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  1. bardosy

    SOG AI

    Hey Johnnyboy Yesterday I tested SOG AI with my mission Search and Rescure. I wantr only share with you the ending, because maybe you can improve SOG AI by this experience. So at the very late game I have to liberate two POW pilots. They joined to my squad. Yes, Iknow SOG AI dont handle lately joined AI. Thats ok. I ordered them with vanilla command to follow me. The terrain is not too AI freindly there so I use your wheel many times to order my original AI to follow me. Everything went fine. But once I thought, the original AIs can be faster if I order them with your "move there". So I used the wheel and order them to "move there". And then, the two pilot UNjoin from my squad. They didnt die or injured, they just stand where they were when I use the wheel. All the original AI move where I told them. But the two pilot were not in my squad anymore. It was not a showstopper (maybe a little story-killer), because the rescue helicopter took us and fly to the base and mission successful ended. But the tro pilot left in the rice field. 🙂 Fortunately my napalm script didnt work again, because by my original version, after the rescue helikopter took us, an F4 just napalm the rest of the prison camp. If it went fine, those pilots would roasted. Back in the functionality: I thought you mod just dont care with the lately joined AIs, so I expect the original AIs will run to the point where I sent them, and the pilots will follow me slowly (as vanilla "back to formation" do), but they were detached from the squad.
  2. bardosy

    SOG AI

    Congratulation! And I report: I tried the Boots for walking mission with SOG AI and works fine. I was very accurate to find any issue, but I couldn't. Even my tasks worked fine. I know it's not yet your script, but it looked great (and rare in PF) when AI walk across a bridge without stucking. Oh and finally I met with those infamous patrol dogs. 🙂
  3. bardosy

    SOG AI

    It1s not SOG AI related, but I could fix the napalm strike script, plus I add your napalm effect script. And it looks great.
  4. bardosy

    SOG AI

    I only use SOG AI mod. No other mods.
  5. bardosy

    SOG AI

    About stuck AI: yeah, you are right, its a cheat and immersion killer. And I saw that "come to me" but didnt know I should try to use it 🙂 When the guy stucked in a hut I tried everything with vanilla BIS commands: change stance, go there, RTF... etc but he couldnt move. That forced/animation swim and bridge crossing sounds VERY good!!! You are the man!
  6. bardosy

    SOG AI

    Another feedback: I tried my Secure Transport mission with SOG AI. Here are my experience: * I dont know it's just the leapfrog or you did something else with the AI, but leapfrog is VERY EFFECTIVE. Yeah, it's not a fast train, but do the job: my squad became an advance panzer train. And also it looks extremly cool. In vanilla SP the player is the Rambo and team only support him. But with leapfrog, they do the job of a regular soldier and I can be the Team Leader. What is perfect! (I saw many feedbacks in Workshop forum and they are right: you should do this leapfrog command available as a mod for basic Arma (not just for SOG). Yeah, I get it, there is no command wheel, but if you just add in the action menu, it would be perfect! * I dont know it was you, but it's the healing system, but my men has a bandage after they were healed by the medic. Very good mood. * I know it's not easy (I mean the scripting is easy, but not too realistic), but you should add a command to action menu (like "treat you all") when some of AI team mate is far enough from the group (or detect somehow he is stucked - but if he is far away it's possible because he is stucked). So the player SL has an ability to unstuck him from action menu (just teleport him a few meters away or teleport him next to a closer AI teammate. I know and you know SOG terrain is a nightmare to AI and they always trapped. If you add a little help to the players (even if it's a little bit unrealistic) add a huge help. Or if you have a better idea how to teleport a little bit realistic, it could solve your problem? not all PF mission is playable, because AI cant cross river... etc. So if you add some teleport option, player can swim or boat cross the river and then teleport the AIs. * I get this circle again. Forget it! Probably connected somehow the medic and healing system. It's somehow the medic do the revive, but the revive gui somehow show for the player? It was present on my screen, but once the AI medic cannot reach the wounded guy, so I go there and treat him. And then I saw the revive circle and when I revive the guy, the circle is dissapear. But yeah, you dont have to waste time on this, it's not a big issue. I just try to discover this circle for you. * I dont know why, but in the very late game (Secure transport is a very long mission and a lot of walking and I mostly use leapfrog command), But sometimes I add follow me order or move there order. And in the late game, two guy refuse the follow me and the move there commands. They just lay in the ground (in the GUI, under their name was "stop", like during the leapfrog, when half the squad is just "stop". I dont know some code from leapfrog interfere with this OR they did this strange disobey because their colorcode-mate (they were the read team) was stucked in a fence 6 km away (and they just wait for him?). Finally they follow me and everything went fine... * I experienced second time: if I play with SOG AI, my tasks f*cked up: In the beginning I saw the task: "get in the helicopter", but when I do, it never became complete. The heli triggered and transport us into the AO, but the task never checked and I dint get the new task. The whole mission went fine (but only because I know what to do, bc there was no tasks). I use an old task framework by FHQ (because it's better for MP) maybe its interfere with your script. Johnnyboy! This is a fantastic MOD. Pls consider my suggestion about the "untrap AI" option! Also a question: is it possible to use SOG AI in PF campaign by a friend: I mean, we played all PF mission by two and it was very hard. If we could use SOG AI and your AI team, it made all these mission most enjoyable.
  7. bardosy

    SOG AI

    I saw your YT video about Boots for walking mission. I commented it, but I have one question what is more esily to answer here. In the village I saw you to use the bis revive (when your AI didnt help) How is it works for you? When I did it, your script told me I am wounded and cannot command my men.
  8. bardosy

