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  1. @jgaz-uk I checked 4 crate at the base (where the mission begin) and 1 crate at the Alamo FOB what support Arsenal, but all is limited (white listed) for only vietnam era weapons. Where was that crate where those guys take modern weapons? My only guess you have the first version from Steam Workshop, because in the first version all the Arsenal crates was not white-listed so you could pick modern weapons.
  2. @johnnyboy have you any progress in this? I use a napalm strike script and (it's different from official napalm strike, so I could not use your solution directly), but I like to "steal" that part what replace the green trees to burned one.
  3. Sorry for the late answer, I didnt see your comment before (forum didnt notice me). In the Alamo mission, there come a napalm strike by a F4 plane (it's triggered by timeout) and after that the mission should ended. Did you see this napalm strike? (there is a radio chetter before this happen). I suggest to update the mission, because in the new version there is a limitation in Arsenal to use only Vietnam weapons. But I will double check it this evening.
  4. I did it yesterday. I even add boat traffic for the starting island. I found a few little bugs and fixed it. But somehow the last assault became too hard. So many NVA come... I only tested it by a friend and two real players can solve it (not easy, but not so terrible than alone). So I will modify this part to make it easier if player is alone. I only could complete it, I know where is the trigger what activate Bravo 4 support team, so I left my AIs behind to fight with a huge enemy forces and run forward to the trigger, so Bravo 4 could help us. 🙂
  5. Savage developers asked me to make a ticket about it. I did, but if you can explain more accurate than me, please add a comment to this ticket: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T159346
  6. I think this philosophy is very true in Arma since OFP. As a mission makers we had to make many compromises.
  7. I did it. I hope they can help: https://community.sogpf.com/threads/774-Weird-terrian-bug-AIs-don-t-fight-each-other
  8. As I mention in the other post: if I made a new, small sample mission without any respawn point, the glitch is still there. I will try to detect the objects on that field and delete it (as you did in the rice puddle script), but currently I dont know what is the name of the object/class there. How did you detect the names of the object type around the rice puddle? Thanks! The problem with this are the arrogant Huey pilots. They can detect (even now) the VC inside the building and rocket them. And this destroy the ground level of the hospital, so you cannot enter. It's an annoying showstopper. I put a trigger what detect if the hospital is damaged enough and then trigger kill every VC inside, so the task will complete (without the fun), but at least not stop the mission. So I am affraid if I put VCs on the window, the Huey pilot became more aggressive. Thanks for all the suggestion for this critical point of mission. It's only looks good, because you showed me the right direction. Before I adopt your idea to record the flys, the AI fly with the hueys and there was a trigger near the village what force the pilot to fire the rocketlaunchers. So I put this script back. It not as cool as I did during record my fly, but still looks good. Very good idea! I will. I hope your Workshop upgraded the mission, because yesterday evening (in european time) players reported a showstopper (player can stuck in an artillery cannon), but I fixed that immediately.
  9. But in this small example mission (hidden by the "spoiler" section) there is no respawn point. I just put three US and three VC soldiers with "search and destroy" waypoint. And they are runing up and down very closely each other but didnt shoot. But if one of them is close enough (about 2 meters) then they detect each other and start shooting. I feel there is an invisible elephant grass in this field. So even if I dont use any spawn point, the glitch is still there.
  10. Yes, I thought it's similar. This is why I asked, maybe someone know what is the type of the object. *Eg in rice puddle, Johnnyboy replace an unpassable ditch to a passable. OK, I ask something easier and then maybe I could do my own research too: in the old 2D editor, I could switch on/off to shoe the IDs of the objects on the map. But I dont find this switch in 3DEN editor. I hope if I saw what is the IDs of these objects, I could delete them.
