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  1. @islesfan186 There still just "placeholders", i have no plans for them, when i was making them i had hopes for em but i lost interest, now they just sit there and look good. @Slatts Your right mate, especially with all them f-18's in the way!
  2. Yeah i know about Australia and the UAE using them as well. I also have a really good reference picture of the cargo area and there's a Australian flag hanging off the maintenance catwalk, didn't see too many exterior pics of the Aussie C-17 however.
  3. No problem. ----------------------------------------------- I thought you all might want to see a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30btl13QxwA
  4. No i do not mate, and i meant that its going to be released soon and i cant put an eta on true masterpiece.....
  5. VectorX96

    Hell in the Pacific MOD

    Seems like hes in it for quantity over quality eh? Also i cant wait for this mod always loved WW2!
  6. There may be some of those, it depends on how the default textures turn out, which i intend to be USAF but that may change, could be any nationality. I will most likely include some .psd files to re-texture them cause i know there are plenty of countries out there that use the C-17 and maybe someone wants to make that one.
  7. Hey might as well be USAF, that's who the C-17 was originally made for in the beginning. Then Boeing started selling it to other places like the UK and Canada.
  8. VectorX96

    MIM-104 Patriot WIP

    Keep up the good work!
  9. Yeah, but that's going to be a while. I'm still working on a lot of things and until it has those things plus all the detailed fanciness i can think up, and the proper textures, will i let anyone test it.
  10. Hey guys i feel like i did you all dirty, by only taking pictures of the front of the globemaster. So heres a lot more pictures of it and its temp textures to give you an idea on what your dealing with.:D IMAGES OF UNAUTHORIZED PORT REMOVED
  11. Yeah right now its all coming down to scripts, i'm remodeling the engines atm to look just like they do when thrust reversal is activated and going on. Nice video by the way.
  12. Nice Ei8ght awesome video, Thanks!
  13. No what i meant by static model is that its not a plane just a load of stuff that the C-17 needs to make it a C-17. It has pipes, antennas, seats crap like that. However i could create something of the sort, ill look into it and see what i can do.