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  1. CalCiller

    Model not moving

    Colliders, skeleton, etc have all been updated. Wheels spin, vehicle does not move at all. I am using the wheel_rotation.pap on the wheels and wheel_suspension.pap on the wheels and body of the vehicle. For AGR and ASI files I am using the M923A1 files. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if its to tell me I'm a dumbass.
  2. RESOURCES (E): Wrong&patched resource GUID in @"script" for property m_SourceWorldPath resource name @"worlds/Editor/Test/EditableEntityImages.ent" That is the error code I get everytime I load up my prefab in the workshop. The mod will load into the game when published but it will not allow me to test it inside the the Workbench. I'm basically having to blindly guess what the issues are since I have no log console to see the errors when I'm testing the prefab. EDIT: Fixed issue.
  3. I posted something similar to this in a previous thread https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/241729-land-contacts-on-vehicle-mod/, however that most likely was the wrong topic to be posting in about this issue. I have currently rigged and put into the engine a M983 HEMTT. I've got bones for the wheels, and all the sockets I should need to get it to function in game. Scaling atm is a bit wonky but that just takes some fiddling in blender and then a full reimport(side note, re-import does not update the xob, fbx, or txo in engine with new mesh, colliders, or bones. I have to delete the xob, fbx, and txo then re-import the new fbx and let the engine register it, then I have to set all the gamemats, and skinning options). Alright back on topic. The prefab I started with was the M923A1 base prefab. Just the cab on frame et no canopy or cargo etc. I figured that would be the closest to what I was trying to mod in. The M983 has 4 axels, the M923A1 has 3. I added additional axels and associated triggers in the prefab so that the wheel sim would recognize the additional axel. When running the model in game I run into issues where the model spawns in, doesn't bounce on the suspension, or roll whatsoever. The vehicle engine starts, stops, all the sound effects work, but nothing is applied to the wheels. I currently have the animations from the M923A1 for basically all of the animations in the prefab. Would there be anything else I need to change to get this model to work? Also should I change the prefab I start with to one of the base ones and if so which one because if I go with the base truck one I feel as though I'll run into the same issue.
  4. CalCiller

    Land Contacts on Vehicle Mod

    Well. I figured that out. Now I have the opposite issue. How do I get my mod to actually move. I've gotten rid of the Land Contacts since almost all I've been reading on for them which is only 3 lines in the sparse wiki, says it's related to props. I've got my model fully rigged out in blender with armatures, colliders, etc. Everything has been linked to a bone of some kind and yet the mod is rooted in place, the suspension is non existent(didn't rig that but that doesn't explain the lack of moving). Help please.
  5. Hi everyone. I'm currently modding the M983 into Arma Reforger. The Enfusion engine kinda hurts my head but I'm working on it. I've been trying to get land contacts to work. I've been building the model in blender and currently for my land contacts I have copied the colliders for my wheels and renamed them with the LC_ prefix aswell as defined the material as null and renamed their material as LC_Wheels. Do I instead need to create armatures for each land contact and name them with the LC_ prefix?