  11. There is a special crop field (not rice, maybe onion) it's a very small crop, so for an adult, it's an empty field. Brilliant visibility. But only for human player. AI can pass (AI groups can run up and down without any problem). But if an AI group in the field, it cannot detect enemies. I made a test mission. Put three VC in a group and add a Search and Destroy WP. And put three US rifleman (the leader is the player). Not the VC, nor the AI americans will not fire to the enemy. And even if I saw them, I cannot order AI to engage, because "I can't see them" by the arma engine. If I go very close (2 meter) to the VC group, then they detect me and fire. Interesting, because in other part of the map in the elephant grass, the AI can see through the very high grass, but here they can't. Probably Savage put this invisible wall to a bad place. As you can see, I put a "hide terrain object" module to remove "that thing" but not really remove anything and not solve the problem. If you can help me to solve this glitch, please do! Here is the sample mission (of course it's on SOG map): file name is: "mission.sqm", folder name is: "xdel_cowardVC.Cam_Lao_Nam"
  12. Hey @johnnyboy ! Could you please help me? I made this last mission of mine: Ride of Valkyries and there is some AI glitch in there. My guess it's the crop/vegetation again (same as in rice paddles). But it's not block the AI to move, but to "detect enemies". If you try my mission, in the first few minutes a Huey insert you into a "village" (few huts and some crop fields) and then I spawn enemies on the boundaries of the village (around some huts). Those VC-s really try to kill you, they fight properly. Some other VCs are spawned on the other side of the village and they also fight properly. But every VC (or US) AI went on that crop field where you landed, they became "drunk" or coward. They didnt see me as enemy. Even my US AI soldiers didnt shoot them. When I left those crops my AI and enemy AI fight aggressively. But not on that crop field. First I thought my CPU is too weak (in the older Armas the AI act dumb if the CPU was weak and now I have some cooling problem in my PC, so sometimes it has a lower performance). But now two different independent player report the same issue. It's fortunately not a showstopper, because you can easily kill them, but it's strange. If I didnt see your solution to the rice paddle and other comments about how SOG map is AI unfriendly, I thought it's just mystery. But now I suspicious. Maybe there is an invisible crop what block the visuals of the AI? Could you please check those fields?
  13. New mission (Ride of the Valkyries) added for the first post.
  14. I used this idea of yours and now I have 4 recorded flypath + fire for 4 helis. But only one of the helis actually fire. The rest of them just fly on the recorded path. I run all four flypath parallel. Could this cause the fire problem? This is one example. Heli2 fly perfectly, but never fire its pre-recorded weapons: wp2 = [[0,[2397.83,4157.93,29.9788],[33.2783,-4.03115,0.0835703]]]; [heli2, wp2] spawn BIS_fnc_Unitplay; cd2 = [[72.39,"vn_rocket_ffar_275in_launcher_m229"],[73.666,"vn_rocket_ffar_275in_launcher_m229"],[74.604,"vn_rocket_ffar_275in_launcher_m229"],[75.495,"vn_rocket_ffar_275in_launcher_m229"],[76.834,"vn_rocket_ffar_275in_launcher_m229"],[78.985,"vn_rocket_ffar_275in_launcher_m229"],[80.989,"vn_rocket_ffar_275in_launcher_m229"],[83.429,"vn_rocket_ffar_275in_launcher_m229"],[84.188,"vn_rocket_ffar_275in_launcher_m229"],[87.886,"vn_rocket_ffar_275in_launcher_m229"],[93.357,"vn_rocket_ffar_275in_launcher_m229"]]; [ heli2, cd2, true ] spawn BIS_fnc_UnitPlayFiring; I compiled this script in init.sqf, like this: heli2flypath = compile preprocessfile "heli2flypath.sqf" ; And run it in the mission from a triggered sqf like this: nul = [] spawn heli1flypath; nul = [] spawn heli2flypath; nul = [] spawn heli3flypath; nul = [] spawn heli4flypath; Have you any idea why only one of them use its rocket launcher?
  15. Thanks for playing! Did you find the water level glitch at the rice paddles? I think you changed the greeneries to passable, but this has lower elevation, so the water is just hanging in the air. It's just fun, nothing serious and much-much better than the original what look nice, but unpassable for AI. Without AI it was very hard to liberate those pilots. Now it's just a piece of cake. Originally i wanted to add a last VC assault when player wait for the extraction, but I thought players will be very angry in that moment, because of the AI stuck at the rice field. But now when it's work (thanks to you) maybe I can add a last small battle around the LZ. (I found out, the official missions of SOG is always ended with a duckhunt around the extraction LZ, so I can add this to my mission too) There is an easter egg in this mission: player can found the wreckage of the downed plane (look for smoke). It's not necessary for the objectives, just an extra. Hahahaha. Nice! But I guess helis travel in different amount of time on different PCs. This is my problem now: I start make the new mission with a action-packed task - insert by Hueys in a hostile village like the Apocalypse Now scene when they play Wagner on the laudspeaker. But in every time when I test it, the Hueys act different: sometimes the leader Huey go to much forward, sometimes two Huey collide. And I think helis fly in different path depend on how AI can get CPU time on my PC. But I dont give up yet. If it works it looks so nice, it would be a good mission... 😉