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  1. @snkmanmany thanks for your response. Really appreciate your projects. I'd like to know if you could share your development on a git page like github. I would be interested in taking a deeper look into your project and do some support.
  2. Thanks snkman for your release. However it is not clear to me, what is the difference in regards to TCL? Is this a step down version with code optimisation or a completly new development?
  3. Nope, you only nee to run it on the server, but then you will not gonna have the FX module of TCL.
  4. Please don't stop developing this mod. The AI fighting capabilities in towns is unreached by any other AI mod.
  5. @snkman About the hc stuff, i tested it yesterday on my server and it seems to work. I will let you know if i encounter any errors.
  6. Hey snkman, loving your AI Mod. It's running really good in our liberation mission. I got a few suggestions: Could you add a waypoint system, so that mission makers can give ai orders and let the waypoints be scripted to use certain AI features (e.g. TCL_Hold). At the moment i have to disable all waypoints generated by the mission for the ai because it generates fuck up. Also i noticed sometimes ai will not do idle stuff (i set it to 100% chance) when using TCL_hold. The will just stand around and do nothing until engaged or the noticed the enemey. Kind regards, Dragon
  7. Problem with the F-16D, cannot change weapon loadout with the AMS system. It tries to load the ammunition but i won't change the default loadout.
  8. What do you mean by logging?
  9. Not zeus in particular, but i use offloading ai to headless clients quit a lot in my missions and i noticed this behavior of the ai.
  10. Do you mean the headless client stuff? That's just a change of where the ai is local and gets calculated. Maybe that is causing issues? Same goes for zeus created ai. This ai is local to the player who created them. (funny to see stucked ai if zeus game crashed or times out :D)
  11. I noticed it's kinda not working if AI is split between multiple headless Clients. The AI does not reinforce each other and neither are they sharing Information nor alerting other Units nearby, however in Singleplayer everything is working perfectly fine.
  12. That's normal behavior. Your message is sent while your server is allready shutdown. It will get logged to the console as soon the message is passed to the rcon connection. But it takes some time after the server shutdown for the connection to notice it's not alive anymore. Therefore it looks like the message has been send to server normaly. That's also why i suggest to use a startupDelay of at least 1 min,.
  13. Okay another quick Update. I finished a first linux build, it just needed some small changes. Hower i don't have any linux server to test at the moment. Hence not sure if everything related to server start will work as intended. Gonna push a first testbuild tomorrow!
  14. If there is a need for it im sure to look into it. At least for the depencedies there should be no problem switching to .netcore2. The only thing linux users would need is the latest version of .netcore2 that can be found here https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-core/2.2
  15. Hey Whisker thank you very much. The startupDelay parameter is used for inital wait before first execution of repeatingServices tasks. It is an delay factor in minutes. So let's say you want your task to start executing 10min after tool start you just use 10. 0 if you want your task to get executed immediately.