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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    This is actually very sad, it happens too often these days with good quality mods. It's probably some pis*ed off kid who got DMCA for redistributing others work as their own making his move. One good thing would be in my humble opinion to demand proof of identity / credit card information from those who are filling out the claims. Serious people wouldn't have any problem, but in case of false claim, bill them for the time lost by people from Steam and from people on the defending side.
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    JBOY Dunk Tank

    Man, this is hilarious! 😅 Great work!
  3. XerXesCZ

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Oh, but there are actually two autosaves present in this scenario, the newest autosave and the one before it.
  4. XerXesCZ

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    So far, I am loving it! It's clear that lots of work have gone into this. Bugs encountered so far: Also, please consider enabling the save feature. Although I can understand the decision behind this, it's same like danger zones in Contact. Since this is Arma, players should be able to save their game at their own leisure. I had many rage quits after clearing up a base, moving van with unused cargo to be sold at merchant, only to die some stupid death. 😀
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    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    I'm most certainly looking forward to this! @AZCoder If you are looking for beta testers, I'll be gladly one of them!
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    Thanks for pointing out this mission, @kodabar! I assume you are going to play it and put it on Youtube? I very closely follow your channel because you always point out the best Ravage missions! 😉
  7. Do you have your GPU(s) in SLI? Had similar problem after - funny thing that is - updating my graphics card drivers, Arma 3 won't run anymore and will CTD frequently w/o reason.
  8. Thanks to all for your help, this was little tricky for me! Now is everything working as it should. I was aware of the script by @Grumpy Old Man, but to be honest wasn't quite sure what to do next with it. Thanks to fool-proof anwers in this thread I was able to solve it, and even managed to learn something new! Thanks again!
  9. Hi everyone! First of all, I want to say that I've done my research on this topic before I've decided to post a topic of my own - but sadly either I didn't understand it or it wasn't the thing I was looking for. My question is; how I display a custom picture on in-game PC screen? Basically, I have a setup which is shown in image below. I understand that for a custom image I want to show on the screen I need to convert it to paa format, but I don't know the code needed to show it on the screen. Next question is a little bit trickier; I want to achieve a "security camera surveillance feed" on on the double screens. I understand it has to do something with PIP - basically I place object, initialize camera somehow from there and then show it on the screen. I'm totally lost here. The thing is, when someone posts a code I can "understand" basically what it does and why, or do my research to parts I don't understand. However, sadly for now I lack the skill necessary to put it together on my own. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  10. Thanks for your answer! Oh, I am aware of that. I don't even known how this happened, probably was thinking about other things. I have reported my post.
  11. XerXesCZ


    I've actually decided to leave the playground props in the mission, I'll just have to rearange them better. One thing is certain though, if some very very bad and uncommon situation is happening anywhere in 2035 Armaverse, Miller has to do something with it. So you'll actually get to do exactly what you are describing if you play my mission once it's released, unless I'll give you some very good reason why you should not to. 😀 Anyway, to the topic: @Gill93 mentioned a few posts back a decontamination script - I would like to second that question. I've made something very simmilar in the dome (it's all part of the Zed Circus). I have all the triggers in place which will run the decontamination process (really just "turn on" the showers) along with some Amazon Polly comments, however, to truly remove the radiation from the player would be very nice. I don't want to clutter this topic with images, so I'll just include links to the images of the decontamination tent if you want to take a look below: http://i68.tinypic.com/2cgmxqf.jpg http://i65.tinypic.com/j8h4wk.jpg http://i68.tinypic.com/es27vd.jpg Thanks in advance for any help!
  12. Good day, I have this one maybe dumb question: I am making a campaign and I want to use some DLC content in it. However, because I want to make it as much accessible as possible, I know that even if I own all the DLCs for Arma 3, others may have not. I am know that I can't use DLC paid terrains such as Tanoa and Livonia, but I know that in some missions I've played there were for example jets from Jets DLC placed on the carrier, but the mission had no dependency on Jets DLC (there were just sitting there, you were not piloting them). Or - there were weapons from Marksmen DLC spawning on enemies even when I didn't have the DLC purchased at that time. How can I achieve this? Thanks in advance for any help!
  13. Okay, thanks for this, didn't knew it's that simple. Quick Edit: Is there any way to determine which content is paid and which is free to use? I know most of the Contact props are free, but can I for example place the radar station, which is part of Livonia terrain, on Altis? Or - is there any way to simulate what will see the player who doesn't own - for example - any of the DLCs when playing?
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    Captain Miller is overseeing Zed Behavioral Research...
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    Thanks, works like a charm now! Should have figured a missing bracket myself, though... guess I'm working on this mission for too long today. I've found myself watching the circus for about five minutes with a smile on my face, I really love Ravage 😂
  16. XerXesCZ


    Thanks for all your answers! Oh, no need, if it wouldn't be possible I would just place "dead" zeds inside the fence. This looks like exactly what I need, however, when I add this inside the init field, I get error shown in the picture below, like... nothing. It won't show on where the error is so I can't determine what is wrong. http://tinypic.com/r/orufy9/9 One thing though, I will make sure I'll play your mission "Sirens", for some unknown reason I've missed it when I was searching for Ravage missions.
  17. XerXesCZ


