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  1. myshaak

    Generated scripts?

    I assumed as much too, shame but understandable. Thanks again!
  2. myshaak

    Generated scripts?

    I assumed as much, thanks! Do you think BI will give us the option to see what's inside so we could learn from some reverse-engineering, override it in mods, or is it intentionally hidden?
  3. Hi everyone, I have notices that some of the enfusion scripts are marked with: =========================================== Do not modify, this script is generated ========================================== ... and the scripts contain only method signatures, not their bodies. can anyone explain to me what's up with that? Can we view/edit the contents at all? Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I'm probably missing something very obvious, but where is the localization StringTable and how do I edit it? I see a lot of references for the "#AR-*" strings in the prefabs, I assume this is localized string pointing to the StringTable . When I open the String Editor from Workbench, I do not see any files to open. Many thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out how to add additional interaction options to prefabs from the view of the game master, such as "Place..." for building slots, "Start bleeding" or "Edit properties" for characters. I understand this is tied to the SCR_EditableEntityComponent (or the inherited SCR_EditableCharacterComponent), but I cannot seem to reverse engineer how those actions are added/linked. I believe it is tied to the FLAG settings, as once I remove the SLOT flag from the building slot, I no longer get the "Place..." option. Ultimately, I would like to be able to add the option for the game master to interact with certain objects from the game master's perspective the same way a character can - for example, open doors. Many thanks!
  6. myshaak

    Guide to debugging?

    I got it working, thank you!
  7. Hi everyone, Can someone please help me with understanding on how to best do some "in-game" debugging? Let's say I wanted to: add a user action to a prefab (car) map a custom script to that action be able to see the console outptut when interacting with the car as a game character (say, print out the car coordinates) be able to modify the script (quickly or during runtime) and retest Many thanks!
  8. myshaak


    That's my impression as well. They have shown some fancy graphics, but that's a lot less than what would convince me and $190k is a lot less than what should convince any serious investor.
  9. myshaak

    Mount & Blade: Warband

    I got M&B from when it was for free on GOG a few weeks ago and bought Warband almost immediately, the game is great. I'm currently playing Floris and kicking some Nord asses in the name of Butterking Harold of Swadia! :) My main problem with the game is the rather non-functional "auto-resolve" battle calculator. If I outnumber my enemies by a mile and have top tier cavalry while the enemy are some low tier bandits and looters, I expect a swift clean victory. But no, the game thinks looters can kill heavy cavalry and gives me quite a few casaulties. Because of this I need to fight every bandit group on my own which gets boring quickly because of the lack of challenge and reward. And regarding the battle-size, I'm playing at 150 :( I guess my computer is older than I thought. At the beginning of the play session it is OK, but after a while the battle starts lagging. Maybe the game still has some memory leaks
  10. myshaak


    Interesting. I was wondering a while back how long would it take until a milsim will appear using Outerra. As far as I know, the attempt on a milsim using Crytek (immersive something) could offer very little compared to VBS apart from shiny graphics, but this... this could be a proper challenege. First thing that comes to mind, I wonder how will micro terrain be handled in multiplayer. It's cool that the flat terrain near me is made bumpy using fractals, but how will a sniper see me from 1km away? Hidden or lying out in the open?
  11. myshaak

    Free Games

    Winter sale started on GOG giving away a lot of copies of Age of Wonders. http://www.gog.com/
  12. myshaak

    New Chernarus Perspective?

    Yeah, that's true :) Still, I would love the possibility to just hop in a zombie of my choosing and just scare the hell out of players :)
  13. myshaak

    New Chernarus Perspective?

    Actually, it could be a great free version/demo of DayZ :) Built in the same engine and all, only limited to controlling zombies :)
  14. myshaak

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    Wow, that's some interesting !science! right there, thanks for the tip!