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  1. Hi Rip I sent you a PM about the steam ID BR Rob PS I was wondeirng if the mod would include custom buildings like the church of Sainte Mère Église, Pegasus bridge, big ben, and Eiffel tower?
  2. Hi Rip31st, My name is Rob van Meel (Writer of the Airborne jeep book & Excelsior Welbike book) As a historian I would like to help you on information of Divisions, regimets & Etc. I don't want to brag but I know a lot about WW2 and my mum is the co-owner of the Airborne museum in Sainte Mère-Église. It's impposible to learn about all units but if you need any help on info of the: 1st British Airborne division (1 2 & 3 PARA, KOSB, South Stafford, Border regiment, Royal Artillery, Royal Corps of Signals, 21st Independent Para coy. & the RAMC) 6th British Airborne division (1 2 & 3 PARA, Ox & Bucks Rifles, RAMC, RA, RcoS & 22nd Independent Para coy.) British30 (XXX) Corps Glider Pilot Regiment 3rd Canadian Infantery Division (Queen's own Rifles) US 101st Airborne Division (501, 502 & 506 PIR & 327th GIR) US 82nd Airborne Divisiion (503, 504 505 507 & 508 PIR) US 17th Airobnre Division US 1st ID US 4th ID US 29th ID US 2nd Ranger Battalion. German SS 12th PZ div. German WL 6th FJ Regt. German WH 116 Pz Gren. Div. German WH 21st WH Pz Div. or special vehicles (mostly Airborne) Such as the Clark lightweight bulldozer or the Morris-Commercial C8/AT (which is in the garage next to my house Just let me know BR, Rob