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  1. Please make an issue for this on the tracker.
  2. We aren't dead, just taking our time to do it right. Just wait...
  3. th3flyboy

    Arma 2 sample models LAV-25 port

    I've already tried that, with and without the selection having the _hide part at the end, as well as with and without having the axis defined in the cfg, and no joy. Were there any model modifications made to get it to work? Also, could you please post your full model.cfg, physx, and vehicle configs so I can look at them as a reference?
  4. th3flyboy

    Arma 2 sample models LAV-25 port

    Out of curiosity, how did you get the wheels spinning? I've tried porting various vehicles to A3 but I've never been able to get the wheels to spin.
  5. th3flyboy

    Ka-50 port from ARMA 2

    Aoi here, I'm staying neutral on this. If Randy's next of kin give permission, then that's cleared in my book. I personally can not give permission or MLODs. If/when it gets released by CUP as APL-SA, then go from there, however as kju said, CUP is to be left out of this. This is not a CUP matter, or my prerogative, this is strictly based on if he can get permission from those who can give permission. Loki is right that Randy would have not given a fuck, but leave me out of it. I can not give permission or MLODS.
  6. This doesn't feel like a good design idea. I could probably fake it out with a fake file extension and pop a meterpreter shell in the process. I would suggest at least detecting MIME types.
  7. I'm trying to port the AH-1Z and it's weapons from ArmA 2 to ArmA 3, and I'm running in to a problem where when I fire the AIM-9 or the AGM-114, the weapons do not disappear off the rails. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing that and how to fix it?
  8. th3flyboy

    Community Ballistics

    Nice idea, but I see a flaw in implementation, the weapon velocity could easily cause problems with subsonic rounds. If I were to fire a subsonic round, and the weapon is tuned for supersonic ammo, that would *speed up* the subsonic round to supersonic levels.
  9. physicseditor.exe crashes on start for me, is there an alternative tool that can be used that works? I'm on Windows 8.1 64 bit.
  10. th3flyboy

    [wip] f-35b

    Looks awesome, any chance you'd be willing to work with the Community Upgrade Project in porting to A3? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?169933-Community-Upgrade-Project
  11. th3flyboy

    sooo.... its 1st of april

    Took some imagination but, this is so appropriate...
  12. th3flyboy

    sooo.... its 1st of april

    Meh, may as well join the fun :)
  13. th3flyboy

    DLC - USMC Deploys to Takistan

    That is one major reason why I don't mod A2, I just don't have the time.
  14. th3flyboy

    DLC - USMC Deploys to Takistan

    Also, mod makers converting existing content from A2/A1/OFP/Mods can easily get in to sticky legal situations in some cases. It would be better overall for it to be official, while you would be paying for it, it will also carry a lot less legal headaches.
  15. th3flyboy

    DLC - USMC Deploys to Takistan

    I'd like to see this, as well as the Russians as well. I'd gladly pay for DLC adding the Russians and the USMC up to OA standards.