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  1. Inspecteur Derrick

    Reported mod not intended

    Hi ! A friend of mine wanted to report a mod. But he was thinking this feature was a report for a bug. We use a lot this mod but now that he reported it, he cannot access to it. Is there any way to unreport or unblock the mod so we can use it please ? Thanks a lot
  2. Inspecteur Derrick

    Save and import Game Master preparation

    After some research, we sadly can't save our progress on solo GameMaster to deploy on server. Please Bohemia, make it happen Source: https://reforger.armaplatform.com/faq
  3. Hi, We're doing some event on our server and i wonder if there is any method to create a local Game Master game where we prepare every assets we need and export files to the server. It could save us so much time ! Lewis
  4. Inspecteur Derrick

    Command list

    Hi everybody ! Is there any way to find and update admin command on this page ? Some of them are not working #exec kick for exemple https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Multiplayer_Server_Commands Lewis EDIT: I changed the link, it was the wrong one
  5. Inspecteur Derrick

    Arma Reforger Crash Help

    Hi ! A thing that solve most of my crashes is to install the game on your main storage where windows is. I guess that it may be some autorization trouble between BattleEye and Arma as i seen permission error in my crash log