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  1. seba1976

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Stupid me, for some reason I read "Add the shot finder script..." Otherwise I wouldn't have asked (or wasted 1 hour testing the vehicles, haha). Anyway great update. Thanks.
  2. seba1976

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    How does it work? I was trying the mentioned vehicles but I saw no reference to the feature anywhere.
  3. seba1976

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Thanks, that's what I was looking for.
  4. seba1976

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    I see the autor is not very active here but maybe someone could help. Is there any way to disable the behaviour for certain units? I have some support vehicles commanded by AI, and they go haywire if I load this mod...
  5. @killzone_kid Indeed, it works. I'll start waiting for (!isNull findDisplay 46) in all my missions from now on, to avoid similar "surprises". Thanks a lot.
  6. Sorry for the delay, notification got lost somehow. I'll check and report back very soon. Thanks!
  7. I have it working using uiSleep, of course, but it doesn't make sense. Thank you for finding it! Much appreciated. Let's not forget though, I'm not using sleep in init.sqf, I'm calling the initialization script, which in turn spawn SAC_TEL_manager, to handle the sleep. In other words, I'm not at any time trying to suspend init.sqf, but creating a new thread (with spawn) and then suspending it. I find it interesting the accTime hypotesis, because that could potencially explain this behaviour. A good test for that would be to put a sleep with a really big number, and see if it still gets ignored. The fact that is seems to be the first sleep no matter what though, goes against it.
  8. Thank you @engima! I'll give it a try using uiSleep. I have absolutetly no problems with the slots, so that might be unrelated to this topic I guess. Anyway, if sleep is not working for JIP, a lot of things I usually do, I will not be able to port to dedicated servers, which is a real bumer for me. We need more people testing this, to see if this is indeed a bug, or we just don't know enough.
  9. I'm an old coder, it's been there since a long time in all my inits, and the documentation I could find says nothing for it or against it. I guess if it's not broken don't fix it would be the answer. Of course I'm curious and if you know something else about it please tell me. I used to read your blog posts a long time ago, and I've 'borrowed' your code pieces more than once.
  10. I guess the best thing I can do is to provide a code you can test, so let me narrow it down to the bear minimum. init.sqf if (!isDedicated) then {waitUntil {!isNull player}}; //wait for the simulation to start waitUntil {time>0}; //Finish world initialization before mission is launched. finishMissionInit; if (!isNull player) then { [] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "SAC_TEL\main.sqf"; }; main.sqf if (isNull player) exitWith {}; SAC_TEL_teleport = { hint "Hey! I'm working!"; systemChat "Hey! I'm working!"; }; SAC_TEL_manager = { hint "Waiting 120 seconds..."; systemChat "Waiting 120 seconds..."; sleep 120; hint "I'm disabling the teleport."; systemChat "I'm disabling the teleport."; SAC_TEL_allow = false; }; SAC_TEL_allow = true; [] spawn SAC_TEL_manager; ["Reconnect Teleport","sac_teleport_key", "Teleport", {if (SAC_TEL_allow) then {[] spawn SAC_TEL_teleport}}, "", [20, [false, true, false]]] call CBA_fnc_addKeybind; When you JIP that, you'll see instantly the "I'm disabling the teleport" hint, and the systemChat lines "Waiting 120 seconds..." and "I'm disabling the teleport." one after the other, without the wait. If you want I can replace the CBA key system call with a native keyboard hook. BTW thanks for all the answers.
  11. Thanks for the quick answer. Ideally, CBA should not be a requirement. The only reason I included that part in this code is for the players to be able to change the key binding more easily. Besides, AFAIK, the sleep instruction is not supposed to be in unscheduled environment at that point. Notice the 'spawn'.
  12. Hi, I'm having what to me seems a completely unexpected behaviour. I've reached the end of the rope here. It is above my knowledge by any measure. Here's the issue: This is my init.sqf if (!isDedicated) then {waitUntil {!isNull player}}; //wait for the simulation to start waitUntil {time>0}; //Finish world initialization before mission is launched. finishMissionInit; [] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "sac_functions.sqf"; SAC_PLAYER_SIDE = west; SAC_ENEMY_SIDE = east; [] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "SAC_GEAR\main.sqf"; if (!isNull player) then { [] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "SAC_TEL\main.sqf"; }; And this is SAC_TEL\main.sqf if (isNull player) exitWith {}; SAC_TEL_teleport = { private _done = false; //params ["_sameSide", "_onlyPlayers"]; private _unit = [true, true] call SAC_fnc_selectUnit; if (SAC_user_input == "") exitWith {}; if (isNull _unit) exitWith {hint "Unit not found."}; if (!alive _unit) exitWith {hint "The unit is dead."}; if (isNull objectParent _unit) then { player setPos (getPos _unit); _done = true; } else { if (!isNull objectParent player) then { moveOut player; waitUntil {isNull objectParent player}; }; _done = [vehicle _unit, ["Cargo", "personTurret", "commonTurret", "Commander", "Gunner", "Driver"]] call SAC_fnc_movePlayerToVehicle; }; if (_done) then { //SAC_TEL_allow = false; } else { hint "The unit has no place left in his vehicle."; }; }; SAC_TEL_manager = { sleep 120; SAC_TEL_allow = false; }; SAC_TEL_allow = true; [] spawn SAC_TEL_manager; ["Reconnect Teleport","sac_teleport_key", "Teleport", {if (SAC_TEL_allow) then {[] spawn SAC_TEL_teleport}}, "", [20, [false, true, false]]] call CBA_fnc_addKeybind; Intended behaviour is a player has 120 seconds to press Ctr+T to use the teleport function to rejoin with his team after connecting to the server. And the first time he connects, it works as intended. The problem starts if the player hits 'Abort' button, gets returned to the lobby, and hits 'OK' once there, to return to the mission. I've debugged this for the past hours, and the problem is, the engine does not pause execution when it founds the sleep line, inside SAC_TEL_manager function. Not only I don't understand why that happens, I can't think of any workaround for this issue. Any help?
  13. Hi, wonderful tool. I have a problem I would like to report. In my setup, the tool cannot change the 'forcedDifficulty' param in the 'server.cfg' file. It retains whatever I choose the first time I run the tool and click 'Save'. If I change the setting in the UI to a different value, let's say I go from 'custom' to 'veteran', the 'server.cfg' file still says 'custom'. Please let me know if you need more information. Thanks.
  14. Impressive mod. Am I doing something wrong if I don't get any lights at all? I just open the ramp and walk off the plane. The HALO jump works incledible, but I was expecting the blue light, then red, then blinking red, etc. that is mentioned in the readme. I also get a script error right after I exit the plane.
  15. I been thinking about this for a long time, but I never got anywhere near something functional enough, so I thought this would be good time to ask for help. The idea is simple: each time your AI teammates detect an enemy unit, put an icon over the enemy's head, that would last for a short period, and then go away. It would be really useful since as it is now, you automatically have to open the map every time you're given the head's up about new enemies around. Any idea about how it could be implemented?