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  1. Are there logfiles? After downloading FAST2 it worked fine until I had to restart the server. Now when I run the FAST2.exe nothing happens, it starts a task that is killed / closed right away again. Tried to redownload / "reinstall", tried to delete the Profile folder in the game folder. No success. Does your application create any files outside the application & game folder? Found nothing in Documents, AppData, Temp folder but this issue is really weird. Edit: Okay, after renaming the installation folder from "FAST2" to "FAST", the application starts again. But I've got to set everything up again. Until next restart where the story repeats 😕
  2. V1.0.5 has been released. Added all new missing 1.7.x commands that have been added lately by BI Fixed "private <array> being marked as deprecated" (extension now more tolerant) [ Issue #20 ] Fixed "While loop snippet brackets issue" [ Issue #19 ] Warning when BIS namespace is violated http links changed to https links https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=Armitxes.sqf https://github.com/Armitxes/VSCode_SQF/releases/tag/1.0.5
  3. v1.0.4 New v1.7x commands Armitxes released this v1.0.4 Added a few missing commands for v1.6x and all new v1.7x commands You now will receive the option to directly reload VS Code when changing corresponding sqf settings Removed duplicates from commands list Moved a few commands to better suiting categories (this may affect their highlighting) The linter will now suggest you to change "private <string>" and "private <array>" to "private var" - this can be ignored but doing so is considered better practice and the most performant way (thanks for the long and detailed discord discussion) Adjustments to new VS Code requirements & update of required node modules
  4. Armitxes


    That should be totally up to the content creator. He invests his free time for free in this game, and only he shall decide what happens with his creation. You are at no time forced to use it. It would be a totally other story if ArmA had strict non-monetization rules but if I'm planning to make money with (the help of) other peoples work then for me it's only natural and an absolute minimum to either pay them once (what isn't possible due BI Rules) or to even give them a fair share of my profits. It's nothing too difficult. I think we're also having a similar opinion, but are focused on a totally different audience. Non-profit servers, singleplayer missions or a bunch of friends who simply want to have some fun together aren't the problem here. Maxjoiner or others probably (of course I can't guarantee) wouldn't have a problem with them having some fun. Yet it's hard and it often costs time you don't have to track down who is using your work for what. So I can totally understand that it's annoying to have messages or watermarks popping up over your screen - maybe some things could have been done better here (min. 5 players, increased minimum time gap between the random messages, etc.), and maybe worse - but It's just how it is and max had his good reasons for it that simply didn't play out that well. This was not his only mod that he got this problems with, he has many models ported to A3 that for sure don't belong to bohemia. Maybe configs and the via BI Tools converted stuff, but not the original models. What brings me to the next point: Using BI Tools binds you to the BI EULA, not doing so - doesn't. Thereby he can monetize all he wants aslong as he avoids the usage BI products & services.
  5. Armitxes


