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    Full Changelog and SPOTREP
  2. Hello, @Th3Truth. My name is Rob, I am the Head Moderator of the Bohemia Interactive Forums. I can assure you the Vigor team is working hard on fixing issues, and improving the game for everyone, however as you can surely understand one cannot just press 1 button and fix everything in a game, it takes time. In regards to your statement: We would never hide posts, nor give out warnings to forum member based of feedback threads on these forums, however your posts were not feedback threads, they were posts like this one. These types of posts are against our forum guidelines rule #1: I do understand your frustrations, however, if you have feedback in regards to our games please create an actual feedback thread where you point out the issues you've encountered rather than create posts like these, as you are in fact breaking our guidelines. If you are found to be breaking our rules once again, our moderation team will have to take further action. I hope this is all understandable. Have a fantastic week! - Rob
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    Full Report
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    Full SITREP
  5. 13-09.2019 Size: ~475.7 MB HOTFIX Fixed: music_f_enoch and music_f_enoch_music were missing in the previous Dev-Branch update
  6. 13-09-2019 EXE rev. 146039 (game) EXE rev. 146039 (Launcher) Size: ~6.0 GB DATA Added: DLC parameter to configs of Tractor, Offroad (Covered) & Mini UGV - FT- T143422 Added: A new (5th) Utility for searching and listing of available script commands Added: Support for an object's group for BIS_fnc_hasItem (the item will be searched in the inventory of all members of the group if a group is passed as param) Tweaked: Reduced armed Striders' secondary ammo explosions Tweaked: Portable weather station wind indicator rotation direction Tweaked: Adjusted MAAWS position on characters' backs in order to fix clipping with some scopes in certain stances - FT- T143005 Tweaked: Body trail effect of some jets Tweaked: Small LDF loadout adjustments Changed: Moved Contact animations to the platform Changed: Moved Contact music to the platform Changed: Moved Contact hand-drawn map markers to the platform Changed: Moved Contact hand-drawn font to the platform Changed: Made the Chemical Detector part of the platform* Changed: Livonia prop addons were decrypted to PBO Fixed: Profile voices 09-12 were not working correctly - FT - T143719 Fixed: Flickering face on the back of the Tractor Fixed: Offroad dashboard artifacts when HBAO was turned on Fixed: Shading artifacts on leaflets Fixed: Aileron movement for A164 & MQ-4 Fixed: The "InBaseMoves_assemblingVehicleErc" animation had a small movement defined which caused the character to move away from the original position when used in a loop Fixed: AAF and CSAT ghillie injury materials - FT- T137525 Fixed: Eye flares popping up a low resolution texture upon first load Fixed: The death screen is now showing a vehicle and its weapon in case an enemy was operating a vehicle * Note: this gear is primarily cosmetic; limited features are only available in the context of Contact's campaign and gameplay. Potential Spoilers ("First Contact") ENGINE Added: The in scripting command can now be used also with strings Fixed: Return value of attachedTo if the command was used on objNull Fixed: Memory alignment issues
  7. We are still in progress of updating the official servers, but it's taking a little longer than expected. We hope to have the servers up and running soon 🙂
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    Full Changelog and SPOTREP
  9. Homesick


    Full changelog and SPOTREP
  10. Homesick


    Full SITREP
  11. I can't really comment about the future, however the original soundtrack is available on Spotify:
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    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    I have taken this discussion to private messages with Siege-A. I have been away for the past 2 weeks hence why I haven't answered to this before now.
  13. Vertexmacht will use this thread to provide information about the future updates to the Creator DLC: Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany. Discussions about the updates are welcome in the relevant forum thread: If you have any questions about Global Mobilization make sure you visit our FAQ page.
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    Forgotten ticket

    Hello, Fox. I will look into it. However due to this somewhat classifying as spam on these forums I'd appreciate if you message me directly in regards to an update if you don't have one in the future, it makes for a cleaner experience on the forums 🙂 However I have shared it with our project lead, and will get back to you as soon as I have a response.