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  1. NATO Replacement HQ

    Update 1.6.3 -Add new platecarrier mpt and helmet with new textures -Add new optionals replasement vehicles in tan camo (WIP recomend BLUFOR: Tropic Vehicle Textures for Tanoa Faction while a texture resourse is add) -Add unit is equipped with P226 (Niarms P226 requerided) -Add new Unifrom and load out to recon team (MTP and M81) -Add New MK14 Vanila black retexture -Removed M14 and SAW for moment -Update with last niarms release version -Other several Fix
  2. NATO Replacement HQ

    end of this month
  3. Injured Ai Mod

    this work in single player?

    yes is correct i fix this in next update
  5. NATO Replacement HQ

    hello yes a new update is ready but i have problem of internet conection on mi country and i will make posible for release the update... the texture in the screenshot is a personal work but i would release a camo retexture proyect ofcourse with all of rights of autor textures, and vehicles camo of nato is ready this will have a tan textures...
  6. NATO Replacement HQ

    Thank man I will update mi mod soon ... i dont have much time and i have any problem of internet conection on mi country but soon i will release the next update with sig sauer and more...
  7. GSTAVO's Weapons

    yes man this mod is great but depend of RHS is much, a only CBA dependence y this will be great, we wait soon a no RHS version
  8. BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    Exist a way of change the blood pool textures for the vanilla blood pool in the last dlc lawn of war? Thanks
  9. HQ Replacement CSAT

    Thank I will fix this in the next update
  10. HQ Replacement CSAT

  11. HQ Replacement CSAT

    Update 1.4 Add AK74M with black Magazine Add MG3 To Auto Rifleman Add New optional Loadout With new texture uniform to Regular, Urban and Pacific troops (All Rights to autor textures in credit) Add New optional Replacement texture in vehicles in desert camo Add New optional config with vanilla weapons Other fix... Mirror: first page of this post
  12. NATO Replacement HQ

    SOON... P226 and more
  13. Syndikat Opfor Faction This a simple Config that add a syndikat Opfor Faction or Opfor side Feature: All loadout and config of original Apex Expansion Add Tenical armed Truck and Motorizade groups Thank and Credit: Bohemia Interactive for all content Download: GOOGLE DRIVE MIRROR

    Update 1.4 Add a vanilla version ( Equiped with Spar 5.56) Add a replacement loadout (With Dusty Camo ,all Rigths to autor) Add a replacement vehicle retexture Re-configure recon group Removed RH_acc form moment Otrher Fix Mirror: In first post

    soon: A better look for FIA and G36