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  1. For kicking and banning you need to write an extension like tezz said. If you only want to have a playerlist, the current map, etc. you can use the steam server queries
  2. This sounds like a shit ton of work to make a hole RP Framework from scratch. You can allready work 100h+ to expend Altis Life to your preferences. If you only need help using ExtDB I could try to help you.
  3. Tschuuut


    You can use the addScore function in a killed Event Handler like this: if(isServer) then { unitKilled = { { if(side _x isEqualTo WEST) then { _x addScore 10; //Or whatever you want (addScore only works in MP) }; } forEach allPlayers; }; { if(side _x isEqualTo EAST) then { _x addEventHandler ["killed", unitKilled]; }; } forEach allUnits; }; (create a init.sqf in your mission directory and paste the code above) This works for MP The Unit which has killed the enemy will get the score in addition to the default score
  4. Tschuuut

    Food + water

    What type of mission is it? Is it persistent?
  5. Tschuuut

    Attrition - Gamemode

    Hey guys, in the past 3 weeks, we have done a lot. The biggest changes are, that we have switched our map to Malden 2035 and removed all mod dependencies, so it is easier to play with us. We want to do a public playtesting this saturday (July 8th) at 16:00 UTC. Check your local time If you are interested, write me a private message, or answer below, so we have a small overview about how many slots we need. I hope we can find a small group to play with us and have some fun. I will post the server ip address, such as a link to the discord channel in the next to days, when everything is set up correctly and tested
  6. On this wiki page it says, that the #restart command can only be executed by an admin and not the server, but I havn't tried it yet https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/serverCommandAvailable edit: Ok sorry I just read the last line
  7. Tschuuut

    Attrition - Gamemode

    Hey guys, in the past 3 months I developed a new gamemode. Attrition is a capture the zone gamemode for Arma 3 where three teams try to get the majority of the island to win. The goal of Attrition is to capture more than 90% of the areas on the island. Capturing To capture a city, your team just needs to be the majority in the city. Your team gets resources for every city it captured. If you have a whole area, you get a multiplier. Some cities have item-/vehicleshops, which can only be accessed you captured it. Upgrading To upgrade a base, you have to start a vote. The whole team now gets a dialog, weather they agree or disagree. If your vote gets more than 60% yes, the base slowly starts to change to the upgrade. Some cities can be upgraded too if you have captured them. AI Missions To get money, you can sell loot from AI Missions. This is a perfect way to get weapons, vehicles and ammo. AI Missions are spawning random on the island. They are marked on the map as a violett exclamation mark. If there is no unit left, then exclamation will mark disapper. The gamemode is a bit unbalanced at the moment and there are plenty of things I want to add. It would be cool if I could find some people for playtesting.
  8. Sadly the command serverCommand "#restart"; cant be executed from the server. You can user https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_endMissionServer alternatively (you need a mission circle in your server.cfg so it automatically starts the mission again)
  9. Tschuuut

    [Release] Auto Run Script

    Looks nice. You can try to use something like https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/surfaceNormal to, to test if you are running up hills
  10. Look at BIS_fnc_moduleSector --- Set sector owner --- Parameter(s): 0: OBJECT - sector module 1: SIDE Returns: BOOL
  11. Tschuuut


    You can check wether an enemy unit is near and then stop the animation. I dont think that there is another simple way to do it. Should it only attack players or players and bots?
  12. I know that my comment is to late, but for the everyone with the same problem: check https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/canAdd