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  1. Yes, us old farts do recall the original days. CSLA was fun. 20 years of BI. I played that OFP demo so damn much and often.....Think I even keep the tower that it is on.
  2. I'll take a peak at the Hearts and Minds, thanks for the tip! Always welcome, servers always up!
  3. He GI Joe fans, Scot released a update adding in Prototype vehicles for players. A New Year's gift for us after a 2020 we hope to forget! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1566817695 Quick sneak peak of us using them in mission https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8fh66Qs0UQ&t=21s
  4. We've enjoyed a few weeks of mission nights using the Kingdom, it has worked very well for small unit tactics and missions!
  5. lilwillie

    RTS Engine: Script & Game

    Interesting twist. Take a peak at this over the weekend, congrats on posting and release.
  6. 61JTF/Rulandstan Central Time Zone, USA, but everyone is welcome Mission nights Sunday/Wed 8pm central Dedicated Server Persistent world off nights No overly complicated rank structure Casual/Semi Casual Age 16 up welcome Working mic preferred Arma 3 with Apex Have you always wanted to be involved in a group that fights for freedom wherever there is trouble? Then 61JTF along with [RUL] Rulandstan is for you. Our mission is to bring you a persistent world and set mission nights so you can participate however you feel is best suited for your Arma experience with us! Do you want to be light infantry? Medic? Supply? Pilot, fixed or rotatory? Vehicle operator? Then we are your new home. No training required, suit up soldier, we need your help! Our focus is using the Fight for Freedom mod made by ScotG/Rooster3d https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1566817695 We also will use other mods such as CUP and RHS along with community made maps, allow client side mods and a good time. The mod set is never to large or demanding. Discord https://discord.gg/Thga7Hr Dedicated Server Or search for "Rulandstan"
  7. Always impressed with you and your teams work. Well done!
  8. Scot is putting a lot of work into the mod over the last year. It has moved along rather well. It is a Tele. Name changed to keep hasbro from creeping. The goggles will work at some point but for now it was a nice addition for playing. There is a server rolling now also. I run and own it, look for "Rulandstan" in the search for MP games.
  9. People people people. You need to take a peak at what is happening with this mod. Lots of new features and now units to play Arma Barbie with. Units are being added, some big updates in the pipe line. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/1296423688553229264/6044633B90F7C7B8C75B913F8D1DF1694AA30A80/
  10. lilwillie

    Why are there no GM Servers after 1.2?

    I plan to have a open server coming up with GM as the assets on GOS Al Rayak, PM you when it goes live. Currently running another mission for a short time. Hitch in the giddy up right now is the GM assets don't work with the ALiVE orbats for a persistent world. May shift to a Warlords style on the map.
  11. One more question, since I see you spotted this. Is there a way to shut off the radio after landing, and I keep dying when leaving a plane? Figure something I have configured wrong?
  12. Is this MP capable? I ask because sometimes on our server guys just want to solo something to do. It would be a interesting addition. I have been trying it out but running into some bumps along the way. Some parts work, some do not. /edit, got it working, the init.sqf has to be placed before anything else in that file. Anything after it worked fine. One error I am figuring out but it hasn't stopped gameplay in testing.
  13. Hopefully this is noticed. Attempting to implement this system for our ALiVE mission and server, few issues. I get a "Captive Check Failed, Unit Side is Incorrect" in the sqf to choose the side I have it as "independent" and that is the unit placed. I also get a error in game mentioning the gearHandler.sqf and it says "Error Undefined variable in expression: _return" Any thoughts?