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  1. It's been a few months since I didn't post the updates here, here what's changed since: Additions: --- 10/05/2020 --- - Added God-Mode - Added Unlimited Stamina (No Fatigue) - Added No Recoil - Added Rapid Fire - Added Steady Aim - Added Unlimited Ammo - Added Keybinding Help --- 12/05/2020 --- - Added a "delete last vehicle" option - Added a help text in the escape menu and the ability to remove it in ESE's menu --- 23/05/2020 --- - Added teleportation notification switch in the settings (this doesn't blocks notifications from being sent, only from being recieved) --- 29/06/2020 --- - Added unlimited ammunitions for Grenades, Explosives, and Rockets (it was already on GitHub but not available on Steam) Fixes: As always, all changes/files are available on GitHub GitHub Repo: https://github.com/Heyoxe/Echos-Sandbox-Everywhere/ And if you have any questions, you can join my Discord: Discord: https://discord.gg/QDGatN2/
  2. Thank you @LSValmont 🙂 ESE has been updated: - Added a greeting messages when you launch the mod for the first time - Fixed an issue with teleportation - Fixed an issue with self-hosted Zeus RTC - Fixed an issue with Singleplayer Zeus sometime not working Mini-Trailer:
  3. ESE (Echo’s Sandbox Everywhere) is a mod that gives you access to Zeus, Arsenal, a Teleportation Menu and the Debug Console on any single player mission and on any map. It’s also multiplayer compatible and gives Zeus to everyone, even if the mission have no preplaced Zeus. Git Repository: GitHub Discord: Discord Workshop: Steam Features - Zeus: Allow every player to access the Zeus interface even if there is no Zeus in the mission. You have also the option to add all missions objects to your Zeus via the Menu. - Real-Time Zeus Collaboration: You can now activate the real-time zeus collaboration mode, it will automaticaly add all objects spawned by the others Zeus to you! - Arsenal: Access the full Virtual Arsenal of Arma, including modded weapons. - ACE Arsenal support: If ACE is activated, it will automaticaly add ACE Arsenal to the available options. - Virtual Garage (BETA): Spawn any vehicle that ArmA have, modded or not. It's compatible with Multiplayer! (Note: Be carefull when spawning vehicle in urban aeras or on "unstable" surfaces like bridges, mountains, ... For unknow reasons, ArmA 3's algortithm for safely spawning vehicle isn't working correctly). - Teleportation: You can teleport anywhere by opening the teleportation. If you don’t have a map or a GPS, ESE will give you one so you can see where you will be teleported. If you’re in a vehicle (driver, gunner, …), it will teleport the vehicle with you. - Debug Console: Have access to ArmA 3 Debug Console on every mission. Here you can run any scripts that is not included with ESE. - Jukebox: ESE comes with an inbuilt Jukebox with all Arma musics. - Customizable Key: The menu support the use of customizable key: Replace the “User Action 13” under “Custom Controls” to open the menu. - Supported Languages: English, French - Compatibility: This mod has no known incompatibility and will not corrupt your misison if you save the said mission witht the mod activated. Furthermore, this mod is compatible with savgames and multiplayer missions. Known Bugs There are no known bugs for the moment. If you encounter any bug, please contact me on the Discord Server How to Use Just load the mod and start any mission. Mini-Trailer Screenshots Imgur Album
  4. http://xd2a3.heyoxe.ch has been updated - Add: Color Export (https://github.com/Heyoxe/Adobe-SVG-to-Arma-Config/pull/8) - Fix: Y-coordinate can be NaN (https://github.com/Heyoxe/Adobe-SVG-to-Arma-Config/pull/10) Those improvement and fixes were proposed by @blackfisch#1467 , thank you for your contribution! GitHub: https://github.com/Heyoxe/Adobe-SVG-to-Arma-Config
  5. http://xd2a3.heyoxe.ch has been updated Add missing Export Options in Adobe XD. Adobe XD Exportation Options: Format: SVG Styling: Presentation Attributes Save images: Link File size: Normal (do not check) GitHub: https://github.com/Heyoxe/Adobe-SVG-to-Arma-Config
  6. @x3kj NEW UPDATE - Add: Images Export (EXPERIMENTAL) - Add: Text Export (EXPERIMENTAL) (Convert to Static Text, not Structured) - Add: "Font Size" to Arma sizeEx (EXPERIMENTAL) - Planned: Adding text to existing Element by naming your text element TEXT&ElementName: Optional Available on: http://xda3.heyoxe.ch GitHub: https://github.com/Heyoxe/Adobe-SVG-to-Arma-Config Limitations update: Old: XD2A3 will not export elements other than Rectangles or Groups New: XD2A3 will not export elements other than Rectangles, Texts, Images or Groups
  7. No it sadly doesn't work with images yet but I'll take a look at it!
  8. Adobe XD to Arma 3 - Convert your Adobe XD GUIs to Arma 3 (sort of) Create your GUIs in Adobe XD, export them as SVGs, use them in Arma 3 Website: http://xd2a3.heyoxe.ch/ GitHub Repo: https://github.com/Heyoxe/Adobe-SVG-to-Arma-Config Discord: https://discord.gg/QDGatN2 Licence (CC/BY-NC-SA 4.0): https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/legalcode What is Adobe XD to Arma 3 (XD2A3)? XD2A3 is a small web application written in Javascript/NodeJS that let you transform your Adobe XD GUI (exported in SVG format) to an almost ready to use .hpp file. For who? The app is directed to people that have some basic knowledge of GUIs and have all their common controls with styles defined. It will not export colors/text/..., just the basic forms. Why would I use that? While some tools to make GUI more easily exist, most of them lack some basic things like alignment and grouping. When you make GUI you will generally use a base class for controls that you defined in your addon and will not redefine that for each new control. You may have do small modifications but overall, you don't change a lot of style. By using Adobe XD for you GUIs, things are more easy and until now, the only issue was converting those prototypes into usable in game GUIs. Once you have your base classes (here is an example of what I mean: https://github.com/CoopR-Mod/CoopR-Mod/blob/development/addons/core/coopr_gui_base.hpp) the only thing you will have to do is adding onLoads/onUnloads and change the Text. Positioning and class defining is all handled by XD2A3. Adobe XD Exportation Options: Format: SVG Styling: Presentation Attributes Save images: Link File size: Normal (do not check) Licence: CC/BY-NC-SA 4.0: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/legalcode How to use? https://github.com/Heyoxe/Adobe-SVG-to-Arma-Config#how-to-use-it What are the limitations of XD2A3? First and foremost, it only works with Adobe XD (hence the name). It cannot export GUIs that are not in the 1920x1080 format. Why? Because the macro used to convert from XYWH pixel positions to Arma is based around that format. It will not export elements other than Rectangles, Texts, Images or Groups for a very simple reason: those other forms don't exist in Arma 3. That's also why it's Open Source. While my knowledges are limited, I hope to extend the App to take in charge other GUIs designing tools Note: While the app works, I'm still a beginner in JS/Node so the code may not be high quality but feel free to contribute on GitHub Additional Credits: - A26Mike: Web Design and Testing Example: Please keep in mind that colors are not exported, those are just predefined Download Example: https://github.com/Heyoxe/Adobe-SVG-to-Arma-Config/raw/master/example.rar In Adobe XD: In Game: Adobe XD vs Config: