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  1. i hope that the next military title will be focusing on special forces than a huge list of units that look the same, Bi has a huge market, the orphans fo Ghost Recon
  2. I think that the problem in endgame is the Opfor faction, no one wants play like iranian /chinese from outer space and the voice actor of it isn't so fantastic. But the format is quite good if BI improves the compound AI, more special forces oriented, some animations, aircraft and drone additions, random locations where to upload the data and heli insertion at the start ...... . I have tried myself to make the chinese SF Viper less "ant man" is doable. The huge terrains in Arma series are playable (to me) in PVP just like Endgame or Dayz SA (persistent server and "sandbox" style) my attempt on chinese viper ....... is become Splinter Cell definitive splinter cell
  3. Vanguard is cute , warlords unfortunately is a lag fest and a lot of "dead times" during gameplay. I don't like KOTH, just the cashier at the beginning hurts my eyes and I leave the game
  4. Is the "my" mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi
  5. Is the only pvp mode that you can play on the BI terrains. Why BI you don't develop it anymore? Need just some fine tunings (some animations already in game, the languages for QG maybe a more special forces oriented) but is still the most enjoyable PVP/PVE mode (and not a lag fest) in Arma games.
  6. zukov

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    i'm wondering how cool the ION faction in Tanoa against Syndakat (reworked obviously) a sort of ghost recon.... MP
  7. i hope that the radar dish (animated), the link mode stuff, the animated poles flags and the satellite, will be in the game vanilla not in samples, even the CSAT helmets or the Sindykat mouth scarf and the modular helmet skin too! (it matches perfectly the olive version of the LDF carrier)in samples the camo of the Hunters and psd to eliminate "flame " lettering. Would be awesome for the syndikat faction! The link stuff are perfectly reusable for a endgame mode.
  8. Like the post from BI site. about project argo. there are several beautiful assets in ARGO very useful for Arma 3 (all antennas, the satellite an so on). Please BI includes this assets in current game or at least give the possibility to use them like a mod for all. Link https://incubator.bohemia.net/games/argo
  9. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Unit_Insignia Insignia texture should ideally be 128x128px PAA file.
  10. we have already the fennek
  11. a first look to the WS (to me is a formal BI DLC) A Must to have for the mission maker or the simple user; the terrain is very good and good FPS (finally); the uniform, gear and weapons give to the game endless scenarios and mods; the PASGT with glasses! 3 things don't like me ION in Blue/western faction instead in Indipendent faction; NO old SUV on ION (like a crossover from arma 2); The recoil in xms doesn't seems a bullpup;
  12. Hi Zukov, but that's Viriginia Raggi in your avatar or LA MADONNA??? 

    1. zukov


      un mio vecchio lavoro di  photoshop

  13. there will bea T100 mbt with the camo on the image? wil be a dream
  14. if you have ryzen 5000 series, for the GPU is always better Nvdia (for physix)? I mean with the ryzen cpu and gpu you can enable the SMA. Better performanced for the cpu