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  1. @Everyone Please use this thread to post comments or ask questions, tthank you!
  2. @GunTer Updates will be announced here as soon as we are ready to c https://discord.com/channels/497907246165000206/497912398108426240 other communication channels will be updated with a delay sometimes depending on the availability of the team member. These are the changes on short: Fixed - Memory leak for caves Single player saving not functioning CCTV station not displaying camera feed Several terrain fixes and OOB's fixed. Black light glitching Destructible walls Missing roadways to some object Fixed double lab door Uniform names Missing property names Randomized door reset when player joins - Changed - Light HP, Most lights can now be destroyed in one shot Rework of all dynamic sound properties Buffed Exo-suit damage resistance Blinking lights animations Some object optimisations Framework: Rewritten our entire SFX controller, New abilities and optimizations to help us streamline the creation and usability of SFX objects in the future <-- The cause of most of the delay LimitViewDistance Rewrite - Added - Attributes: Initial earthquake timer and repeated earthquake timer now customizable Random inactive lights % Features: Destructible windows on cars and windows Miners hat lamp/no lamp Ground texture floors Missing property names Flicker effect to light SFX Objects: Ground texture tiles Miners hat New Rails Pavements Supports Working Ladders and of course further optimisations
  3. aliascartoons

    Cytech Industries

    We only covered 5% from what we have planned for the terrain so we used various compositions to block areas as that utility elevator which has a working version as well, but not used in the current version of the map
  4. hmm, that shouldn't happen on other maps than Cytech. I will check it out and see if is the same for me.
  5. aliascartoons

    Cytech Industries

    That is not an official Cytech mission tho 🙂 I will speak with the author to slightly change the name to avoit confusion. Tho should be accessible, i remember i had a look on it.
  6. For better perfomance in nighttime we disabled shadows, so is intended.
  7. aliascartoons

    Cytech Industries

    What mission has that issue?
  8. ...we work on optimizations as we speak
  9. aliascartoons

    Cytech Industries

    You can give the mod a go while playing these missions featuring Cytech https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2764745587 Have fun!
  10. Quick Cytech overview in case you missed it. And here it is a nice video going over the latest terrain mods.
  11. Most likely not, but we have plans for that.
  12. @Private Evans Yes, is on the table, tho most likely will be optional and not built in in the Core mod, but don't quote me on that, hasn't been decided yet.
  13. Here we go. Was a long wait for everyone involved but now we have a release date for Cytech alpha version. Will be a long way for this project to see the finish line so if you want to support this mod now would be a good time to: * spread the word * join our team if you like making compositions in Eden, make/port models, texturing, scripting etc * become our Patreon https://www.patreon.com/CytechMod As you may know the project is in early access stage, is still opened for video, art work, mission and/or mod makers with a history in this fields, preferably with items published on STEAM or other public channels. You can apply for early access via https://discord.gg/bK8bDRCJuN For everyone else the mod will be available as stated in the trailer. I almost forgot, we have a website now, still WIP but will be one of the ways to keep you guys up to date https://cytech-mod.com/
  14. In case you missed it, we have a YT channel now 🙂 With thise ocasion we invite mission makers and content creators to ask for early access via our Discord. If you have a history in content making for Arma do not hesitate to get in touch with us. https://discord.gg/2VYN3GPJGu