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  1. DenyWilCo

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    @4ner1 I can't seem to find the OSBiH mod you're using anywhere, care to lend a hand? Much appreciated!
  2. Is there any chance of seeing some MARPAT BDUs? Would make life for an Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina-themed group a lot easier. Thanks
  3. So trying to start up TPW SETTINGS.jar just gives me an error log Ideas?
  4. Alright, thanks oldbear. Time to waste some money and not eat for two months(yay)
  5. Alright, thanks to everyone who replied, sorry it took me a while to respond. At this time I've changed my setup to this: -GTX 1060 6GB(I've got a 1920x1080 , I think it should be good enough) -Skylake i5 6600k(3.7GHz, plan on OCing that) -Z170 Gaming Pro -16 GB RAM at 3000 -730W PSU -256GB SSD and 2TB HDD -Thermaltake CPU Cooler For the record I'm looking for playing at Medium-High settings, since my budget is about 2500BAM(1750Euros) Thanks in advance, The WilCo.
  6. Hey guys, so I'm building a new machine, my current one is just about dead. Lemme know if this is any good or if I should change something: -GTX 1080 -Skylake i5 6600k(3.7GHz) -Z170 Gaming Pro -16 GB RAM at 2133 -750W PSU -128GB SSD and 4TB HDD Regards, The WilCo.
  7. Quick update to everyone. Due to unexpected complications in real-life, this mod is currently DEAD. When, and if it will be reactivated, I really can't tell at this time. If The Team gets back to working on it, I'll be sure to update everyone immediately. Regards, DenyWilCo, The Team PR.
  8. DenyWilCo

    (SP) 1990s SOF missions (WIP)

    As far as NATO SOF missions in Bosnia there's only one instance I know. That would be a team of about 8-10 SAS troops around Srebrenica before it fell sometime in October '94. Their main mission as far as I know was to provide recon and intel on both VRS and ARBiH forces in the pocket and the occasional FAC role. There was however lots of Saudi/UAE SF troops in my AO. There was everything from recon, to capturing vehicles behind the front, POW rescue or something as simple as staying behind enemy lines for a few weeks and harass their supply network. I can provide more info if you're interested. Regards, Danny.
  9. DenyWilCo

    (SP) 1990s SOF missions (WIP)

    Sooo.... Is Bosnia happening? If you want any consultation on uniforms, alliances, names, weapons, etc. feel free to ask. Having spent majority of the war serving with ARBiH I'd gladly help in any way possible.
  10. DenyWilCo

    US Military Mod

    Might it be a refrence to his other "pistol" ;P Jk, hopefully it gets fixed quickly
  11. DenyWilCo

    Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) [v0.90]

    Bravo momci! Keep up the good work :D :D
  12. DenyWilCo

    [SP Campaign] Delta Force: Altis

    If you're still looking for voice actors, I've got a recording studio quality mic, a decent enough voice, a British, and an American accent. If you need a guy for ISIS voice actors I can muster one for that aswell :D Great campaign btw, just finished the 1st mission.
  13. Alright lads, slight update incoming: I have returned from AFBiH Basic this week, however starting December I will be shipping out to AIT, which, which means I won't get any real work in the editor done, but only sort out issues with scripts. Until February this will be a lone adventure since MrCrazyDude has other things he has to attend to. Well, I have to attend to those same things, but I love the challenge of multi-tasking. Also, I've already finished the 10k Suprise, so you'll see that as soon as we reach the milestone. Now, my HDD has completely died, again, so I'm putting Survive on the shelf, and I'm starting work on Adapt. You can expect that in Quarter 1 of 2016. Regards, DenyWilCo, The Team PR. EDIT: Would you look at that, we've actually reached 10k already. Considering my internet is busy with download Fallout 4, expect the "surprise" to appear any time from this week.
  14. DenyWilCo

    US Military Mod (80s 90s)

    As it happens, I won't be here to admire the sheer speed with which this mod is moving along. I hope there are no fall outs while I'm gone. *wink*wink* *cough*cough* :P WilCo out.