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  1. would you by chance have copy of the installation guide where I can test this out and play with it?

    I downloaded the april 2016 from github, but there was no documentation on how to make it work.

    I am assuming the ibuild pbo is for serverside.



  2. Awesome, thanks BIS team! Sadly it seems I don't have a medal... or do I need to do something to enable it ?
  3. Work is very much still in progress. :)
  4. Cheers bud! It's pleasing to see what others have built, and to receive some constructive feedback, and although this is a late reply, just thought I'd mention that I've fixed that foundation bug. ;) ---------- Post added at 17:26 ---------- Previous post was at 17:24 ---------- Thanks for the headsup! I had no idea until you mentioned it.
  5. ARMA3 standard ladder dimensions..?

    Hey Marc, I'm currently pondering the same question. Did you work out a set of good dimensions ? Regards, - NM
  6. Fixed! ;) ---------- Post added at 10:02 ---------- Previous post was at 09:45 ---------- Agreed, and thankyou! I did start work on a concept crafting system that was implemented into the inventory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIqD5M8IWNU Although it works, I wasn't all that fond of it and I feel I can design something better. :)
  7. Thanks for trying it out, and nice code change. It's merely something I put together in minutes for debugging, but I'm curious to know why the exitWith had you worried ? Anyway, I've had a bit of a facepalm moment and figured it out. Thanks to you testing, and reassuring me that it was my fault. I realised that I forgot to try/change one simple thing; [b]-mod=P:\A3 Mods\@NerdMod Dev;[/b] to [b]-mod=P:\A3[color="#FF0000"]_[/color]Mods\@NerdMod[color="#FF0000"]_[/color]Dev;[/b] Yeah, I feel pretty stupid after all the crap I've tried. Banging my head wondering "WTF!? What has changed, why isn't this working anymore" haha. :P Cheers buddy, - NM
  8. Me too! ;) Good solution, but I would prefer to make changes to the doors rather than restrict the players abilities as it could have negative effects on gameplay in certain circumstances. I've tried inheriting from multiple classes but it makes no difference. (Strategic, NonStrategic, House_F, objects themselves, etc) I don't know what/if I'm doing wrong, but I can't even get the server to create custom objects, nevermind set their position. Maybe I have my server + mods setup all wrong. Thankyou sire! :) ---------- Post added at 01:26 ---------- Previous post was at 01:24 ---------- Hmm, as this setpos/setdir issue persists for me only with custom objects. I have uploaded atest mission & mod (WTF.zip) for anyone willing to try it out and get back to me. The Mod: Just a simple orange cube The Mission: 2 Player Slots. 1 Game Logic named 'SERVER'. The persistent server creates 2 arrows in front of the SERVER logic; 1 orange, 1 grey. The player then presses the TAB key. 2 cubes will be spawned and positioned by the client; 1 orange cube, 1 grey cube. The orange cube will be SetPosATL to the orange arrow and SetDir 45 (degrees). The grey cube will be SetPosATL to the grey arrow and SetDir 45 (degrees). Now if I exit the server after executing the above, when I rejoin, the orange cube is present but not set at the location of the orange arrow. This video will explain things better than me: http://youtu.be/k2LOQzGHFPM
  9. Erm... Hello BIS forum! :p It's been a while since I last posted anything, and I can only apologise for being absent and leaving you guys in the dark. I don't want to drown you in excuses, so let's just say I've been busy committing all my spare time and energy to the mods development. The OCD in me has also had me re-designing things that I wasn't happy with; which was almost everything, so yeah. Anyway, I digress... I thought I would update you guys (in text) on the progress: The first public Pre-Alpha test build of the mod is in PBO form and ready to be uploaded to the Arma 3 workshop. I'm still in the progress of writing the documentation for said build, but I hope to have this done by the weekend. Sadly I have no word on an exact release date because I have ran into some serious issues along the way which negatively impact the mod. The first issue: I've discovered a really weird issue when testing on my local dedicated server. When I place objects, everything works as expected, although it seems to be that way until I rejoin the server. I've found that the SetPosASL & SetDir commands only seem to be having local (client side) effect on custom made objects. When I rejoin the server, all placed objects direction and position are set to that of when they were initially spawned. If I spawn vanilla A3 objects, everything works as expected after rejoining the server!!!?? The second issue: Players can valt through doors in A3, which of course affects iBuild as this renders lockable doors pointless. Possible fix: I can remodel the iBuild doors and increase the thickness. The last issue: Objects are slightly misaligned upon server restarts leaving gaps in walls, floors, etc. This issue can be circumvented via a script that realigns each object when loaded from the database. The first issue is driving me crazy so if anyone knows why this is happening, a fix, or can reproduce it, I would tremendously appreciate some feedback. I'm not aware of BIS changing the way these global commands function, so I'm banging my head against my desk right now. I can't release pre-alpha until I have solved this issue. :( Thanks for the continued support and patients friends! Regards, - NM
  10. Tooltip multiple lines

