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  1. @Billy EatWorld https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction few more examples with different parameters.. this AddAction ["<t color=""#4DB0E2"">" +"hello", "script.sqf"] - color plus scipt this addAction [("<t color=""#51A55B"">" + ("hello") + "</t>"),"script.sqf",[],1,false,true,"","_this distance someobject < 5"] - script plus distance of something named someobject
  2. Sorry in advance if I missed to read answer if there in last 59 pages in thread so far.. I tried also searching in EOS/functions.. Is there a way for AI to activate EOS zone? Something like !player or playerSIde ? Maybe it will point to right direction if I tell what exactly I want to do: Player is pilot on assault apparatus which is in hangar far away of EOSzone but land targets are in zone of course. I need few kilometers away grouped to player AI to enter the zone and activate EOS spawning from openME.sqf definition so pilot in Lukow airfield have existing (already spawned) targets to search for before take of. Actually I want AI to activate the zones not only player.. Sorry on my self/google English please and thanks in advance
  3. Yea I see now.. Was copied code from above so I thought it reference to rank of the soldier and changed to sergeant, corporal etc until ended up with "2" somehow don't even know why, but error was the same. The guy who wrote this probably knows exactly what he was doing, unlike me 🙂 Thank you mate this was very helpful!
  4. _spawnpos = getMarkerPos "m2"; private _grp1 = createGroup independent; sec1 = _grp1 createUnit ["ISspec_operative", _spawnpos, [], 1, "2"]; - this way a got both variables for group and unit spawned so I can manipulate with during mission so let's say this works nice (unit is spawned in marker m2 exactly with name "sec1" in group called _grp1) but when executed it gives an error "error Foreign error: Unknown enum value: "2". I am plan to use this script a lot in next scenario (few days operation) so it is important to me that I can count on this script for sure. My question is what this error means? Is it safe to ignore it due to script finishes the job even if error is in it. I searched of course, trying to understand the whole line but everytime it points me here because this thread is only that include all three elements to be provided which I looks for (varNames and spawn position). After this I can use findSafePos, setWaypointTimeout etc...without issues which is very important for my missions and randomizing operational groups on terrain in every possible way.. edited: So I think that I am manage to understand almost all but not all: _spawnpos = getMarkerPos "m2"; (it defines that spawnpos is actually position of marker called m2) private _grp1 = createGroup independent; (tells the game to create group container for unit and that group is _grp1 independent sided) sec1 = _grp1 createUnit ["ISspec_operative", _spawnpos, [], 1, "2"]; (tells to creeate unit inside group created before, exact unit from config and to place that unit in predefined position called spawnpos) but next few elements I can not understand: [], 1, "2"]; ...which gives that no dangerous error..
  5. make 3 triggers. 1 !alive 2 variable trigger3 countdown 5sec cond: trigger1 triggerActivated && trigger2 triggerActivated. That's what I mean. Ok glad you solve
  6. Yes I saw and operated with it in meantime waiting for your answer that day after I post question triggered with magic words "MapBuilder can import stuff placed in Editor and export them as sqf scripts (that recreate the composition on original or another spot when called)." but Import Static is probably broken , weird things happens even with empty map. (multiplier objects, not taking them into account at all...etc. ) I had to start a project lively yesterday evening and I use Achilles modules for recreating objects at same pos as before destroyed, but I prefer MB every time I can for anything for years in combination with eden of course, but this function could open new world for me and my way of making scenarios. But that is what it is.. This was not wasting time for me I learned some basics again trying your codes and examples but for you it was so thank you for patient my friend. If something change I will follow thread anyway..
  7. Understood. Will report shortly with edit. Same err messages empty map almost.
  8. You are absolutely right! I feel increased stupid after I see what I wasn't see. But problem still occurs.. The same thing if I load from script or debug: https://i.imgur.com/a2H40hh.jpg ,after code execution it freezes player movement but after reopening MB, everything backs to normal except there still no objects read in MB..
  9. RPT testMB.sqf Not quotation marks, I just copied from your message with big smile on my face but not for long 🙂
  10. It gives me not to close trigger with error if I put code in onAct, same as for object init. field, so I do what you sad last, play mission with MB module of course, wait till it been initialized, open MB again, close it, put code in debug but error again. So I try to run external script from debug: _nil = [] execVM "armagedonsay.sqf"; -it says: blabla error allmissionobjects: Type code, expected String For my kind of mission making this is must have magic, it will be great if make this work 🙂 where I mistakes?
  11. @NeoArmageddon from object when I want to confirm input https://i.imgur.com/Z9uNU0o.jpg from debug cnsl https://i.imgur.com/RjGui2I.jpg ?
  12. Exactly, but Arma 3 will not be the same without guys like you, Jonny, Grumpy, Pieremmgi, G Floros and others who share knowledge and always help 😉
  13. Another valuable lesson to be learned immediately.. Thank you @beno_83au hope this will fit perfectly in Johnny's script for predefining obj positions..
  14. Yes understand! This will work for sure, my only concern is if it place balloons over another if choose random position from array.. But will test and then I will know.. This is what I was looking for, thank you for this Johnny
  15. This is definitely great way to do things.. Problem is that all three axis needs to be in offset for other 89 balloons.. Achilles modules do the job great way.. Now only I need to figure out how to avoid opening Zeus every time to launch script with module "execute code module" but to run external .sqf with position and class data which I get only once with "copy mission SQF" module. This is how it should look: https://imgur.com/9PRTFZj https://imgur.com/uA0NDTT - yes they are in same row but not all of them https://imgur.com/mSaeQOT - approximate position 600m away from dam (snipers nests) Now I need time to implement your https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/190738-release-jboy-stack-objects-script/ script and to understand it, but for now I need to use Achilles because tomorrow night first group of recruits start course and I am not get ready everything in scenario. Precise shooting training is just one of 24 elements of training regime and that's why everything need to be scripted to avoid shitload of Eden placements due to FPS limitations.. Sorry on my English sir and thank you in advance
  16. @beno_83au Yes I see and try this but it spawn objects with flexible axis Z. Once placed correctly, they fall down if not on some hard surface, but I need it to be spawned on the vertical wall of dam. (I think disabling object simulation is resolving this) because in Eden if object is placed with no simulation it stays where it is originally positioned, otherwise not. So I use Achilles modules "copy mission SQF" and "execute code module" and finally it works perfect. I wrote this if someone else like me looking to similar things. My next goal is to execute this code (saved external as .txt) with script to avoid entering Zeus every time to use "execute code module" for placing objects again during mission. Things I placing are 90+ water balloons as training ground targets for sniper team, that's why I need simple code for this purposes and to be executed DURING mission because I need this targets set up and ready each time every new course start with new group of recruits. If someone know how to run this code with just external script with trigger for example? The code is: Accros all script is the same thing, balloon x 90, so the 5th and 89th line is practicly the same.. I saved this as damtargets.sqf but can't load it up with _nil = []execVM "damtargets.sqf"; for some reason.. There is not script error at all, just objects refuse to be spawned like when using Achille module..
  17. Map Builder is great tool for that but only with Map Builder placed objects itself. Is it possible to "read" eden placed objects with MB and save them in .sqf for calling them latter? It will be fantastic. I am looking to find a way to spawn saved objects (saved with function BIS_fnc_ObjectsGrabber) and it works nice, but I can not execute it with BIS_fnc_ObjectsMapper for some reason. So MB way will be fantastic, if you can explain me please how to do that? Thanks in advance sir.. EDIT: or simplified, how to do this one?
  18. _agent setBehavour "safe"?
  19. Nemanjic

