there and then show it on the screen. I'm totally lost here. The thing is, when someone posts a code I can "understand" basically what it does and why, or do my research to parts I don't understand. However, sadly for now I lack the skill necessary to put it together on my own. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  13. XerXesCZ


    I've actually decided to leave the playground props in the mission, I'll just have to rearange them better. One thing is certain though, if some very very bad and uncommon situation is happening anywhere in 2035 Armaverse, Miller has to do something with it. So you'll actually get to do exactly what you are describing if you play my mission once it's released, unless I'll give you some very good reason why you should not to. 😀 Anyway, to the topic: @Gill93 mentioned a few posts back a decontamination script - I would like to second that question. I've made something very simmilar in the dome (it's all part of the Zed Circus). I have all the triggers in place which will run the decontamination process (really just "turn on" the showers) along with some Amazon Polly comments, however, to truly remove the radiation from the player would be very nice. I don't want to clutter this topic with images, so I'll just include links to the images of the decontamination tent if you want to take a look below: http://i68.tinypic.com/2cgmxqf.jpg http://i65.tinypic.com/j8h4wk.jpg http://i68.tinypic.com/es27vd.jpg Thanks in advance for any help!
  14. Okay, thanks for this, didn't knew it's that simple. Quick Edit: Is there any way to determine which content is paid and which is free to use? I know most of the Contact props are free, but can I for example place the radar station, which is part of Livonia terrain, on Altis? Or - is there any way to simulate what will see the player who doesn't own - for example - any of the DLCs when playing?
  15. XerXesCZ


    Captain Miller is overseeing Zed Behavioral Research...