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  1. I just bought the game again to get back into action. all servers are desert? do u guys use some other server browser or is arma DEAD!?
  2. I just bought ARMA X anniv edition and when I connect to multiplayer servers are in very small numbers and with only 10 to 20 players ... where is all the action I see in videos ... where is ACE2 servers and big coops. I'm not new to arma 2 ... just new to the MP. please help!!
  3. Shinji

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

  4. Shinji

    [SP] Surprise Welcome

    haya is snake in arabic nit khaya. khaya in some arabic parts is "Shit" LOL good work dude and thank you
  5. Shinji

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    use the http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=104991 it's PERFECT
  6. will try that after I'm done with MSO. probably never! LOL I will jst wait for one of you big heads to make an ACE version
  7. I have had this problem since ever and was too proud to ask. Shift + F changes the weapons modes and grenades not sights. And can u please tell how to change grenade throw mode. Thx
  8. i downloaded all 109 files ONE BY ONE ... that's how much I love you guys! If it does not work tho ... I'm gonna have to kill ya ... SLOWLY!
  9. well ... I hope you get more help than I did. My problem is SLX!! when SLX is disabled , everything is fine .. if not RAM AND CPU get overflooded with SLX awesomeness :D sux tho coz SLX rocks
  10. really !? So I just add ACE modules ... and it would work? ** Putting the gun down , killing self postponed **
  11. Shinji

    Mercenaries: Chernarus

    this is looking good ... I can't wait to play this. ALSO ... FIRST!! in your face second guy!
  12. I have already said thanks in dev heaven ... but here it is in here as well ... and I would print it on the moon if I could THANK YOU!!!
  13. do you guys have a direct link ... I don't have internet at home and I can't install the tool at work I'm between 2 homes right now. please
  14. Ok I have done extensive tests 3 hours of testing every single mission 3.42 and I confirm to you that respawning is bugged. I spawn at grid 999999 whenever I die. Wherever I put the marker. Whatever the side the unit or the weapons.... Yes I checked even without weapons to see if it would be a gear restoring bug. So please fix that version as the parameters and such are far better than 3.4 Thank you.