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  1. Sorry, no, I wasn't talking about you at all. After taking a look at the wounds config file, I don't understand why there are references to models like SLX_Face, SLX_Head, SLX_L_Arm, SLX_L_Hand, SLX_R_Arm, SLX_R_Arm and SLX_Torso_NoHead, but those models just aren's in the folder gibs... Also there are no SLX_Dragger and no SLX_DraggerObject model. I'm completely confused now. :blink: PS: Whoever has that BloodBig error... I guess u've got DIH_scripts in your addons folder... ;)
  2. lacroix73

    FHQ TaskTracker

    I modify only for personal use. Maybe I have to mention that I'm still working on ArmA II, therefore I'm not using the newest TT version. Hard to explain, my english ain't that good. With "reassign" I mean to set a task state to assigned again after it was already assigned before. That didn't work until I inserted this line into FHQ_TT_markTaskAndNext: [_this select _i, "current"] call FHQ_TT_setTaskState Hope that was at least somewhat understandable. :unsure:
  3. lacroix73

    FHQ TaskTracker

    Thx for the reply. I tried this. Moving the marker works perfectly, but the task destination stays where it was in the beginning. PS: I took the liberty to make a change to the tasktracker. I inserted a line so that I can reassign a previously assigned task. I hope that's okay for you! regards
  4. lacroix73

    FHQ TaskTracker

    Hello! Is it possible to change a task destination during mission? I tried tsk1 setSimpleTaskDestination markerPos "NEWMARKER" but it had no effect at all. thx in advance
  5. Hmm... I don't think editing something to fix errors for private use only is illegal. If there weren't so many errors in all those mods out there I'd not only be very happy but I'd have much more free time. btw: I'm tired of telling modders about errors in their mods and being ignored. (W0lle excepted)
  6. Well... seems like I found a way to turn this off. However you have to make a change to the JSRS-Mod (not sure if this is allowed ;)). Open the jsrs_movement_c.pbo and extract config.cpp. If you delete the lines between class HitDamage and (excluding) class SoundEnvironExt that stupid noise is gone. (Almost sure that you don't have to delete every line, but I'm too lazy to find out which one's causing that sound.) Hope that's nothing illegal... :o regards PS: If anybody has a solution to that 'bloodbig'-problem, I'd really appreciate a hint. thx