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    Tipping point mission

    Yeah i am playing on vet, but i have the enemy AI set to as low as they go in the settings, and i have their accuracy set to .3 in the cfg file (this little trick dont seem to work any more its seems), but they still absolutely smoke the hell out of friendlies (squad wipe almost every mission). even with that "terrible" accuracy i still regularly get oneshotted from 500m by snapshots from standing machinegunners after hitting them 3 times with a sniper rifle... anyway, im playing vet, and the squad gets wiped either at the first objective, or when the CSAT guys first show up, leaving me the last man standing when the arty shows up. I am thinking that the scriped arty attack is set to attack/center on the squad leader, so if there is an AI still alive it will go after him letting the player free to run. but with no AI left the arty focus's in on the player ruining their days... the whole time I have been using the shore but i have only reached it twice(!!) because of that damn arty, and my one near success was cut short a mere few meters from a boat because the game thought "F that guy". is there an ending cut scene? is it worth it to see?
  2. That guy

    Tipping point mission

    appreciate the response, but nothing you said will help. each time i have restarted the mission my team rarely survives taking the first objective, much less the reinforcements. i have even tried crawling but that usually ends with an 81mm right up the butt (i mean literally. i cant count the number of times i have been directly hit by one of the shells). engaging the paratroopers alone is an absolute no-go as that will result in instant death and i am guessing that this is the last mission in this episode? if so ill just save my self the annoyance and leave it as it, and count it as a victory
  3. Is this mission beatable? because frankly I am pissed off. really pissed off. I have spent the last 2 HOURS trying to dodge that arty. this is just terrible mission design. it breaks singleplayer 101: dont throw something at the player that they cant deal with through some sort of action. it would be one thing if the strike was in a single location and you could run away from it. it would be another if the shells were not actually dangerous, and just shook your view or something, but making the strike follow the player with a random chance for instant death is just bad design. half the time I dont live past the second shell, the other half it breaks my legs then finishes off with a direct hit. ONE TIME I almost made it to the boats though simple and unadulterated luck, only to be sniped by some AI wile i was swimming. almost smashed my keyboard (BTW why dont the Fing boats return fire? they have GLs and miniguns for Christs sake) and then you throw in a paratrooper squad as a last FU to the player. seriously so please enlighten me as how to deal with this mission if its even possible
  4. That guy

    Too much muzzle flash and reload animations?

    because thats how rifles are built. they have a flash hider at the end that goes bang. just look at it. its pretty simple. all the MX rifles we have seen have had this "hider" with a flame-thrower like flash at night. unless BIS is really going into so much detail as to have custom flash hiders (choose none, bird cage, prong, whirl etc etc, with the extra option of suppressors), i think its safe to assume that the false hider is "default".
  5. not sure if this counts, but there is a snake here look at around 7:50 :p
  6. That guy

    Too much muzzle flash and reload animations?

    i think it is pretty obvious that the 6.5 MX rifle is long enough and has a flash HIDER to warrant almost no flash. unless there is some property of the 6.5 caseless cartridge that makes a huge flash there is no reason other than "ooooh shiny" to those flashes. the best BIS flashes thus far is the current (SMALL) SCAR flashes in ArmA2. ( in one of the videos i could have sworn that jay or ivan said the US is using caseless ammo, but we see ejection ports? and cases in a couple instances? or maybe they are just polymer cases) and bear in mind the new US army M855A1 556mm round is designed to produce even less flash then the older issued M855 ammo (what most of us have seen and used). clearly the US DOD would want to carry over that characteristic into a new service rifle and cartridge the thing that actually worries me a tiny bit it the complete lack of any gun smoke from any weapon fire.
  7. *gasp* multiplayer!? I have got to try this out (if only i can get my friends back on) thanks alot! edit: a little problem. I use the addon free version, but I replaced the units with Col stag GRU units, but in the MP version of the mission, I spawn as the default FSB soldier. why is that? in the single player version i am the correct model that i set in the unit list I am assuming that the single mission file goes in both the missions and MPmissions folder, and that those two are the same config wise
  8. That guy

    AI Improvement

    shoot at an AI and they wont have any trouble shooting at 700. i just did it in editor. me on hill as US sniper, prone behind bush, 1 squad of OPFOR 600-700m away (aware). shot 1 kill leader, they panic take cover (some seem to be looking right at me), shot 2 30 second later misses resulting in me being cut down quickly from AK fire friendly AI do take some coaxing to get them to shoot. however, even now, enemy ai will out shoot my buddies even though accuracy and skill is significantly lower. but like i said, my big gripe is accuracy, not spotting
  9. That guy

