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  1. canukausiuka

    ARMA 2 Patching FAQ

    I just finished downloading the ACR DLC, but I can't install it, as it says that the DLC requires ArmA2 version 1.11. I recently did the 1.62 upgrade, which completed successfully, and indicated that I was upgraded to 1.11. For good measure, I re-ran the 1.11 update, but when I check the .exe version, it's still at 1.10(.80.665). The OA .exe upgraded with no issues. Unfortunately, I can't try a full reinstall right now (I won't have access to the disc for another couple of months). Does anyone have any other idea about what might be preventing that patch from installing correctly, but reporting a successful install?
  2. canukausiuka

    Invasion 1944 v2.6 (CO)

    Also, to add to Homer Johnston, the damage done by shells is different for the different types. The PzGr or AP rounds will only do kinetic damage, which decreases proportional to muzzle velocity squared in the ArmA2 engine. The APHE rounds are a combination of explosive and kinetic, and SprGr or HE rounds are all explosive (do the same damage regardless of range). Also, AP rounds are likely to be ineffective against troops in the open, while HE will chew them up. APHE can be used, but they are only slightly better than AP (APHE in WWII often only had a small charge), and HEAT rounds are in between APHE and full HE for use against troops in the open. I originally wrote the damage modeling for all the rounds using just BIS's built-in system. Homer's module brings a whole new level to the armor fight, and I can't wait to see how he continues to improve it! Like many of you, I dream of the day that penetration and spalling are properly simulated ingame. :)
  3. canukausiuka

    Invasion 1944 v2.6 (CO)

    The mortars probably no longer work w/ the BIS module because we tried to implement the new OA method. It is simpler, but less realistic, and unfortunately, it breaks compatibility with the BIS Arty module. The fire missions are much easier to calculate, though (all shells follow a pure parabolic arc, as they have no drag).
  4. Back in OFP, you could create the bullet itself, but I have no idea if that'd work in ArmA2. Plus, it looked like crap in OFP, so I never really pushed it much.
  5. I'd be more than willing to pay for it. Honestly, I could have spent over $100 for every BIS title and still got my money's worth.
  6. canukausiuka

    Husky Mk3 - WIP

    Nice... pretty soon we can put together a whole Route Clearance Package :) Do you reckon we can get the AI to get pissed off at how slow they are and go around them. :P
  7. canukausiuka

    Invasion 1944 v2.5 (CO)

    The full-auto mode for the M1A1 Thompson is "FullAuto" (Semiautomatic is "Semi", and there are some AI-only modes, as well). In fact, "FullAuto" is the mode name for all the automatic weapons. The BAR also has a "SlowAuto" mode for its reduced RoF mode.
  8. Yeah, its a bit annoying that they can't seem to communicate properly w/o the radio... it wouldn't be such a problem to not get the subtitles, but they suddenly just miss half their sentences!
  9. canukausiuka

    Invasion 1944 v2.5 (CO)

    That probably means the building's armor is too low, but its expected the the PzFasut would destroy a building quicker... the German AT weapons were all-around better at penetrating armor, so they do more damage!
  10. It's the part of OA that allows artillery to be used w/o the "Arty Module". If you are the gunner, you just go to the action labeled "Artillery Computer", and it brings up a map and dialog. You select the charge (varies the muzzle velocity) and click on the map, then click fire... the game automatically determines the solution. And if you command one, you can select the gun and point at a target (either on the map or visually), and order the gun to "Fire at target", which will have the AI do the shooting. It's pretty easy to code in, too, but I have found a lot of odd limitations (such as: the hit of the shell must be >100, only high-angle solutions allowed). It is not as realistic as the original Arty Module, but its much much easier for a mission editor to implement and for a player to use.
  11. On a similar note, is there any way to get the artillery computer to find the low-angle solution? I've got some artillery pieces which don't do high-angle solutions, and the artillery computer keeps telling me they cannot hit locations I know they can. For now, I am making reasonable progress on scripting it myself, but if there was an easier way, I'd sure like to know it.
  12. I've recently added the new artillery computer to some mortars, and I hope to extend it to howitzers and rockets soon, but I wanted to get some help here, first. I've managed (after much trial and error) to get my systems to use the artillery computer. As a note to anyone else trying to do this, there are some less-than-obvious requirements. The one that had me hung up for hours was the ammo definition. I was starting with a small, 60mm mortar, and the AI would not use it until the "hit" value was high enough (I have NO idea why that's a requirement for the AI to fire). Once I upped the "hit" value to 100, they began engaging wonderfully (the BIS 81mm WP round has a "hit" of 35, hence the AI won't use it). Now my remaining hiccup is trying to get the AI to use the mortars when not directed by a player. None of the usual fire, commandFire, doFire, or even the new fireAtTarget seem to get the AI to use this new system. Right now I'm back to old OFP tricks of doing the ballistic solution myself and hoping for the best (which is giving mixed results at best). Because the engine can now calculate the ballistic solution, surely there is some way to access that solution from a script. I had hoped that the above commands would automatically use the new system, but they do not. Has anyone had any success in using the new system for non-player-directed artillery (rather than the ARTY module, which I'm trying to avoid, as it's much more difficult to setup, both in config and mission making)?
  13. I can't even pick up other FPS games any more. I look at them and it pretty much always boils down to "this isn't OFP/ArmA/etc". Not sure I'll ever be able go to back.
  14. canukausiuka

    Invasion 1944 v2.5 (CO)

    For the grenade problem, the issue is the "Throw" and "Put" weapon configs. Because those two are hard-coded classes, each mod that wants to add/remove/change any thrown or placed weapons has to edit them. This becomes an issue if multiple mods/addons want to change it. When I44 loads, it alters those classes (adds the I44-specific classes to the list of acceptable ones). If another addon then alters the classes again, it will remove the I44 classnames. Similarly, if I44 is loaded after another addon that edits those classes, I44 will overwrite that addon's changes. At least, that was the problem I used to see. Unfortunately, I haven't had any chance to do configwork on I44 in months. :( Very glad to see it released for CO though! :)
  15. Sigint, what classname are you using for the Lee Enfield? The proper one to use is "I44_LeeEnfieldNo4Mk1", not "I44_LeeEnfield" (that's the base class).