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  1. this cold war dlc perfect suits Arma Reforger please BI expand the possibility of this game!
  2. zukov

    Insignia on veichles

    insignia on Veichles like in wiki https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Unit_Insignia
  3. So far the insignia on vehicles don't work! Please BI make a sample in game for us!
  4. Western sahara cdlc ! A huge potential for"HUMAN" CSAT!
  5. zukov

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    would be cool to have the Berezhok turret on Marid
  6. zukov


    as far as i know, the destroyable buildings are in roadmap. I hope instead in more "institutional" building, offices and so on
  7. zukov


    but some sneak a peek of Arland the new island? Baltic landscape? New vegetation? snow?
  8. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_2_Sample_Models
  9. i think that models from Arma 2 are already avalaible for reforger and licences too
  10. zukov

    Air Cargo Crash on Kavala

    A Ukrainian-registered Antonov cargo aircraft headed from Serbia to Jordan crashed near the northern Greek city of Kavala late Saturday, state-run ERT television reported. Bloomberg Reports that ammunitions were on board.
  11. zukov

    Arma Reforger my thoughts...

    the world editor is a jewel ! Now you are able to make a map! (no terrain! map!) no huge nonsense terrain for a bunch of players but funny maps! the terrain tool in Arma 3 is atrocious! Bulldozer sometimes work sometime no (often no) the orrible P drive is gone! Now need just for a tanks and helicopters and add the cold war CDLC already made for Arma 3
  12. zukov

    Arma Reforger - Mission Editor

    How to use World Editor! ~ Arma Reforger/Enfusion Tools Basic Guide
  13. zukov

    Arma Reforger - Mission Editor

    Terrain wiki i search a video https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_Reforger:World_Editor:_Terrain_Preparation_Tutorial
  14. zukov

    New informations or announcement soon?

    again Global Mobilization is perfect for Arma Reforger (even all Cold war CDLC)
  15. zukov

    New informations or announcement soon?

    my first critic the left arm that hold the rifle has atrocious stance animation