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  1. Probably because of it´s scale :D B2 and B52 are strategic assets, but seeing a B52 doing CAS could be fun ^^
  2. Love the new Birds! Will there be a PiP display so that the pilot can see, what the CoPilot looks at? Would be really cool! Since you have already have the displays, they only need a function to fold them up! (Yeah it´s a lot of work, but i think they would be worth it...would be a very nice feature)
  3. ^This would be great! (some of things should be in the next release as far as I follow the commits on github.)
  4. Desty

    New Map : GOS Al Rayak

    I´m aware of this issue! No, happend to RHS AH64 and some other Mods, but i fixed the issue. Just spawning all helicopters with 0.3 elevation, they drop on the ground and everything is fine.
  5. ok thank you! Maybe it´s just the FX that looks to weak ?
  6. I´m not sure if im allowed to post Apache Guncam videos here, but in my opinion the 30mm has a little bit to less splash. Is it just my feeling? The M230 comes closer to a grenade launcher than an autocannon. Right now it is not bad, it is still the best AH64 available, but the 30mm should have a bigger area of effect! (the Commanche in ACE3 got modified, if you use his 20mm you see what I mean) best regards Desty
  7. Desty

    Feat of Arms

    One single question, does this work with headless clients?? best regards Desty
  8. Desty


    This pack is great! Good job! I just noticed some small things, is it intentional that the UH1Y + UH1Ns run out of fuel after about 1 h in the air? They have a to high fuel consumption in my opinion. just wanted to ask. + a little request, is it possible to show the observers view on the MFDs in the UH1Y? (seen in RHS)
  9. Will there be an ACE3 compability patch or something? Because the Gun rangng is a little bit messed up like you said. Is there a possibility to auto lock the laser? like it was in ACE2 in ArmA 2? This would be really great!
  10. Desty

    New Map : GOS Al Rayak

    Hey Makhno, the map is really great, we just noticed one problem while playing! The Southwest Airfield on the Island is a little bit buggy or something, choppers explode randomly on their parking spots in front of the hangars? I think they glitch in the ground or someting! Could you take a look at this? I can´t find any solution to this, so i think it comes from the map itself? Desty
  11. Great mod! I have found one issue: When you die while being supressed, the effect won´t go away anymore until you relog. I´m not sure if there is a solution to this?
  12. Yeah nice!!! But the Version on PwS seems to be wrong, it shows Version 0 and you can´t download it !
  13. It's 99% since 8 days, but yeah... New tickets every day for the 3.0.0 Milestone.
  14. MCC feature...that is somehow in the ACE interaction
  15. Thanks for the respone, nice to hear!