    AI Improvement

    I recently started playing A2 again after giving it up after patch 1.60 screwed with the AIs accuracy and detection. I am hoping some of these issues get worked out in A2 or at the very least A3. but my biggest gripe is accuracy. that is the biggest unrealistic factor in arma. the weapons are too accurate, and the players hand are way too stable. wile for AI this use to be fixable by lowering their accuracy in the config file, this dosnt work anymore. so now only after firing 1 or 2 shots they know exactly where you are, and are capable of quickly and easily killing (less than 10 rounds in 2-3 seconds) from 600-700m with small arms (AKM and 74), well beyond such weapons effective range. They way I see it, because the inherent accuracy of players, in order for the game to be challenging, the AI need to be able to pose a significant threat. The way to make them a threat, godlike accuracy, but this ruins the realistic nature of the game. In reality hundreds, if not thousands of rounds can be exchanged with only a few hitting a target. if you drop the players ability to be a godlike sniping killing machine (quickly shooting with extreme precision from great distances from unsupported positions, which stresses the need for a weapon rest" feature), you can drop the AIs godlike shooting abilities to counter. this leads to longer more realistic fire fights, more chances for actual tactics beyond SHOOT EVERYTHING IN 10 SECONDS OR YOU DIE (and lower the AI rate of fire at close range, it pisses me off when they burn a whole AR magazine into a guy who just walked around a corner). this only leaves the AIs ability to spot and ID targets currently the AI has some irritating spotting qualities. It can easily spot and positively ID (the real issue) you when it shouldn't (through trees bushes, walls, grass etc), but cant spot you when it should (standing in the open at 400m+). AI should also be more reluctant to use its weapons beyond its maximum range (note, RELUCTANT not prevented from; and to tie in, weapon stats should reflect reality a little better in regard to accuracy, recoil, weight, range etc). edit: I really liked the OA addon "design mastery M4 pack" because it added good handling and bullet deviation to the weapons, which made them quite fun to use, but they are a death sentence in real missions against the world champion takastani long shooting team with their master-crafted, match-grade AKMs and $5-a-shot match-grade ammo
  10. very good! no bugs so far, but the BTR-90 did get stuck at an unopenable gate to the south east of the northern airport (more a troublesome circumstance). although something i would like is a "screw this, its too dangerous!" option for handling missions. like finding your self facing a reenforced tank platoon with only me and my 5 guys with 2 RPGs. and being cut to bits time and time again by said tank platoon. volenteerily withdrawing, and failing the mission and its objectives in-favor of keeping your guys alive should be an option. to get it working, i guess you could add a command to the radio for "abort mission". once you call it in, all mission objectives are set as failure and you need to exit the mission area on foot. that is something that really is sorely missing in all arma missions, the option to run away when severely out matched :p anyway, awesome work
  11. That guy

    New ARMA3.com website with new Intel

    It seems there has been a significant change in the games story and scenario. looks cool
  12. kind of a vicious cycle. "we need money to so we can make something to show you guys" "we need to see some concept or progress before we feel comfortable that this just wont turn int vaporware" "but we need money to start..." "lets see some progress..." etc in this case i am going to put my faith into the dev team. they need this money not only for development, but to show more potential investors that there is enough demand for this kind of game so it will get made. if everyone simply holds back and waits for some one else or some sort of progress, its essentially dooming the project to failure or vaporware. a self-fulfilling prophecy. of course i just really really want to see a good R6 rouge spear/raven shield style Tacshooter like the old days.
  13. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/355932838/crowdsourced-hardcore-tactical-shooter This in an Indi-fund kick starter program for the development of a new "hardcore tactical shooter", in the veins of the old R6 games, and SWAT. they have a goal of $200,000 before April 1st I suggest anyone who is interested check out this webpage, and get the word out I should note, I donated $50 USD, but the cool thing is if you donate over $100 you can submit content to the game to be included at launch (weapons, maps, modes, missions, etc).
  14. seems like patch 1.6 broke your module. I was playing around with a test mission I made when you first released it, and when ever I give a command, civs are just like "LOL look at this guy!" (they ignore me) i also cant detain or restrain civs
  15. That guy

    Campaign Houria

    I would advocate for an M203 in that mission. then hit it with IDF and keep it grounded