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  1. lilwillie

    Why are there no GM Servers after 1.2?

    I plan to have a open server coming up with GM as the assets on GOS Al Rayak, PM you when it goes live. Currently running another mission for a short time. Hitch in the giddy up right now is the GM assets don't work with the ALiVE orbats for a persistent world. May shift to a Warlords style on the map.
  2. One more question, since I see you spotted this. Is there a way to shut off the radio after landing, and I keep dying when leaving a plane? Figure something I have configured wrong?
  3. Is this MP capable? I ask because sometimes on our server guys just want to solo something to do. It would be a interesting addition. I have been trying it out but running into some bumps along the way. Some parts work, some do not. /edit, got it working, the init.sqf has to be placed before anything else in that file. Anything after it worked fine. One error I am figuring out but it hasn't stopped gameplay in testing.
  4. Hopefully this is noticed. Attempting to implement this system for our ALiVE mission and server, few issues. I get a "Captive Check Failed, Unit Side is Incorrect" in the sqf to choose the side I have it as "independent" and that is the unit placed. I also get a error in game mentioning the gearHandler.sqf and it says "Error Undefined variable in expression: _return" Any thoughts?
  5. And just like that. I am taking Tom Clancy's "Red Storm Rising" off the shelf, re-reading it for the who knows how many time and thinking up a Campaign base off Red Storm Rising. Amazing DLC. The map is overwhelming. It took forever to fly around it with a little Cessna just checking out the terrain and features. The Wall is amazingly well done. The level of detail is fantastic and the SP Campaign missions are a blast.
  6. lilwillie

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    This^^^ is a great response. I was a Alpha tester for Planetside 2, bought the $40 Beta package for a game that was to be free to play. Then pitched in membership. All of that money spent and I still have a LOT less content of weapons, skins and boosts compared to what this DLC will offer.
  7. lilwillie

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    I would also but it sounds like BI hasn't set up a way for that to happen or can't find a way like they did with Apex. It's above my pay grade in knowledge so I don't know how they did it with Apex and cannot with this particular DLC. I get the frustration. I'm just looking at it from the entire community, not just the MP servers that will have to figure out what they will do. Frankly the current state of the MP servers you see and are active are why I bought my own for my group. We couldn't find one that wasn't extremely mod heavy with tons of downloads to do or updates to keep track of, third party tools for downloading, or have mods we don't like at all, or have toxic player base (cough, armalife, cough) so we went our own direction. Again, I get the frustration that this isn't like Apex for a download you can see, but can't use.
  8. lilwillie

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    I can understand some frustrations people are having when they play on certain servers or with friends but considering how many people outright don't even go on MP games, and how many copies of Arma 3 have been sold. There will be a demand for this. I guess I would tell people to talk with their groups, discuss adding it or not but I can't see how this is going to hurt the Arma franchise. Personally I'll buy it, and have it on my server, but on just certain off nights.
  9. Without a doubt a purchase I will make on release day. Glad to see community DLC being introduced now. Thanks Devs, from BI and the GM
  10. lilwillie

    AF Large Civilian Ship

    Impressive, look forward to implementing this onto our server for some missions!
  11. $20 a month for a 40 slot from HostHavoc. My first go at hosting a server for anything. It was pretty easy to get setup and started. Few hours and some searching here and some youtube videos and now we are running smooth.
  12. Thanks for the quick reply. I want to let you know, I am a patreon supporter already (my name on there is Bj). Wanted to message you through there but then wanted to get a hold of you here so others can see there is interest in your mod. Also thanks for the answers. I want to add, you have another fan coming. My brother bought ArmA III plus Apex module just so we can do some FfF missions together. If you'd like to PM me there is talk of us doing a dedicated server and if you have a discord channel I'd love to check in there. Thanks, keep up the good work.
  13. Some questions I hope you can help with. Not sure if they are a ArmA issue or vehicle issue from the Mod. 1. For the HISS tank, is there a script command I need to input for it to use it's main gun in self defense or offense. Tried a few editor made missions and it never returns fire even after making sure it is OPFOR. 2. Placing vehicles, many times placing Cobra vehicles the pilot disappears after placement. So I'll need to manually place a troop next to it and script it is in driver seat. 3. Awe Striker main weapon isn't finished yet, I am correct? 4. The Mauler seems.....small. These are in no way ground breaking issues for me. Just odds and ends I haven't figured out. The mod has sucked me back into ArmA again, and I'm back to mission making and some light scripting that I did when OFP was first released and then into ArmA and ArmA 2. Once I can get some of my groove back I'd hope to have a dedicated server running with this Mod at times for a group of us that are playing together. Thanks! Hope all is well.
  14. Fantastic work, keep it up! I am really enjoying getting some Joe vs Cobra action!