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  1. Hey Sav, still doing the Siagon Shimmy. Pics and vids look great guys.
  2. csj


    This site went down a while ago now. You can find us at ARMANAM Currently working on ARMA 2 and OA version.
  3. There was an update since I believe so you will need the latest SEA files as highlighted under LINKS on the first post here. There will be a new update with UNSUNGs next release/patch when all current files will be packaged.
  4. I have a 22" Benq monitor, not by choice but I am using it atm. Interested as to what your game settings are in Vid options. My interface and 3d resolutions are 1360x768x32. This is the best option for my little rig.
  5. Trees that would have normally been felled by artillery strikes before 1.57 are no longer falling. Has the tree damage system changed or maybe the hit damage for the shells has changed?
  6. Where else ArmaNam Public forums. Same place you get all the best Nam gear
  7. For those experiencing extended load times for S.E.A map or any other trial maps this should be corrected by adding -exThreads=0 into the shortcut for OA. :cheers: Suma
  8. Thanks to geloxo for starting this thread. Thanks to Suma and others for your interest. Adding '-cpuCount=3 -exThreads=0' into my shortcut for OA has brought the load time for S.E.A back to what it was prior to 1.57 patch. My pc specs MS Windows XP Professional SP3 Intel Pentium D CPU 3.4 GHz, 3.2GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO 512MB
  9. They have been there since day 1, Khugan, nothing wrong with your insatll.
  10. csj

    Transparent Edges

    select alpha txtrs and moveToTop - may solve it
  11. CSJ_Snake = Bamboo Viper CSJ_Snake2 = Krait Viper CSJ_Snake3 = Taipan
  12. I just tried both and they worked for me.
  13. Thanks very much for comments. Glad you enjoy the mod. We should have some new updates out as soon as we finish playing with.. urmm I mean testing.
  14. Can you post pictures of this ? I see nothing unusual when flying around the island.