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  1. Sorry, i've been drowning in assignments. Here's something for y'all. :)
  2. I'll most likely be reskinning the ones made by BI :D Noted, i'll do more adjustments to it. Thanks for your feedback!
  3. Sorry for the inactivity, i've been trying to get the shade of multicam right. Here's what i've got so far!
  4. Yes, the PVS-31 will be included in the future :)
  5. Currently doing the textures for the vanilla BI combat set to replicate the Crye Gen 2 Combat Set. Pics will be up soon!
  6. Thanks! I seldom see the mk48 in use, and the mk46 will be included in the pack :)
  7. I could do that for the PEQ 15 :) Anyways, just finished texturing the anvis 9. It'll look nice and shiny when the rvmats are applied! Now, for the anvis 6/9....
  8. Well, game engine wise, it's not possible. However I could probably put the m3x and peq15 together. Iirc I saw that there was a mod somewhere which allowed switching between laser and flashlight for the llm from fhq accessories. I'll look into it :) However it'll probably just be for the m4 platform. Otherwise i'll have to add another additional model for the scars, mgs, etc. Not good for file size.
  9. Hi guys, i've started working on my 75th Ranger Regiment pack. I have admired the rangers for a very long time now, and I want to replicate them in A3 to the best of my abilities. I have been modding for A3 since it came out. I'll be doing them from the pre multicam era (2009) all the way to the current modern ranger (2014). I'll be handling weapons, gear, and units. I am able to config as well. I do need help in weighting vests and uniform modelling however. Here's the anvis and mich 2k that i've modelled awhile back. I also do have an mbav but I need help with weighting it. Planned Weapons (Will use my own rail config but will be compatible with some other mods): - M4A1 Sopmod Block 2 - Mk18 Mod 1 - M110 SASS - MK46 - M240 L - MK16 - MK17 - Carl Gustav Planned Accessories: - Peq 15 - M3X - WMX 200 Planned Gear: - Opscore Maritime with and without helmet cover - Mich 2000 with and without helmet cover - PVS 15 with l4g24 NVG mount - Anvis 9 with Anvis 6/9 mount and LPBP - RLCS and SFLCS MBAV - Crye Precision AVS - SOFLCS and RLCS pouches - Crye precision Gen 2 and Gen 3 combat sets - Oakley M Frames Right now i'm in the process of texturing the anvis. Also i'll be updating this thread every Tuesday and Saturday regardless of progess so keep up with me :) Estimated release date will be dependent on my schedule and progress, but i'm giving myself at least 2 months to cook up content before a pre alpha release! Polls will be posted on and off for the community to decide where they want this whole mod going. And yes, it'll be zeus compatible. ---------- Post added at 06:19 ---------- Previous post was at 06:18 ---------- Update 16/11/14 - Anvis completed. - Basic Mich 2000 completed. - Basic MBAV completed.
  10. Looks great so far! Keep up the good work :)
  11. RB19

    SOC WIP Thread

    Super stoked!