    SOG AI

    Johnnyboy, I tried Valkyr in 4th times at night and your stuff works fine (mine not soo). I didnt play with arma in the last 5-6 months and all the updates since then ruined a lot of things: * Somehow - when I play in SP - the task system didnt work. I didnt get new tasks. But all the triggers works, so I (who know what to do) can play it to the end, but there was no tasks. What is very odd, because the first 3 try I had. * Somehow a litle white circle with transparent black fill is appear around my crosshair (I could play with it. Even it was easier to aim). I am not sure, maybe it's from your GUI? Maybe not. * My napalm script (spawn a F4 with napalm and drop it) didnt work: the F4 spawned and fly correcly, but it didnt drop the bombs. Probably they change the name of the class of the bomb, so when I "fire" it, it's just dont do. * The cannon on the beach (what I should use as arty map) is start jumping when I activate arty map. Sometimes it jumps into the water and damage the cannon and kill me. Other times, I could filfull the task (fire enough to the target area), so trigger activated and I could continue, but everything looks sooo ugly. So my point is, I tried in SP mode and SOG AI works fine. I dont know why command wheel didnt appear in the first try. Oh, just a small suggestion: maybe it's just me, but I had to try all the keys on keyboard to found the key to the command wheel. You should mention the Tab key in the description of Workshop. (But if all the other guys could use it without problem, maybe it's obvious, and I am just dumb.)
  9. bardosy

    SOG AI

    Hey Johnnyboy! Thanks for this excellent mod! Please let me share my experience and correct me if I did something wrong! I tested it with my Valkyrie mission. First I tried it in SP mode but it cannot open your command wheel. So I tried in MP (first with my original AI teammates, but something went wrong so I decide to disable all AI and use your teams) So I describe my third attempt: I choose a 9 men Army group from your list. I load the men to the helicopter with BIS "get in" order. And in the AO they unload nicely by my fixed script. Then I game them a frogleap order to east and it was a beauty how they perform it. They use grenade what is better than BIS AI. Then we turn back (get a new task) to the hospital. (In my second try - when I use my original team, not yours - I gave them a circle order from your wheel, but when I want to advance again, I use BIS follow me and it wont work, only your wheel's follow me). So then I game the new frog leap command to the hospital and they do it as it should be. In the hospital garden I saw a hiding VC, so I dropped my grenade (what accidentaly was a WP) and it was nice to saw your fantastic script: the poor VC run towards to me in flames and before he died, he burn me too. Excellent. But now the problems started. I ordered my AI team to hold (bc they are usually poor performance in building) and enter the building alone. In both second and third try the hiding VC in the building killed me: once in the second floor and other time in the ground level. When I was dying in the first floor, the rescue guy cannot reach me: he went UNDER me (so the exact location, but in the wrong floor) and cannot revive. When I was dying in the ground level, two guys come to revive me, but they couldnt: one of them is just stop and the second one cannot pass him (he stucked, because of the other guy) When I was in the first floor, I hold the Space for BIS respawn: all my men died with me and all of them respawn with me (those were my original men by the mission), but I cannot order them anymore by your wheel bc "When you are wounded, cannot command" (I was not wounded. Probably the respawn didnt reset this variable) When I was in the ground floor, I dont want to respawn, bc I thought all the problem was bc of the respawn, so I wait, how the two AI will solve this problem. I dont really know what happend (maybe BIS respawn modul timeouted, or one of the guy finally revive me, but the VC immediately kill me again.... everything happen so fast), but I was forced to respawn. All my men died with me, but they didnt respawn (those were your men). And I still cannot command by wheel (not just because I had no men, but still warn me, I am wounded, what was not true) My question is: what did I do wrong? Should I edit my mission and remove the BIS respawn modul? Can your AI locate me in 3D (not just 2D) when I wounded?
  10. @jgaz-uk I checked 4 crate at the base (where the mission begin) and 1 crate at the Alamo FOB what support Arsenal, but all is limited (white listed) for only vietnam era weapons. Where was that crate where those guys take modern weapons? My only guess you have the first version from Steam Workshop, because in the first version all the Arsenal crates was not white-listed so you could pick modern weapons.
  11. @johnnyboy have you any progress in this? I use a napalm strike script and (it's different from official napalm strike, so I could not use your solution directly), but I like to "steal" that part what replace the green trees to burned one.
  12. Sorry for the late answer, I didnt see your comment before (forum didnt notice me). In the Alamo mission, there come a napalm strike by a F4 plane (it's triggered by timeout) and after that the mission should ended. Did you see this napalm strike? (there is a radio chetter before this happen). I suggest to update the mission, because in the new version there is a limitation in Arsenal to use only Vietnam weapons. But I will double check it this evening.
  13. I did it yesterday. I even add boat traffic for the starting island. I found a few little bugs and fixed it. But somehow the last assault became too hard. So many NVA come... I only tested it by a friend and two real players can solve it (not easy, but not so terrible than alone). So I will modify this part to make it easier if player is alone. I only could complete it, I know where is the trigger what activate Bravo 4 support team, so I left my AIs behind to fight with a huge enemy forces and run forward to the trigger, so Bravo 4 could help us. 🙂
  14. Savage developers asked me to make a ticket about it. I did, but if you can explain more accurate than me, please add a comment to this ticket: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T159346
  15. I think this philosophy is very true in Arma since OFP. As a mission makers we had to make many compromises.