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  1. Does anyone know how to remove the greyscale from the RHS UH-1Y and AH-1Z Co-Pilot cameras, I use the A3TI Thermal Improvement and the greyscale on the camera basically just ends all thoughts of using A3TI Thermals on these helicopters.
  2. We have been running into a few problems with staying connected to our server, usually everyone when they first connect to the server within 10 minutes they will get kicked for a battleye query timeout. After this it ranges between 10-30 minutes but they will be kicked again but this time it is for a wrong signature, the server checks keys/signatures when joining and it will not let you join if there is a mismatch but this is happening at random times after connecting to the server, some players on my server only experience this once and they are good for the rest of the day where as others can get it multiple times. The mods that show up are also random, sometimes it is a pbo from ACE, RHS, CUP or even a random pbo from the base game. All of these mods have tons of pbos so maybe there is something there that plays into this? If anyone has experienced this and knows a workaround I would appreciate the help.
  3. Does anyone know how I can disable friendly units from turning hostile if they were to accidentally kill a friendly or civilian. Same for crashing an aircraft, if the pilot survives he is considered hostile for destroying a friendly vehicle. My group does some pretty fun missions. Once we return to our base where we have some AI units the experience gets ruined as they immediately kill whoever killed a friendly or a civilian.
  4. I'll get on that now. just worked out some other files in my server.
  5. Should have updated this. the issue was resolved by increasing the servers steamProtocolMaxDataSize from default to 5120. The server was not able to properly transmit data to clients which effected the mods. - quoting from the hosting service provider However after this another issue arose and I have been unable to resolve. the Service Provider was also unable to help which bummed me out as I waited nearly 10 hours for them to say they cant help but that is very typical for most providers anyways. The new issue is that some mods now say they have invalid keys, puzzling part is that two pbos that say they have invalid keys are apart of my mod which has several pbos signed by the same key. We are a private server but we wish to keep verify signatures turned on as we are a milsim. we would like everyone to have the same mods and not some random ones. If you know of any fixes to the latest issue please let me know. some of these mods are very crucial to us as they provide us with some key features.
  6. I have a dedicated server and we would like to run the server with only the mods that we have approved, this would be done through verifySignatures = 2 on the servers config. I have this option enabled and I have spent my time confirming each of the mods BIKEY files are present in the servers "keys" folder, as well as verified that each mod has the correct BIKEY and their BISIGN file. I have ran into an issue with 4 mods, despite their keys being in the servers keys folder these mods still prevent players from joining with the "Contact an admin!" message listing the pbos that do not have an "accepted key" again their keys are in the server folder. One of the mods is my own, each pbo in the mod has been signed with the same BIKEY, two out of the sixteen pbos present in the mod (I know that seems like a lot, they are mainly repacked mods that did not have a BIKEY) when connecting to the server say they have a key that is not accepted which is odd because every other pbo in my mod is signed with the same key and does not give an error...
  7. I have gone through and re-added each mods BIKEY to the servers keys folder. however after restarting the server, it shows that every mod has a signature mismatch, including my own mods that I have published.
  8. I had set this up exactly as you explained it, when I restarted my server it said every mod has a signature mismatch.
  9. Thank you very much!! I'll look into this.
  10. I have seen a few servers do this, just can't figure out how to do it. Basically, when joining a server, the clients mods are checked with the mods approved on the server, if any unapproved mods are present the client will be kicked and alerted to which mods are not approved. Trying to figure out how to do this. Looking for help!