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  1. zukov

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: Western Sahara

    A Tshirt version?
  2. Reforger game name calls reforger exercise in 80s we need tanks!
  3. like the title, Reforger needs a boat's even a small one, is ridiculous than an island don't has nothing to go on the sea. Is a bug or when you fingering point, you stuck in this position?
  4. today i switched to Arma Reforger, never will come back to arma 3, everything is pretty high standard,. I hope that the devs will add tank, towed artillery (120 mm mortars?) and attack helicopters MI 24 Hind (A?) and AH-1 Cobra. Suggestion add Sphera S helmet to soviet faction and a simple sector control game mode with class system instead a complicated arsenal
  5. ok today i bought a new PC ryzen 5 7600, gpu AMD 7800 xt 16 gb RAM 32gb ddr5 6000mhz 1920 x 1080 all ultra in multiplayer 60 fps not 61 not 59 stuck at 60 fps a bit weird but everything was smooth ps SAM enabled
  6. zukov


  7. How to enable the animations in this props? 1) Portable Flag Pole (Project Argo) 2) Rugged Communications props (Project Argo) the first is pretty cool for a conquest mode the second for an cool endgame mode Thanks in advance
  8. Are there any problems with the forum? it always logs me out
  9. the grey camo T100 futura is can applied even to a normal t100 varsuk? edit why not the psd sample for some skin like the mrap? this camo is pretty cool
  10. "Added: T-100X Futura Railgun Tank" WE NEED A VIDEO!
  11. zukov

    Pete's Texture Templates

    i think that there is just a one template
  12. zukov

    ChatGPT is Awesome

    the problem you have to positionining the units and the triggers by yourself by 3d editor and terrain
  13. zukov

    ChatGPT is Awesome

    it works but you have to revision the entire code
  14. there is a chance to add/fix the insignia for vehicles?