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  1. maybe a complex and fun multiplayer PVP with a sci fi RPG variant like take on mars, or a secret base on tropic island with a fantastic experiment big mainframe huge 3D printer etc etc
  2. zukov

    2019 Roadmap?

    Old man dlc? what is? some videos, images something?
  3. is not possible you have to made a conifg file in a separate addon
  4. zukov

    Next DLC

    the multiplayer pvp in arma 3 doesn't exist at least not a living diorama like in this stage. Something funny the gameplay now is really boring
  5. zukov

    Next DLC

    next DLC need a funny and simple MP conquest mode and a small maps, without the usual lag festival
  6. air_f_beta/Heli_Transport_02/data/Heli_Transport_02_president_logo_CA.paa and text
  7. no, but how to apply the presidentials textures, already in game (_ca.paa), on the Merlin?
  8. the textures above are already in game are from TKH like the interiors .p3d on this skin
  9. another ghille the AAF with the desert uniform from tanoa...... ideal for a FIA sniper this setObjectTexture [0, "\A3\Characters_F_Exp\Syndikat\Data\U_I_C_Soldier_Para_4_F_2_co.paa"];
  10. as far as i know you have to put the composition in mission not in addons, in addon does not much sense http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21519
  11. Solved i added a lot of injury rvmats is a blood bath the problem now is how to write a efficient code......
  12. another day another problem so I work on a little mod to make FIA, in Opfor side, more "aggressive" with stuff that already in game, i disabled randomization and load the injury rvmats for the nato WDL uniform, for the sniper with the full body uniform, the blood displayed well the two characters with tshirts, the blood displayed only on the pants (look the second image) this is the code class O_ZU_Medic_tsblue: O_G_medic_F { scope = 2; scopeCurator = 2; scopeArsenal = 2; author = "$STR_A3_Bohemia_Interactive"; model = "\A3\characters_F\BLUFOR\b_soldier_02.p3d"; uniformClass = "U_O_ZU_Medic_tsblue"; hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo", "camo2"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\A3\characters_f\BLUFOR\data\clothing_wdl_co.paa","\a3\characters_f\Common\data\basicbody_blue_co.paa"}; linkedItems[] = {V_PlateCarrierk_nflg, H_MilCap_blue, ItemMap, ItemCompass, ItemWatch, ItemRadio, }; respawnLinkedItems[] = {V_PlateCarrierk_nflg, H_MilCap_blue, ItemMap, ItemCompass, ItemWatch, ItemRadio,}; class Wounds { tex[] = {}; mat[] = { "A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\Data\clothing1.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\Data\clothing1_injury.rvmat", "A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\Data\clothing1_injury.rvmat" }; }; class EventHandlers { init = "(_this select 0) setVariable [""BIS_enableRandomization"",false];"; }; }; i have to make 16 characters , but i want they with full features thanks in advance p.s. the code to stop the randomization, it's the correct one, the one on the wiki does not work
  13. doesn't work give me a error "undefined EventHandlers base class " i let as is, the better way in MP is to add a script to prevent randomization, i'm sorry that in this manner in sp doesn't have the helmets thanks a Lot!
  14. in your example, you declared more units classes than me (I apologize my knowledge of BI code is newbie) class O_STavrou_TL : // my new unit O_G_Soldier_TL_F //this is the unit with the randomization inherit from game (opfor FIA) { class EventHandlers;// your example is here? scope = 2; scopeCurator = 2; scopeArsenal = 0; editorPreview = "\A3\EditorPreviews_F\Data\CfgVehicles\I_G_resistanceLeader_F.jpg"; hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo","insignia"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\A3\Characters_F_EPB\Guerrilla\Data\ig_guerrilla4_1_co.paa"}; model = "\A3\Characters_F_EPB\Guerrilla\ig_guerrilla4_1.p3d"; uniformClass = "U_O_STavrou_TL"; linkedItems[] = {V_PlateCarrier1_GUE_K, H_Booniehat_khk_hs, ItemMap, ItemCompass, ItemWatch, ItemRadio, }; respawnLinkedItems[] = {V_PlateCarrier1_GUE_K, H_Booniehat_khk_hs, ItemMap, ItemCompass, ItemWatch, ItemRadio,}; class EventHandlers: EventHandlers {init = "";}; };