    Why should he? I'd rather recommend him to no longer use BI Tools or to sell the original models together with a guide how to make them work in ArmA 3. With both ways he can legally sell his work by "simply" totally avoiding Bohemia. An own server would surely pay out aswell. It's quite frustrating that the content creators get no chance of selling their content in ArmA after putting hours of awesome work in it, while every server/community owner can directly or indirectly make unreasonable amounts of money with your and other peoples work. Same here, but it's really not that simple. I did put many thoughts and a huge amount of work of about 2 years in how I can continuously reward original creators (including maxjoiner) without getting problems with BI or breaking any community ethics (no pay2win, no shops, no restricted contents, no ads, security, privacy, protection against content/IP theft, etc.). Hopefully I'm soon satisfied enough with my work for it to be released ^^ I feel totally sorry for people like maxjoiner who get many problems for creating something awesome (he almost got his account banned because of his mods). It's understandable that not everyone can or wants to pay other peoples work yet something must be done in terms of fairness towards content creators who are a huge factor for ArmAs success to begin with. About the message that does pop up all the time: Content theft is sadly widely spread in this game (just check the SW, Tonics work, EA stuff) if he doesn't want to tell you, it's probably because of the justified fear that someone tries to remove it. ((this is my personal opinion))
  6. Nice work! Aslong as it's open source it is fine. Community would rip him apart if he does baddy/dangerous things in his code ;) Just disable BE, maybe it gets even whitelisted with BI approval . @dedmen if that day ever comes, you may want to join forces with @SkaceKachna, @nevada_scout, and @armitxes better than having us 4 all doing our own thing.
  7. Updated the 1st post v1.0.0 Release [mayor changes] Armitxes released this 2 hours ago v1.0.0 General Changes Splittet all commands based on when they were introduced. This way you can for example tell VSCode to only provide you commands for ArmA2 or Take on Helicopter commands if working on older / alternative versions. Added Support for common Community Projects such as CBA or ACE (thanks to bux) Added Linter (does not conflict with SQFLint) You now receive warnings on using deprecated commands (in futher development, please report any missing deprecated commands or functions). Note that you must setup the config properly for this to work. You now receive warnings on using common reserved function namespaces such as "CBA_" or "ACE_" without having such enabled. Several changes on README, package, etc. Supported Products Operation Flashpoint [OFP & OFP Resistance] Enable/Disable commands from OFP via "sqf.enableOFP". Default: enabled (needed for all futher ArmA versions) Wiki: OFP Commands Wiki: OFP: Resistance Commands Take On Helicopters [ToH] Enable/Disable commands from ToH via "sqf.enableTOH". Default: disabled Wiki: ToH Commands Armed Assault [ArmA] Enable/Disable commands from ArmA via "sqf.enableARMA". Default: enabled (needed for all futher ArmA versions) Wiki: ArmA Commands Armed Assault 2 & Operation Arrowhead [ArmA 2 & ArmA 2: OA] Enable/Disable commands from ArmA 2 via "sqf.enableARMA2". Default: enabled (needed for all futher ArmA versions) Wiki: ArmA 2 Commands Wiki: ArmA 2: OA Commands Armed Assault 3 [ArmA 3] Enable/Disable commands from ArmA 3 via "sqf.enableARMA3". Default: enabled (needed for all futher ArmA versions) Wiki: ArmA 3 Commands Community Based Addons [CBA] Enable/Disable commands from CBA via "sqf.enableCBA". Default: disabled Wiki: CBA GitHub Contributors: bux ACE 3 [CBA] Enable/Disable commands from ACE3 via "sqf.enableACE3". Default: disabled Wiki: ACE3 Contributors: bux
  8. Okay, since this was asked way to often: Solution: that issue is a general problem for ArmA2:OA Servers. Make sure that you have ArmA 2 and ArmA 2: OA installed! (called Combined Operations). Also verify the gamecache via steam if that's an option and both are already installed. After doing, copy everything from the ArmA2 installation folder into the ArmA 2: OA installation folder BUT DO NOT OVERWRITE!! DO SKIP CONFLICTS!! Now start the server / mission again from your ArmA 2: OA folder and it should work.
  9. Takistan Life Rise of South Dear ArmA 2 Community, today I officially release this Takistan Life mission to any community and player out there. This mission builds up on Takistan Life: Revolution but has been futher developed for the last 3.5 years by me. A few of you may know this mission from British Borders, those who don't know it can test it by searching for "armitxes.net" in the server filter. No clientside mods, only a 3k KB(!) missionfile with tons of features, and lot of space to extend such. A server-side mod which your clients will never notice is also included together with an included debug mode for modders and scripters. The Network It doesn't matter if you only want to play a few hours with your friends, or setup an own community. All Servers are connected to a network, this way we can grant you a fast setup with management tools and own saving system. Some stats are saved forever and shared between all servers. Others, such as faction, rank, nation, admin powers and vip status are dependend and manageable by the different server owners. The ArmA 3 reward system rewards you for not giving up the ArmA 2 servers by rewarding you in ArmA 3 once you get there! Account suspensions are managed by each community via BattlEye. Yet I provide some optional AC detections, within the mission and within the network, which can add specific players to an optional shared banlist which adds bans to either arma 2, arma 3 or both servers. Gameplay TKL:RoS allows you to the same things as in any other ArmA 2 Life server. The map is divided by 2 nations: North (lead by elected PM) and South (lead by the strongest group) with own modifiable laws each. There are 3 main factions: Law Enforcement, United Nations and Civilians - the network allows you to add up to 252 more factions with own ranks. There are 4 additional featured professions (Judge, Lawyer, PMC and Medic) and all the rest (Miner, Trader, Factory, Transport, etc.) Permissions Mission Files (.pbo): ANY COMMUNITY IS HEREBY ALLOWED TO USE THIS MISSION FOR IT'S SERVER. ALSO, YOU ARE HEREBY ALLOWED TO FULLY MODIFY AND RE-DISTRIBUTE ANY FORKED[!] VERSION OF THIS REPOSITORY BY GIVING CREDITS TO TONIC AND ARMITXES. @ArmiNET (Server-Sided-Mod): I hereby grant you to extend(!) any of the existent .sqf(!) files given in the @ArmiNET folder. You may add, modify and re-distribute files created by yourself. By using the files you agree to not decompile, replace, distribute or modify the ArmiNET.dll file contained in this folder in any way. Official Site, Installation Guide, Download & Serverlist https://armitxes.net/Projects/TakistanLife/ Source Code https://github.com/Armitxes/TakistanLife If you got any questions: ask. Big thanks to Tonic for all his initial work with the life missions, always list him in the credits! Cheers, Armitxes
  10. Really nice work, this could become a big thing :) Recommended your extension in my thread / website.
  11. Version v0.5.8 released, we almost reached the 2.000 installs B) Aswell I want to raise some attention on this cool extension called "SQFLint" which of course is fully compatible with SQF Language and has an own experimental debugger for SQF! SQF Language: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=Armitxes.sqf SQFLint: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=skacekachna.sqflint If you like our projects, please leave a rating :) Newest commands & compatibility improvements Armitxes released v0.5.8 Added commads for v1.64, v1.66 & latest dev "this, _this, _x, _forEachIndex, _exception, _thisScript, _thisFSM, thisList, thisTrigger". case-insensitivity supported and conditional parameter highlighting fixed.
  12. Armitxes