    Help on Random Spawn direction

    Thank you guys @Smart Games @beno_83au it solves. It is hard for me to understand alone the ways code is working and write it up, but it get easier when I see final result. Thanks guys 🥤🍻
  20. Nemanjic

    Help on Random Spawn direction

    Is it possible to set random direction on newly spawned group/unit? It is always watching north but I need to be randomly directed because those units are guarding zone so there is no sense to guard it if I always know that if come from south it will be easy to enter unnoticed.. I tried this: myUnit = createGroup east createUnit ["O_Soldier_F", [12400,3566,8], [], 0, "NONE"]; _dir = random 360;  myUnit setDir = random 360; OR: muUnit = createGroup east createUnit ["O_Soldier_F", [12400,3566,8], [], 0, "NONE"]; _dir = random 360;  myUnit setDir = _dir But no work.. Thanks in advance EDIT: Or replacement for this could be if they can be set to scan horizon somehow, so view direction change all time?
  21. Yes exactly! Now it works thank you mate! I just see that is from CfgVehicles class and that makes me to not even pay attention to difference in code which I was just copy from old one. Thank you both guys very much! 🍹🍺
  22. Yes, this is how: naval mine placed in Eden and in init field of mine: this setPos [random [15400, 15475, 15550] , random [11350, 11425, 11500], random [-155,-88,-45]]; Now, due to I can't activate it again once disarmed I need to follow some of instructions from yesterday you and Sarogahtyp advices. First I try last advice with deleting mine after disarm and create again with command: _mrk = "any_marker_because_it_will_reposition_mine_again_with_last_line_in_this_code"; _area = markerSize _mrk; _nul = _area pushBack markerDir _mrk; _nul = _area pushBack ( markerShape _mrk isEqualTo "Circle" ); _pos = [ _mrk, _area ] call BIS_fnc_randomPosTrigger; _randPos = [_pos , 0, 100, 50, 0, 10, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; mine1= createVehicle ["UnderwaterMine", _randPos, [], 0, "NONE"]; sleep 3; mine1 setPos [random [15400, 15475, 15550] , random [11350, 11425, 11500], random [-355,-175,-15]]; This works nice amd place mine in random position from last line in code but mine is inactive!? I run this code and get to mine (player setPos getPos mine1) but neither mine detector or defuse kit not recognizing mine. It have fuse horns on it like it is active but it is not. Also I check: mineActive mine1; but it returns "false" First mine called mine1 placed with Eden is normally active and can be disarmed but every next placed with script can not. After that I tried to add one more line even if it looks nonsense just to try make mine active: createVehicleCrew mine1; still not results.. What else I can try? Thanks on your time friend
  23. Understood. Trigger condition will detect if mine is active, once when it is deactivated, trigger will delete old one and create another one. Now, because I have script to random place that mine with x,y,z in specific area I am not sure how to implement this code + createMine together in onAct.. I use this code for random placement: this setPos [random [15400, 15475, 15550] , random [11350, 11425, 11500], random [-355-175,-15]]; in initField of mine. So I need it for multiuse purposes because there is minimum five divers on training and it is crucial that mine is placed randomly inside square each time recruit or diver start a course. Additionally, trigger must known when the mine is disarmed so I need to give mine a name and I learn it few days ago you teach me in other thread.
  24. @sarogahtypUnderstood but still can't make it working, I do something wrong obviously. mine1 enableSimulation false; still returns "true" after line: mineActive mine1 instead "false" due to fact I disabled it via simulation command before.. Any idea? Thank you anyway for helping me friend