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  1. Ian Malcolm

    Operation Flashpoint GOTY on ASUS EEE PC 1000H?

    My wife has Eee 901. So far i tried only Dungeon Siege on it and it runs absolutely smooth on max details.
  2. Ian Malcolm

    Queen's Gambit owner statistics

    care to elaborate? I guess he just wasn't impressed at all
  3. Ian Malcolm

    When will we see new unit models?

    And second problem is, that making good character model with proper skinning (weights), textures, normalmaps, configs etc, is the hardest thing to do
  4. Ian Malcolm

    ArmA photography - Questions&Comments

    Brilliant! This image is now my new wallpaper. Thank you Parvus
  5. Ian Malcolm

    Your Feedback on Queen's Gambit

    From what i know model of DC3 was made by the same guy who made A10. But config was probably made by somebody less skilled than in A10 case :P
  6. Ian Malcolm

    Has Anyone Got Queens Gambit?

    It could be somehow related to this pic.
  7. Ian Malcolm

    Google flight sim

    *Press Ctrl+H for help page with controls *Fly as a bird till bored It's great feature... i thought something like that would be nice at the times when it was called nVidia Keyhole I'm just missing some proper cockpit :P
  8. Ian Malcolm

    ArmA Queens Gambit Packshot Winner ????

    Bigger version of that butt ugly cover: http://games.tiscali.cz/temp3/armaqg.jpg 131.46 KB
  9. Ian Malcolm

    _as.paa , _ns.paa _ca.paa

    _NS - Normal Specular. Normalmap with specular map in alpha channel. Dunno what is it used for. But _NO with _SMDI has waay less of compression artifacts.
  10. Ian Malcolm

    Oxygen 2

    Aren't other "texes" than tex (tex1, tex2 etc) are used for more sets of UV coordinates? As seen on some buildings?
  11. Ian Malcolm

    How can I remove a unit's helmet?

    Helmet isn't in any special selection. Only in selection for head. So this way you could create nice headless soldiers, but hardly some without helmets
  12. Ian Malcolm

    How can I remove a unit's helmet?

    No. Only way is to make completely new addon of desired unit without helmet. Sorry.
  13. Ian Malcolm

    Quick Question About Addons. Then and Now.

    You can make unit of any height you want, but only if you'll make complete new set of animations for it Current character animations in ArmA can be used only for characters of same proportions as the original units. Sorry.
  14. Ian Malcolm

    Expansion: Arma: Queen's Gambit

    It's just interesting how very few people understands, that the people creating the graphical / mission content probably aren't the same people, who are creating the patches. Most of the fixes requested by the community, are program changes and creating of any graphical content probably couldn't delay the release of any patch. So anyone who is whining that BIS should concentrate at creating the next patch instead of making "stupid" units - please be quiet.
  15. Ian Malcolm

    Tutorial - Making Shadows

    Model needs to be closed, triangulated AND sharp edged