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  1. Sn4rk

    HQ Replacement CSAT

    Next update when??
  2. Loving it so far! But could we get an optional version that doesn't change the weapon colors, please?
  3. Could you please update your CSAT replacement pack for Pacific CSAT forces? I really love what you did with CSAT uniforms, but it breaks the new units.

  4. Could you update this for Pacific CSAT please? Amazing mod
  5. Sn4rk


    Also a next thing I spotted: when using the new AAF vehicle skins, when a vehicle gets destroyed, the wreck has the vanilla digital camo skin
  6. Sn4rk

    NATO Replacement HQ

    Could you actually make it so the new MTP camouflage vest and helmet REPLACE the vanilla NATO vest and helmet textures? for example like in CSAT replacement the vanilla CSAT uniform and helmet have new textures, same for AAF, but the NATO MTP ones are a new object added to the inventory but not changing the vanilla ones, in some missions which have pre-defined equipment, the NATO soldiers have the default vests and helmets, only the weapons are replaced (as the M4 completely replaces the MX) so what I'm asking is if it could be done so the vanilla NATO helmet and vest textures get replaced by the new MTP textures.
  7. Sn4rk

    NATO Replacement HQ

    To be honest I love the new woodland camo, but the machine gunner still has the tropic vest and it looks kinda silly :D
  8. Sn4rk

    HQ Replacement CSAT

    Could you please move the night vision goggles into the "use" slot? Because right now they are only in the inventory and the AI isn't using them during night and they can't see good
  9. Sn4rk


    Sometimes the scopes on the weapons don't appear in the 3D model (only in first person, but not third) You can see this on the AAF squad leader unit. In third person, the scope on his weapon isn't visible.
  10. Sn4rk


    When will the update with the better look be released? :) looks really good