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  1. Wow, that looks awsome ! :) Is there any release date for "War Zone " ?
  2. wiggum2

    My new computer wargaming blog !

    Hi ! I just created a blog dedicated to computer wargames, maybe i will post something about ArmA too in the feature ! http://theragingwargamer.blogspot.com/ I hope you like it, if not then tell me what i could do better. Do you like the design, is it working in your browser ? Thanks guys and let me know what games you are interested in. Greeting
  3. Hope you can fix it, your mod is the only thing that makes ArmA3 SP fun !
  4. Hi ! I use the latest version of your mod and Arma3 together with the latest version of CBA but there is a problem. As soon as i enter realtime mode my guys (both player unit and AI run somewhere and never stop. If i give them orders they fallow them but any unit with no move order will just try to run somewhere, is this a know bug ? I think its because the GT View itselfe acts like the "leader" and the units try to run back into formation.
  5. Hi ! Is it already possible to make the AI "know about" enemies in the distance that the player himselfe can see but the AI will not notice by themselves ?
  6. wiggum2

    Wiggum's Coop missions (no respawn)

    Deleted the download links for both missions, will release a updated version together with a new mission soon.
  7. Sorry, i was wrong...its not isserver... I mean you should use something like this: if (local _unit) then { add gear };
  8. Yes, but if its the only param you use then you have to use 0 instead of 1. (paramsArray select 0) :) Oh, another thing. I think you add gear via the init line of the units is this correct ? Because i realized that whenever a player respawned (taking another slot) every unit got their gear added again ! You should use a isSerever check in the init line of the unit to prevent this or use external gear scripts with local check...but maybe im wrong and you dont use the init line of the unit for that ? But that would also explain what Papanowel wrote about 40 magazines in a backpack... And i dont know about the UPSMON AI script, like i said AI behavior was really strange and felt not natural. Maybe check out other AI scripts. I recently created one for my coop missions, if you want i will sent it to you its pretty lightweight and gives you all control you need. Or check out the new version of VCOM-AI.
  9. wiggum2

    Wiggum's Coop missions (no respawn)

    Hi ! Dragon Rising is almost done (i dont had that much time recently for editing/scripting) and im already have a idea for the next mission. It will be called Cold Response and you will play as Argentine SOF 602 Commando in a fictional new Falklands War 2015. I plan to release all 4 missions on Steam as soon as they are ready, if someone knows about getting missions on Steam Workshop (i have no clue about it) then please write me a PM !
  10. Yes you can easily do it without a mod and even make it optional: // Fatigue //------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if (paramsArray select 1 == 0) then { if (local player) then { player enableFatigue false; }; }; if (paramsArray select 1 == 1) then { if (local player) then { player enableFatigue true; }; };
  11. I (we) generally dont like the fatigue system in arma (since that patch its way overdone) maybe its fun for milsim units to play that way but i and my friends think its way too much for a game (considering all the other unrealistic stuff in ArmA).
  12. Hi bardosy ! I have some feedback for you: (we played without any mods) - Please add a parameter for turning off the Fatigue thing, its extremely annoying that those guys cant run 100m without going apeshit with breathing and slow-motion walking speed - Please add a revive system, you could make this optional too - Are you using AI Scripts ? AI behavior was strange (they were mostly just standing around although they already spotted and shot us and i felt they where brutal accurate, maybe you can reduce the aiming-accuracy - There were multiple script errors on every briefing/mission start, maybe you should check that out. - "Anti Ambush" is a bit overly complex, we needed 15min to figure out what to do exactly (UAV/Phone-Call ect.) and then one of the trucks got stuck, maybe you can make it a bit more straightforward. - Please consider use more map-links (i mean text you can click on and the map is focused on that location, this would be very helpful - For my taste there is to much music, one track that fades out in the beginning is ok but hearing 3 different tracks in 15 minutes is something that works better in SP campaigns - The TTS Voice is actually a very good idea, i would keep them ! - You had some great ideas for those missions, well done ! - Looks like there went a lot of effort into thos scenarios, great work ! :)
  13. Great Work, what a beautiful map ! :)
  14. So what about the copywaypoints command ? Lets say i have a single unit (so basically a group) that i delete via deleteVehicle in his init line and use copywaypoints to copy his waypoints for a spawned group. This works currently, but BIS changed it in the dev build so this would no longer work ?
  15. Great ! Thanks for the update !