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  1. Jester504

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Great work on the mod! For future versions, I would love to see AI react more believably to nearby explosions: https://youtu.be/t7fKeQafIVg
  2. Jester504

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    For the foreseeable future the Super Tucano is a GREF-appropriate airplane. It wouldn't make sense to put something used 99% of the time by non-U.S. nations under U.S. in RHS. As much as I (both an American and a big fan of light attack planes) would love to be able to say otherwise, that is the reality right now. The USAF has been talking about and not buying light attack for well over a decade. I won't believe they're serious about it until there are actually numbered squadrons flying one. A limited (<50) number of aircraft may be bought in the next few years by AFSOC and used in a purely advisor-trainer role, but that is the limit of what we can reasonably believe right now.
  3. Jester504

    [WIP] Embraer A-29 Super Tucano

    99% chance there will be no standalone release. I don't really see much reason for me to put in the work required to do that so that a few people can avoid having to download a few gigs of fantastic content, when lack of time to do that was the whole reason development stalled in the first place. Also, at the end of the day I make stuff so I can use it, and I already use RHS.
  4. Jester504

    [WIP] Embraer A-29 Super Tucano

    Hi everyone, sorry I haven't updated y'all and let this thread meander off. I don't frequent these forums very much and am more active on Discord and Youtube. So, let me give a real update: When I posted this thread & video, RHS contacted me with an interest in including the Super Tucano in GREF. I was initially reluctant to give up total control, but my real-life work got much busier all of a sudden and I no longer had time to invest in the Super Tucano project. After some thought, I decided to merge with RHS. I'm very happy I made that decision - not only so that it, you know, actually gets finished, but because RHS is able to contribute some things I would never have been able to do on my own. The plane is indeed near-finished. It will be under the Horizon Islands Defense Forces. In fact, you can check out the progress on the GREF dev branch right now 😉 Here's a taste: the plane now has very detailed (and switchable) MFDs: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/252012370585452544/625910181968216064/20190923231758_1.jpg https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/468879945293234177/625963435599069204/Capture.PNG https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/468879945293234177/625964945493721099/Capture.PNG https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/468879945293234177/625963254908452892/Capture.PNG
  5. Jester504

    [WIP] Embraer A-29 Super Tucano

    I agree, that was my main catalyst for starting this project. The Apaches and F-16s and such strike me as massively OP for 95% of Arma gameplay and not that much fun for anyone in a scenario who isn't flying them (which is a shame, because I personally love those types of aircraft to death - particularly the Apache). I've always loved how the Littlebirds and other light/medium helicopters fit in the typical Arma gameplay and wanted something more like that on the fixed-wing side. I haven't actually thought about it. I will investigate. ITC is extremely impressive and Yax has been extremely helpful with questions I've had during the development of the Super Tucano.
  6. I'm thrilled to make a formal announcement of my nearly-complete Embraer A-29 Super Tucano mod for Arma 3. [For the record, I go by both Jester504 and Jester2138]. At first, it will be only the Sierra Nevada / Embraer A-29 version built in the U.S. that has an under-belly sensor ball and WSO, who controls the optics and laser. My first priority post-release, however, is to add other versions representing the original Brazilian model without the sensor ball as well as later South American versions with the sensor ball. None of my included liveries will have flags or obvious national markings so that they can represent the military of more than one nation. My second priority post-release will be a rework of the cockpit mesh and texturing. The aircraft supports dynamic pylons and all vanilla weapons that fall into the proper weight limits can be carried on the pylons (e.g. the default loadout is GBU-12s on the inboard pylons and rockets on the outboard pylons). Please enjoy this teaser video:
  7. I'm configuring a turboprop plane. When it flies overhead, the doppler effect contains extremely obvious and awful "steps" between pitches, rather than one smooth transition. I haven't noticed it in other planes. Is there something I'm doing wrong? What can be done about this? This is my current soundShaders and soundSets: https://pastebin.com/M8zNQYVx
  8. Jester504

    Glass texture issue

    That does it! Awesome! Thanks! What does that command do, exactly?
  9. Hey folks, I've got a glass canopy that's displaying oddly. For testing purposes, I'm using the glass .paa texture and glass .rvmat directly from plane_fighter_03. The rest of the plane has the Blender UV map texture but the body .rvmat from plane_fighter_03. Whenever you look through two layers of glass, the texture behind it displays very weirdly. Here's a screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/4MMtfza (it is the same in-game) Any idea what's going on?
  10. I'm making a plane and trying to mimic the sample model plane as much as possible. It has proxies for bombs on the pylons so I'm currently trying to do proxies for my plane and struggling due to almost zero documentation online for how to actually create a proxy in Object Builder. -In Blender, in the resolution LOD, I built a triangle on each pylon marking the location and made them a vertex group named "ProxyPylon1", "ProxyPylon2", etc. and export with the Arma Toolbox for Blender -In Oxygen, I right-click that selection and click "Move Selection to Proxy (All LODS)". -Then I direct it to "P:\a3\weapons_f\dynamicloadout\pylonmissile_1x_bomb_02_f.p3d" and click OK. -It pops up a window that says "Proxy object P:/[etc.] already exists, overwrite?" -I click "Yes" and it does two things: 1) renames my selection to "proxy:...\pylonmissile_1x_b..." (much is truncated by the window) and 2) moves the triangle to 0,0,0, i.e. not on the pylon. -If I now start Bulldozer, there is no apparent change and no bomb shows on the pylon or anywhere I can see. I can't find anything online actually describing how to set up a proxy. I'm betting what I'm doing above is wrong, somehow. I've tried a few variations on the above with no success. So, how do you actually do it?
  11. FTR I figured out that the problem was the mod I'm working on has two .pbos, one with cfgPatches to modify the first one. diag_MergeConfig_File doesn't work in that case. I consolidated the two .pbos into one and it worked fine.
  12. I haven't been able to work on this for a bit, but now I've tried it again. I removed all HUD code from the config file, opened Arma, and tried merging the old config with the HUD into the loaded config without it. It still doesn't change anything. What in the world am I doing wrong? Would it help if I uploaded a video showing me doing this?
  13. OK I've got to be doing something wrong, then. Here's exactly what I'm doing. I'm working on the A3-T6 mod to give it a better HUD (among other things). 1. Start arma3diag_64.exe with the mod loaded via Arma3Sync 2. Open VR map in editor, place down aircraft & Zeus module, launch mission (SP) 3. HUD displays as expected 4. Exit aircraft, delete it via Zeus. 5. Alt-tab to the config file in my working folder, delete all MFD class entries, & save the file 6. Alt-tab back to Arma and run the following command via the debug console: diag_mergeConfigFile ["C:\Users\[me]\Desktop\Arma Stuff\A3-T6\config.cpp"]; 7. Spawn a new aircraft and hop in. The HUD is still there. If I restart Arma entirely with the changes, however, it will be gone.