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  1. BMR Insurgency

    Hi again Jigsor! Thanks for the help in last reply, awesome dude. Well hope you working 65 hours per week with Insurgency.. .or? :D Btw! I'm trying to change the "Recruit Infantery" to soldiers from SAM, Swedish Army Mod. I've edited and changed the recruitable_units_static.sqf in bon_recruit_units from.. . to.. . Still giving me American soldiers when recruiting in-game, any clue?
  2. BMR Insurgency

    Yes, exactly what I'm trying to do. I wanna handpick vehicles, enemy soldiers and civilians and make my own setup option. I do this in the INS_definitions.sqf under "Global Class Arrays" right? Couse I'm using Project_OPFOR, not Leight's Opfor Pack. When I check the option for "// Leight's Opfor Pack Islamic State of Takistan and Sahrani" they all miss "_OPF_" in class names.
  3. BMR Insurgency

    Hi Jigsor! I wanna change the civilians in your Insurgency on Kunduz to the ones from @Project_OPFOR, any suggestions how to do this?
  4. BMR Insurgency

  5. BMR Insurgency

    Hello Jigsor! When using Moded helis and fixed wings on the enemy air patrol, the base defence shots down "alot" of'em around base area. This ends up in tons of chairs from the RHS air vehicles, spread out all over the place. Is there a way to add'em to the Clean-up or totaly remove'em due they dont serve any purpose at all in this mission? Edit: I should add, using your BMR Insurgency on NapfWinter and know you didn't make a "RHS version", but have seen this issue on the RHS Malden 2035, Takistan and Tanoa too.
  6. Hi all! I need help solving how to keep the appearance on the NDS_6x6_ATV_MIL after respawning it. As it looks right now, I've chosen it as bellow.. . ["Snow",1],["Camnetdeploy",0,"handguards",1,"bullbar",1,"HideBumper2",0] But when it gets destroyed it spaws back green and muddy instead of snow camo.
  7. BMR Insurgency

    Yes, it works, thanks mate! :rolleyes:
  8. BMR Insurgency

    @Jigsor - Stamina turns on, even if I've chosen to have it off when I run ASR on our server together with ACE3... .Any clue?
  9. [GHSE] - Gameaholic.se is a non-profit gaming community (earlier known as Hjerpeskans) founded in 2002. We host and administrate our own servers, arrange LAN-meetings, testing and playing alot of games together. We've become a bunch of really good friends over the past years, sometimes it feels like a big family or more like a band of brothers. With a member pool on around 600, there were never a problem with creating a ArmA 3 squad or server. Today we are ~25 active members signed to permanent roles and Groups for our Coop-Nights and other special events. On our ArmA 3 server we've chosen to play MilSim due most of us have done military service and Sold-F is our Bibel. In other words, making the game as realistic as possible, mature gamers, playing missions together with high empathy. It's pretty simple, all who playing with us on our server need to follow this code. If not, dont even bother joining. In order to get the gameplay as realistic as possible, we use a few mods and addons on our server. Some of'em just trusted, but most of'em are a requirement, read more about it in here! Same goes with Teamspeak 3 Client, due to all of our voice'n radio communication in-game is over Task Force Radio. We play as Swedish Armed Forces and our main language during missions are Swedish only. On Friday nights every week, around 19:30 to 00:00, we run one of our ArmA 3 events, called "Coop Night". As most of you know, Coop stands for cooperative which means, players against AI (Artificial Intelligence), so if you're up for TvT/PvP, we aint what you looking for. During all Coop-Nights we play in permanent groups, with predetermined roles and dutys. Before mission starts, all participants shall have thier group, role, equipment and addons ready. This is almost the only demand we have, so please follow it. When the Coop-Night fades out, we leave the server up with the same mission for the rest of the week, so members can keep fighting and training together. When Friday night closing in, we take down the server, updating or changing mission. Around 18:00 server are back up'n running so all players and groups can get thier shit together before heading out (normaly 19:30 ish). Sounds like your kind of dish? Welcome in, register at our forum to become a member. You find our Teamspeak 3 server and password there. Or find more about us in here.. .
  10. Squad name: Gameaholic Timezone/location: GMT+1 (Sweden) Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): MilSim/Tactical COOP Contact email: info@gameaholic.se Website address: http://www.gameaholic.se Short description: A Swedish gaming community since 2002 Language: Swedish & English
  11. BMR Insurgency

    Is that something you could share?
  12. BMR Insurgency

    Hi Jigsor! After adding ACE3 to your BMR Insurgency on Sahrani we've got a small bug with the MHQ's. Have tryed it with all 3 MHQ out on the field at the same time, as soon we move'em out from the base and park'em, It takes around 10-15 min and they suddenly disappear with the following message that they have been destroyed. Any clue what cousing this issue?
  13. BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    Still not signed or any server keys, will it ever happen?
  14. BMR Insurgency

    @jigsor We've been running a edited version of your mission on Takistan, Sarahni, Kunduz and FATA every coop-night on Gameaholic.se since February, it's bloody awsome! The changes we've made are small configs, vehicles ballance, gears and build a main base to fit our gaming community needs. The server is 30 slot and members only. What I understand, you getting pretty close to release your version 1.45? Would love to see your progress up on github, we follow your work to 100%. :wub: A small question about the medic system tho.. . When a player (regular infantry soldier) get wounded he can maximum patch him self up to 75% with FAK, then needs a combat medic (or a MEV/Field Hospital) to get to 100%. I want it to be 50% for a regular player with FAK, how'n where do I decrease this maximum level?