    Arma 3 - Project Life Charging Monies to Play!?!?

    Seems fine to me then and I support it aslong as content makers are rewarded and none of the work is used without permission. Got also contacted by Microsoft due my ArmA related projects but while I totally love and enjoy programming and scripting, I totally suck at modelling. I need help from others here at that point, that's how I got in touch with Maxjoiner who got my attention after Bohemia threatened him with an account suspension for his Max Life Mod & Cops and Robbers Mod. He has really done an incomparable amazing work there which for sure took a lot of work, so he asked for a bit of money to obtain the usage rights which bohemia disliked. Now I think it's unfair that you can hire devs & artists avoiding bohemias policy while other modders must offer their content for free - I'd really love to see a change here. Got a way around all of bohemia monetization rules aswell by simply making game-independent contracts on the cost of users (of course with agreement) but at the end it's just not right.
  13. Totally forgot to announce the last release in here. So I'll do this with the version released just now ;) Just use the built-in Extension Manager and update "SQF Language" Btw. We reached over 1000 installations! This is awesome, thank you very much B) v0.5.6 Multiple fixes v0.5.6 released by Armitxes Fixed "Syntax highlighting broken at some point" for your very large SQF files [ Issue #14 ] Fixed "Boolean values being highlighted as commands" [ Issue #12 ] Fixed an issue with compile, compileFinal, exec, execFSM, execVM & callExtension commands. v0.5.4 Added commands of A3: v1.56, v1.58, v 1.60, v1.62 & Dev Branch v0.5.4 released by Armitxes Added commands of A3: v1.56, v1.58, v 1.60, v1.62 & Dev BranchThanks to @jameslkingsley for his contribution * Don't forget to set the SQF Theme in the Settings
  14. Armitxes

    Arma 3 - Project Life Charging Monies to Play!?!?

    The problem here is that we have no way to check the MOD contents without purchasing it. Means I pay to access the MOD content and not just for the server access.
  15. A short info: The SQF Themes have been fixed (v0.5.3) for the newest VS Code versions, switching to the [sQF] Dark Theme is recommended. Once you updated to v0.5.3, simply hit CTRL+P in the editor and enter ">Theme". Choose "[sQF] Dark Theme" and hit enter again.