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  1. ahmedslimkw

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Oh I'm gonna enjoy this one! Old british vehicles used by FIA forces instead of those offroad trucks in assaults will be an interesting surprise for the opposing forces :D Loving the small details you added like those bags! Still wondering when BI will employ you :P Keep up the awesome work!
  2. ahmedslimkw

    Animation dump

    That's really awesome for you for sharing these animations! I can picture many screenshots with these in the future :D Thanks for sharing it!
  3. ahmedslimkw

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    Oh and I also hope that water movement could be changed too, like the waves pushing the player and maybe even the player ragdolling if he falls down on high steep hills. for now the swimming is so slow like I'm sure every army has basic swimming training! I cant wait to see the new ragdolls. I would love to see the fluidity of it such as dying, falling and getting hit by a car. Maybe I'm asking a bit too much :P im liking all those water stuff. Waters currently are just a big blob of uselessness if you don't have a diving suit or boat.
  4. ahmedslimkw

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Man those Russians look sick! My favorite country, weapon and language all in a new update soon :D Russians are lucky people :) Especially that helmet! The NATO navy outfit is a nice touch to a friendly carrier assault or defence, I like it! Keep up the amazing work Night I can't wait to see what else you got for us :D
  5. ahmedslimkw

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    I think it would be cool if BI does WW2 like the OP said, But considering Bohemia is quite big I think they have layed the framework like what Hamakaze said. Having all those plans and stuff like that. What I really hope to see in Arma 4 are melee, Better animations, Climbing. Basically improving mobility of infantries :D In terms of story I sincerely hope it would not be poppy farmers with accuracy comparable to meatloaf decides to attack the U.S (Come on we all know what will happen :P)
  6. ANDRAGOGY DISCIPLINE: CSAT Special Forces participate in a join AAF-CSAT COIN Operation. ADDONS: Private Campaign
  7. Clandestine Chemistry U.S Peace keeping forces struck an unexploded munition while on patrol, CSAT Viper team investigates and attempts to resurrect the fallen soldiers. This incident prompted Viper to step up its demining operation. Addons: Private Campaign
  8. ahmedslimkw

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Those liveries look real fitting for a guerrilla force, Nicely done Night! :D For some reason it gives me a CSAT vibe. Except with two colours as a replacement. Kinda wondering how the FIA never took inspiration from AAF/CSAT trucks and paint a sloppy pattern to confuse their enemy. (Might confuse themselves too) The shooter shades is awesome! Pitting it with a normal NATO soldier looks swell instead of the sort of unappealing shades Keep up the great work night! Nice update as usual! (Big feeling that the next update will bring back my favorite army, Russia :D) Oh and I'm loving the magnitude post process! Gives it a good greek feel, Could we see another post process in the future? (Alpha like, No idea why but alpha had my win for the best post process one)
  9. ahmedslimkw

    Arma 3 Aegis

    After playing a bit with Aegis I got a bunch of suggestions and observations! Its a really enjoyable mod. I'm probably the new guy so I would embrace the 2035 setting and a mod like this is great! The MX sound change is awesome by the way. Now when I shoot the MX it feels like a real gun. Forget M4s and AKs, Katibas and MX's just need those sweet new sounds :P Riot police uniform model is one of a kind! Fits really well with the broken shape of Altis and its poor mans riot. (Russians disappeared, I think they are having those AKs and then they will reappear ;D) The red tape thing seems a little bit odd for the riot responders, Maybe its part of the model? A desaturated blue could be used as a way to distinguish them from the militias. Those airliners are a static beauty, When assaulting the airport full of NATO forces and having to hide using the airplanes, Or perhaps sneaking in at night hugging the airplanes. Planting a bomb and running the hell out! A few ideas: The offroad for the Riot is although, Mobile. Pretty weak for a first responder in riots. Maybe you could utilize the Arma 2s SUV, Making the windows sort of bullet proof and the car itself blue/white (desaturated blue) if you want of course! porting vehicles are very hard! You could use a SUV/Hatchback as last resort. don't know if CUP made the riot shield pistol or ported it but if they ported it. Then maybe you could port it, Retexture the shield to have the Altian state logo. And then you have a fully fledged awesome riot guys for a 2024 coup scenario! Oh and something I always thought would be cool. But had no idea on where to retexture it: Black H-Barriers. Just optional one, Not too black but just greyish. The dirt would be the same colour but using it to fortify secret positions on a dark night or next to a massive rock formation. Just an optional idea if your bored! If you fancy giving the CSAT spec ops some new weapons, Like the tan katiba you could make a Hex katiba! I already have a hex katiba made and ready to be used. If you need it just hit me up :D I'm sure you could use it colour picking the colours and making your own splendid hex template! Cheers night for your great work and contribution! Aegis is my favourite mod of Arma 3, And it wont change :D
  10. "The sun rises over the Mediterranean Island" Somewhere on Altis, 2034 Counter-Insurgency operations. Addons: Private Campaign
  11. ahmedslimkw

    3den Enhanced

    Oh :P thanks for the keys! Keep up the great work R3vo :D
  12. ahmedslimkw

    3den Enhanced

    Is it possible maybe in the future you could include a small optional editor music? I remember in the older versions the preference tab had a "Enable Music" option. I think its a cool feature if your designing a large mission while hearing all random arma 3 music played which automatically stops when you hit the "play" button :D
  13. ahmedslimkw

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    It might have been located in the Greek island of Lefkada. I'm not sure if it's correct but the geography is really similar!!
  14. ahmedslimkw

    Arma 3 Aegis

    Another great update by night! Tomorrow will be one hell of a day. The preset looks swell by the way! Any possibilities for a script version too? Would be awesome for mission makers :D Oh I can't wait for this one tomorrow...
  15. 2034-September-12 CSAT Special forces assault a FIA held complex. Was bored so I made this picture for a mission in a campaign :P Addons: Private Campaign (I think I have scrapped a total of 34 campaigns over the last 3 years)