    This works for me... _Control lbSetTooltip [_ID, format['%1<br/>%2<br/>%3<br/>%4','My Multi-line Tool-tip:','Line 1','Line 2','Line 3']];
  11. Hey ruebe, AI, AI, AI... Always has been a sticky topic in regards to ArmA. I tried a few things back when I first started development, but I had no success. They would walk through walls when passing between modules. That said, I was still learning the basics of arma's O2 models & configs and probably did things wrong. I did however get them working well at one point, but that success was limited to ground level. I will re-visit AI eventually and hope for a miracle. ;) Destruction... Well, something again I have played around with. I have some ideas but it's not something I'm all that focused on at the moment. I've played around with A3's PhysX and I have uploaded a video but it's set to private atm. It's on the more advanced things to-do-list along with AI. LOD... I've looked at a distance via Splendid Camera and didn't notice anything peculiar, but I will give binocs a try and see what happens. I'll get back to you on this one. Really iBuild is aimed towards PVP game-play, but I understand the benefits of AI support and destructible modules. My main focus has been optimisation and keeping object count down to a minimum for obvious reasons. Afterall, I don't want iBuild to be an hindrance to servers or mission designers.
  12. Hey Mesh, Cheers man! Yeah, life started to get jealous and decided to throw it's dummy out of the pram because I wasn't giving it enough attention. ;) Because of that, I've been busy catching up when and where I have the energy. Damn insomnia isn't helping either. All that in-mind, I'm still enjoying the project and keep learning new things. Funny that the majority of my Google's in regards to modelling seem to always point me to one of your forum posts which help a lot! :D I feel like I should ask how NZ is going, but I read the bad news. Didn't post anything because I didn't want to rub salt in the wounds. I will still look forward to it regardless to whether or not the project get's resurrected. ;) ---------- Post added at 01:22 ---------- Previous post was at 01:20 ---------- Gee, how time flies when you're having fun! :D ---------- Post added at 01:58 ---------- Previous post was at 01:22 ---------- Ah yeah, I just kept things basic for the moment as I've re-designed everything multiple times already. Plus I'm not all that good at it so I will leave the modelling to the pros. ;) I plan to support various materials in future, but for now we are stuck with what I like to call... Chuck-Norris-Wood aka Bulletproof wood. :D ---------- Post added at 02:02 ---------- Previous post was at 01:58 ---------- Haha, sorry man. Yeah, when the time comes, all will be explained thoroughly. Well, I'll try. I'm not all that good at explaining things. (cough cough) :D
  13. Struth almighty, I've missed so much!!! That concept art and those latest screenshots leave me speechless. I thought you were talented, but I didn't realise you were such a pro! Thanks for my new wallpaper btw, haha. :D I do wish you some luck in regards to RL stuff mate. Hell, I personally think BIS should hire you to make this an official DLC. I'd be more than happy to demolish my piggie bank for any last penny to pay for it. ;) Keep up the great work when and where you can Marc. Your work is truly inspiring and motivating to me, and others no doubt. :icon_eek: Oh and cheers for the info on the RMAT stuff. I thought I had replied saying thankyou but it seems not. I'm still not fully certain on how to best utilise them, but I'm slowly better understanding them as I go.
  14. Me too. ;) ---------- Post added at 01:03 ---------- Previous post was at 00:51 ---------- Structures are persistent across maps, missions, or both. If you build something in mission1.stratis, it can be loaded in mission2.stratis. Structures are saved to a txt file which can be shared with fellow mission makers to include in their missions. Not sure if that answers all your questions...