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  1. bodybaq

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Awesome Vdauphin, thanks alot!
  2. bodybaq

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Yo Vdauphin! I've just moved latest H&M over to Takistan and noticed that we cant lift some of the vehicles from RHS, both as vehicle and wreak fnc\log\lift_hook - boundingBoxReal: ["SlingLoadCargo1","SlingLoadCargo2","SlingLoadCargo3","SlingLoadCargo4"" "] rope length : 10" Edit: I cant lift (Deploy ropes+Hook) rhsusf_M1239_MK19_Deploy_socom_d rhsusf_M1239_socom_d rhsusf_M1230a1_usarmy_d rhsusf_M1237_M2_usarmy_d rhsusf_M1237_M2_usarmy_d
  3. bodybaq

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    @CraveMode - Ah darn! I've spent all day+night building a uge base at the airfield lol! "Livonia/Enoch" worked really good, awesome map for H&M, thanks for an awesome guide Vdauphin. Edit: Have a error spam going nuts in my logs 21:02:42 Error Undefined variable in expression: _dist 21:02:42 File \ton\taw\viewDistance_TAW\Functions\fn_updateViewDistance.sqf [TAWVD_fnc_updateViewDistance], line 76 21:02:42 Error in expression <ncObject) then { setObjectViewDistance [_dist,100]; tawvd_object = _dist; };> 21:02:42 Error position: <_dist,100]; tawvd_object = _dist; };> 21:02:42 Error Undefined variable in expression: _dist 21:02:42 File \ton\taw\viewDistance_TAW\Functions\fn_updateViewDistance.sqf [TAWVD_fnc_updateViewDistance], line 76 21:02:42 Error in expression <ncObject) then { setObjectViewDistance [_dist,100]; tawvd_object = _dist; };> 21:02:42 Error position: <_dist,100];
  4. bodybaq

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hi Vdauphin! Will you make a Livonia version of Hearts & Minds?
  5. Haven't had that much time to update due to summer holidays and such. But, here is our first seasons last Joint Operation on Tanoa in Hearts & Minds. It is one and a half hour devided into three clips. We're about to enter our second season and still recruiting so hang tight! Join us by register at www.gameaholic.se or use our fast recruiting, head over to our Discord and write "arma recruit in #access, welcome in and enjoy the vids!
  6. bodybaq

    BMR Insurgency

    Hi again Jigsor! Will there be an BMR Insurgency on Livonia?
  7. bodybaq

    BMR Insurgency

    @Jigsor! I've added the Global Mobilization to our version of BMR Insurgency v.1.49 on Malden 2035 with West Germany as opposing force, an awesome enemy if you ask me. We run more then one server, but wanted this on our public DLC server and it works really good. Thanks to your guide on first page 🙂
  8. bodybaq

    BMR Insurgency

    Hi Jigsor! Any plans on making a "Global Mobilization – Cold War Germany" version? I mean after all there is tons of new content. .. 419 km2 “Weferlingen” terrain West and East Germany factions 42 vehicles and vehicle variants 21 weapons including variants Various infantry clothing and gear
  9. bodybaq

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hi =BTC= Team! First of all, thank you for a hell... .of a god mission :) My Question: Is there any plugin such as EXTDB3 in order to make use of our MySQL-server as database?
  10. Aiming for a large Joint-Ops together with Another unit in a few weeks. That event will be our last fight on Naph, after that we heading for Tanoa. Right now we still are on Naphwinter (Insurgency v1.49) with Co-op Nights every Friday, 18:00-02:00. In need of 10-15 new members a.s.a.p! Fast recruiting via our Discord, just jump in and write "arma recruit" in #access
  11. bodybaq

    GRAD Trenches

    Would love to see Napf Winter in that list, sir.
  12. Next Co-op Night is on Friday, December 14th, 18:00-02:00 BMR Insurgency on Malden 2035 (v1.48 heavy edited), with 1 commander at HQ/FOB and three groups in the field. We've been on this island since early november and getting to the end of the storyline during this mission, glhf all. Next Joint-Ops is on Friday, December 21st, 18:00-02:00 BMR Insurgency on Napf Winter (v1.49 heavy edited), playing in platoon-size lead by commander at HQ. Starting up a new storyline this mission, about "a potentional enemy", heading for Sweden, Norway and Finland at the samt time. The mission with take part in northen Sweden known as "Region Norrbotten". We will meet a lot of civilians, refugees in war-torn areas and at the same time extremists who are in favor of this "potentional enemys" regime, which will make specific situations difficult to solve. (More information about enemy and mission etc. during mission breifing at 20:00)
  13. ========================================= Squad name: [GHSE] - Gameaholic.se Timezone/location : CET +1 / Stockholm Gamemode preference: Cooperative Contact email: info@gameaholic.se Website address: www.gameaholic.se Short description: An oldschool gaming community since 2002. Playing ArmA 3 Milsim in Platoon size on our own server. (Age 16+ and Teamspeak 3) Language: Swedish =========================================
  14. bodybaq

    BMR Insurgency

    Hi again Jigsor! Thanks for the help in last reply, awesome dude. Well hope you working 65 hours per week with Insurgency.. .or? :D Btw! I'm trying to change the "Recruit Infantery" to soldiers from SAM, Swedish Army Mod. I've edited and changed the recruitable_units_static.sqf in bon_recruit_units from.. . to.. . Still giving me American soldiers when recruiting in-game, any clue?
  15. bodybaq

    BMR Insurgency

    Yes, exactly what I'm trying to do. I wanna handpick vehicles, enemy soldiers and civilians and make my own setup option. I do this in the INS_definitions.sqf under "Global Class Arrays" right? Couse I'm using Project_OPFOR, not Leight's Opfor Pack. When I check the option for "// Leight's Opfor Pack Islamic State of Takistan and Sahrani" they all miss "_OPF_" in class names.