    First of all, I want to thank the mod author for making this awesome mod and for all the time he put into making it even better! Let me ask one question; is there any way to make certain (manually put in the editor) zombies passive? I am making a mission with Ravage and I have this research dome, where I have fenced off area with "captured zeds" for "studying purposes". I've tried almost everything I can think of, putting invisible walls around the fence, various disableAI with "PATH" and "MOVE" but it seems to have no effect on them. They will get so pissed of when they see the player so they will eventually get around every obstacle I throw at them, including multiple invisible walls in stacks. 🤣 Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Lore friendly hub for CTRG

    Okay, I'm at a loss now, so I'm asking for help here; Currently, I've been thinking about making a small CTRG campaign for A3. I have some good ideas, some less good ones. However, I want it to be more or less realistic and lore friendly. The one thing that always bothered me about The East Wing campaign was the hubs. In todays warfare with all the possibilities, UAVs able to spot a mice on the ground, I've always wondered how in the year of 2035 they always somehow manage to hide their base of operations from technological superpower like CSAT. I'm always thinking that in a real life scenario, that base wouldn't last for an entire day. The problem is - I'm planning to send the CTRG on various islands available in A3 and I need a believable hub. I'm pretty sure I can't make a base in a forest, much less in a power plant, for it not to be destroyed in a few hours. I was also thinking about using the USS Liberty - and narrate it like it's equipped with advanced cyber-warfare systems so it manages to stay hidden on the sea, but I can't think of a believable scenario in which CTRG can commandeeria whole destroyer-class ship. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  19. XerXesCZ

    Lore friendly hub for CTRG

    For some of the first missions I've decided using the Liberty; it's simply too good so it overweights some of my former decisions of not using it. Haven't decided if I use helo or boat insertion, but in any case I'll add fade to black and "a few hours later", making the impression that the ship is far more away from the shore than it actually is. Later - because always returning to a ship would be time consuming and non-viable - I'll go with forest camps using the camo nets and a safehouse in a city. I was basically a kid when my dad got it for me, but yea, the story was fairly conventional. I wouldn't consider it a flaw, however. Elaborating on previous titles - first OC only: I've liked the A3 campaign, actually, my campaign is planning to elaborate on it a bit. Eastwind device seems believable to me - considering the year being what it is. I use to think about the CTRG as some general purpose black ops unit that don't have to necessary "research" combat technology (like the Eastwind device). There was this TV show called The Unit in which the actual unit was called something like "Logistics Divison", hinting that they are some kind of military clerks and not giving away it's actually a combat unit used to do the dirty work. When someone on Reddit has connected the dots for me (I was too dumb to figure it out myself), I've realized that it actually might have some added depth - like the crater in A2 PMCs campaign might be actually from the early tests of the EW device, or that at some point in ToH campaign it was transported somewhere. It's a shame you didn't released your work, I for one would certainly enjoyed it. I still replay some user made campaigns and missions in A2 from time to time. One thing is for sure, when I release mine, it's going to need some serious proofreading, since my English is far from perfect. If I invest in voice acting depends if people will like it.
  20. XerXesCZ

    Lore friendly hub for CTRG

    To this day, I still think of good old OFP campaign as being the best in the whole series, Resistance being only slightly better. From that day I bought all the successors and played every campaign. I agree completely, they couldn't hide, but I've come to realize this much later when replaying the campaign for old times sake. I'm trying to recreate this in my campaign, but I'm being too hard to myself. I was largely inspired by IndeedPete's campaign M.E.R.C.S. - he managed to create the perfect hub where you can hang out between missions. But - CTRG operations being mostly unsanctioned black ops (Captain Miller's certainly was on the lower level of chain of command) - which exactly suits needs of my campaign, but also limiting me to place their base of operation on Liberty or Freedom, as they are simply too large ships to sit near shore unnoticed - and my campaign being "shady black ops and all 😀. The HMS Proteus would be great for this purpose - but it lacks interior and I lack the skill needed to make one. But, as I said, I think I've managed to solve this problem - I simply needed to stop overthinking it too much.
  21. XerXesCZ

    Lore friendly hub for CTRG

    Thanks to all for your opinions. I was probably overthinking it, really, but thanks to your very helpful posts, I think I've got it figured out. Thanks again!
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    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Well, in that case I should get ready for a sleepless night 😎
  23. XerXesCZ

    3den Enhanced

    Hey @R3vo, I have created a new Pull Request on GitHub, with updated and revised Czech translation.
  24. XerXesCZ

    How important are Unit Websites these days?

    Hi! I personally found my unit which I used to play a lot with through their website. Thanks to the website you can determine if the units main playstyle would suit you - e.g. if it's a realism unit, if they are using RL military tactics in their game or if they play less strictly. Publishing some "Wanna join rules" and contact form also helps in my opinion for any unit to look professional. Also, public section of the forums allows you to see how the unit is active and which kind of missions they are playing. Publishing your mod list on your website isn't bad idea either, especially now when you can create beautiful websites with Wordpress and a community forums with phpBB and it's derivatives without too much hassle or any extensive knowledge of coding and it won't cost you anything - only your time of course. So, my opinion is that Unit Websites are a good thing. To be honest, most units don't bother with it however, using only Steam Groups - and Discord as you mentioned you are using. I am okay with Discord, but since Steam platforms terrible lack of any good moderation tools - I personaly would never use a Steam Group to present my unit. Hope this helps you, if only a little. Have a nice day!
  25. Hi community, sorry if this is somewhat silly question - but - recently I've bought Contact DLC and switched to development version of the game to test new assets. However, since I play a lot of custom missions and campaigns, these missions tend not to go well due to various script errors which occurs in the development version only. Is there any way for me to test the new assets and not be on the development version at the same time? Thanks in advance for any help.