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  1. Speederr

    Same problem like Arma 2

    Yep and when I launch the game with "-mod=@CBA_A3;@JSRS2.0" I can't join any servers! That's only a soundpack !
  2. Hey, Thanks for your work BIS Studio, I can see you have learned about your bad work from the 2! And You fixed those problems! We can now download MODS directly IN GAME ! This is a REVOLUTION! Wow, we can play with a soundpack on a Vanilla server ! Such amazing! No that was a joke, this game have the same problems like A2, and I can't understand why you did'nt fix those. Look at Counter Strike, we can download a custom map directly in-game, we can download a mod in-game too, and this is not a problem. Look at Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, in 2003 they did the same ! Please do something, the game is still in BETA ! Thanks
  3. Have the same problem! AMD 1090 T ATI 6950 2Go 6Go ram Only 30 fps max on multi. And in solo with a little bit of IA, same :/
  4. Speederr

    Dev patch = 1.02?

    Ok, that was my question. Becase I have an impression my fps are locked like console... always 30 fps and much less.... This is unplayable on Multiplayer and solo! When I am alone, there is no problem, but when I play on a custom mission with a little bit of IA, my fps drop :/
  5. Speederr

    Dev patch = 1.02?

    I have 1.03.110466 I see nothing change :/
  6. Hello, I'm playing with the dev version because my fps are too bad and i hope a good patch to fix it. I saw the official patch is out, but in dev version, will I have it or not? Have I to change my version ? Thanks
  7. Is the C-130 Hercules be back in ARMA 3?
  8. Speederr

    Low FPS

    I tried with this new update on different servers. Some has a little difference, on a server with ~10 players and side mission + Main obj= 30 FPS. But when i'm at the base with all vehicules + ammo boxes = 15-20 FPS! I have to leave the base to hope have better FPS.
  9. Speederr

    Low FPS

    Not better, same as EOOQE, the alpha was very much better than realase :/
  10. Speederr

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    So we have to pay a new proc to hope play ARMA 3? LOL
  11. Speederr

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    We have to wait one year. The time they optimize this game like ARMA 2, and ARMA 2 is not optimized yet... So buy a new computer in one year, this is the best way. I'm very disapointed for their work, on the alpha the game was running good bu a little bit laggy, now this is unplayable !!! And of course no BIS staff answering at us!!! They are like EA or Activision! Maybe they reading our complaining but they do nothing :/
  12. Speederr

    Solution for FPS lag spikes

    No change for me :/ AMD 1090T 3.2ghz
  13. Speederr

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Waiting for a fixing patch!
  14. Speederr

    Low FPS

    I approve, my game was good and great on ALPHA, but the latest patch for beta was very bad for me :/
  15. Speederr

    Low FPS

    Yeh maybe, but BF3 is not a problem for me ;) There is anotther problem, why my fps are bad with 800*600 and low details? This is not a problem with my AMD proc