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  1. the weekly prayer the textures of gaz 24 in DayzSA are compatible with the old model in A2? 😃
  2. i'm always wondering how look good the Baranow castle in Livonia terrain and the beautiful buildings from IFL44
  3. i'm wondering how would is Saharani with Tanoa's buildings.... I would leave the vegetation as is (tanoa is unplayable) so the source of saharani is in public data....
  4. some years ago i made two insignia (never used) one is a rubber patch for CSAT scuba and the second the skull of X mas link to my G drive https://drive.google.com/open?id=1z9HBP1aZ8jyjxYs1QS2s-zADQMhdFl2j
  5. i admit the SVD and m16a1 are missing me a lot in GM are superbs, for some reasons GM fit perfectly a spy's scenario with 007's aston martin db5
  6. zukov

    UAV can be stolen in air

    if i remember well, you can hack the drone with menu i don't know the amount distance
  7. I used a brown deck handler vest texture on a tactical vest. with custom .rvmat the result is very good a leather tactical vest. in the my drive link are two file (texture and RVMAT) various use like Livonia park ranger or whathever do you like. Add to your mod if useful . You can reuse the rvmat for the rest of the deck handler vests https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LAy_kKLK-TbO_aJrB4QJvojpen7bIyd7/view?usp=sharing
  8. zukov

    Project RACS

    P3 ORION? is amazing!
  9. zukov

    What is this mod ?

    post the link of the trhead instead of the image or make a scrennshot the forum is visible only for subscribers use the mode like stanhope has wrote above
  10. zukov

    What is this mod ?

    is this?
  11. zukov

    What is this mod ?

    but you don't see the wrong url? you paste the link not the image
  12. zukov

    What is this mod ?

    no you have to add the "image" path right click on your image with the mouse and "copy URL image"
  13. zukov


    for this mod would be perfect some PMC A2 characters, Bauer overall and, why not, apecnaz with partizan Gorka i tried to port a model in game but Oxygen 2 is a weird tool
  14. No the Merlin with luxurios interior has different model (the door with stairs). in game there are decals and the interiors but not the hull model. the screenshot are from TKOH binarized .pbo (i didn't understand the TKOH license is possible porting all?) i ask to devs to make the final step, add the merlin with luxurios interiors in game and (this a really a wish) the medical version to IDAP.
  15. the weekly prayer for the devs please add this beauty ! some files are already in game! with hidden selections become a flying high command !