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  1. yeeeeeeessssssssss Fixed: Ifrit shadows were broken when hiddenSelectionsMaterials were used - FT - T148354 @AveryTheKitty
  2. thank George! afters some tests the old one works but just with the sample combat patrol mission (in samples) and only in editor and not in MP server. the "Hi" work very well even without a weapons "yes" and "no" are a bit strange in 1° person. all animation with the ACTS prefix seem don't work on player, now I take a look with Hand signals in Apex seem a bit better
  3. i'm lucky if I reach 40, average about 30 high and not ultra and terrain standard
  4. the only things that i'm really like in Dayz, and enfusion, are the player's animations and the beautiful Mosin Nagant PU
  5. is possible add this fantastic lamps like inventory items? If you have them in your backpack, they give an invaluable immersion to a night scenario
  6. Dayz official server has 60 players modded reach 127 Arma 3 without AI? 100 realistic ? to me Arma RV4 well patched beat dayz ps ARMA has single player campaigns
  7. @GEORGE FLOROS GR please make a demo mission, i simply don't understand some syntax 😀 i have to learn more about sqf phronk had a good idea, has given the animation "HandSignalPoint" to tactical pinging "shift +T" very useful and immersive without touch any key
  8. @GEORGE FLOROS GR i tried to implement the initplayerlocal.sqf to a mission but my skill are very bad, is possible to have a demo mission like other scripts? i want to learn how to implement this animations. Thank in advance anyway😀 i want to try gesturePoint and Acts_PercMstpSlowWrflDnon_handup2 instead yes or no, more usefuls for a gameplay in my mind
  9. zukov

    vehicles insignia

    so is correct there isn't a insignia function on vehicles maybe work only squad.xml
  10. zukov

    HEMTT Flatbed Question

    just the vehicles, park the truck and go on the vehicle that you have to load, it will appear on rmb mouse action menu when you close to the truck
  11. zukov

    Project Livonia

    i'm wondering, why not a PT100 Twardy 2 ? the two Dingo from ACR in LDF camo would be a Cherry on top
  12. Old man adds a lot of stuff on inventory, this items are just cosmetic? An example are the bandages, what sense does it make if you have a first aid kit? maybe an animation from DayZ? another example are the medicines, we will able to make a areas with diseas? in this case the CBRN suit and decontamination tools are very useful......
  13. zukov

    Unconscious Markers

    i'm not sure is the what that you are looking for but there is a script version too