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  1. it's just a brainstorming, it's obvious there would be an agreement. But mike force gameplay fit nicely with dayz format, thinks the animations and knife combat would be fantastic! sickness alligators...
  2. I repeat again BI has to port SOGPF vietnam in DAYZ SA. fit perfectly for the Enfusion engine and this game
  3. zukov


    I just tried the mod IMHO the red android is perfect for VRANA industries, you have already the helicopters in game maybe a civil faction or something like that. You can also put the android in the wheeled drone. I'm wondering if possible drive the android like a drone
  4. zukov

    General CDLC compatibility

    Surely Global Mobilization there are the skins for AAF
  5. zukov

    Crew Hit Reaction

    with camera shake is possible add a no signal effect in some camera (not in the periscope)? like bf3/4
  6. zukov

    Arma 3 with FidelityFX Super Resolution

    apology for another question do you have problem with battleye? or is a driver level?
  7. zukov

    Arma 3 with FidelityFX Super Resolution

    So it works! in the beginning even the dlss had problems. you can reach 100 fps?
  8. GM is a beautiful Base for to recreate a mod for BF2, Operation Peacekeeper the maps was very funny the problems are the serbian vehicles
  9. Bi has to add a Beret for AAF and at least a camo face for each Asian and Tanoan characters
  10. zukov

    adding Insignias difficulties

    why don't use the official tutorial? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Unit_Insignia example Insignia You can add a new insignia in Config.cpp and Description.ext. class CfgUnitInsignia { class 111thID { displayName = "111th Infantry Division"; // Name displayed in Arsenal author = "Bohemia Interactive"; // Author displayed in Arsenal texture = "\A3\Ui_f\data\GUI\Cfg\UnitInsignia\111thID_ca.paa"; // Image path material = "\A3\Ui_f\data\GUI\Cfg\UnitInsignia\default_insignia.rvmat"; // .rvmat path textureVehicle = ""; // Does nothing, reserved for future use }; };
  11. Antii drone weapon what do you remember? an idea to implement in arma3
  12. zukov

    Radio Arma

  13. zukov

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Anyway i'll keep, like my unique game, Arma 3 with all DLC and CDLC for long time. When will out a decent hardware with a reasonable price, this game gives tons and tons of fun for years without the crap microtransactions or equivalent bullshits.
  14. Arma Reforger on enfusion? on 22 june surely somenthing will happen