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  1. bodybaq

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Hi =BTC= Team! First of all, thank you for a hell... .of a god mission :) My Question: Is there any plugin such as EXTDB3 in order to make use of our MySQL-server as database?
  2. Aiming for a large Joint-Ops together with Another unit in a few weeks. That event will be our last fight on Naph, after that we heading for Tanoa. Right now we still are on Naphwinter (Insurgency v1.49) with Co-op Nights every Friday, 18:00-02:00. In need of 10-15 new members a.s.a.p! Fast recruiting via our Discord, just jump in and write "arma recruit" in #access
  3. bodybaq

    GRAD Trenches

    Would love to see Napf Winter in that list, sir.
  4. Hi BohemiaBeck!


    Our squad recruitment topic needs to be approved: 

    In advance,

    Andreas aka 80dy8ag @ Gameaholic.se

  5. Next Co-op Night is on Friday, December 14th, 18:00-02:00 BMR Insurgency on Malden 2035 (v1.48 heavy edited), with 1 commander at HQ/FOB and three groups in the field. We've been on this island since early november and getting to the end of the storyline during this mission, glhf all. Next Joint-Ops is on Friday, December 21st, 18:00-02:00 BMR Insurgency on Napf Winter (v1.49 heavy edited), playing in platoon-size lead by commander at HQ. Starting up a new storyline this mission, about "a potentional enemy", heading for Sweden, Norway and Finland at the samt time. The mission with take part in northen Sweden known as "Region Norrbotten". We will meet a lot of civilians, refugees in war-torn areas and at the same time extremists who are in favor of this "potentional enemys" regime, which will make specific situations difficult to solve. (More information about enemy and mission etc. during mission breifing at 20:00)
  6. ========================================= Squad name: [GHSE] - Gameaholic.se Timezone/location : CET +1 / Stockholm Gamemode preference: Cooperative Contact email: info@gameaholic.se Website address: www.gameaholic.se Short description: An oldschool gaming community since 2002. Playing ArmA 3 Milsim in Platoon size on our own server. (Age 16+ and Teamspeak 3) Language: Swedish =========================================
  7. Hi Jigsor!


    I'm curently working with your Naphwinter version, to make it fit 40 players during our cristmas milsim event, December 21'st.

    I wanna make it possible to have the Russian Winter units from Slashbacks "2035: Russian Armed Forces", due they have Winter units.


    We still using RHS and such but just wanna try theese out and see how it works and how they looks.. .Think it will make it more "real".


    Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29725


    Problem is that I really dont know what I'm doing here.. . I've taken one of the existing setups and changed to those units, but it still spawn in RHS units.

    You Think you cluld help out an old fart, making this work?


    In advance,

    Andreas a.k.a 8ody8ag @ Gameaholic.se

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    2. bodybaq


      After last edit, the one I've send the link to this morning, the mission starts up, all Squares goes red but no enemys showing up. Getting this in the logs:


      _unitType=selectRandom _pool;

      _unit = _grp createUnit [_unitTyp>

      8:58:38 Error position: <_pool;

      _unit = _grp createUnit [_unitTyp>

      8:58:38 Error Undefined variable in expression: _pool

      8:58:38 Error in expression <Size step 1 do {


      Funny thing is that I've those enemys from @min_rf in the side missions but not in the red Squares.. .


      Any clue?

    3. Jigsor


      Bodybag, Thanks for your patience.
      Your addition was nearly perfectly done, just missing some "" in INS_definitions.sqf line 641, an extra }; in UnitPools.sqf line 330 and missing a " in line 333.
      I added a case : 18 in scripts/DefOp4Loadout.sqf so opfor players will not spawn naked and I discovered that original version of BMR_Insurgency_v1_49.napfwinter was missing a parameter in the 2 base protection triggers' activation fields ( the two triggers wich surround base ). You will want to fix these because they keep enemy players and AI out of base.
      I have updated the original version with the fix.
      The simple manual fix is below.

          name: trig_alarm1init
              change the activation field code to -
                  alarm1On = true; _nul = [((list trig_alarm1init) select 0),trig_alarm1init] call JIG_base_protection;

          name: trig_alarm2init
              change the activation field code to -
                  alarm1On = true; _nul = [((list trig_alarm2init) select 0),trig_alarm2init] call JIG_base_protection;

      I did not use your mission.sqm because there were many addons added to it so I didn't get to test changes you made in the editor. What ever changes you made there will have no impact on what has changed in the code.
       You should know that in INS_definitions.sqf,
      INS_Op4_fixedWing = ["min_rf_su_34"];
      may not be a good choice of fixed wing airpatrole because I observed it flying aimlessly in a spiral pattern higher and higher. Maybe vanilla classes would be better here?
      Even the Vanilla camo variant of Kajman heli had this same problem a few years ago and was reported on feedbacktracker and the forums by several people. I don't know if it was ever fixed so I don't use that version, only black version..
      The problem is that some aircraft cannot follow waypoints for some unknown reason.
      Overall it was great effort on your part, you should be proud :) Most never make it this far.. Thank you for the interest in BMR Insurgency, the community you server and the cool videos you make.
      I recommend to use Notepad ++ to edit if your not already because it can help reveal by bold or highlighting the opening and closing {} brackets for example the mistakes that were made.
      I admit the formatting/indentation is not so great in Unitpools and DefOp4Loadout mainly to save tab space/file size.
      Just replace these files I am returning with the changes.


      "Really wanted the civilians from Project_OPFOR and some civilan vehicles from Swedish Forces Pack in the civilian spawn due we using this mods on server. But in that case I would need to add those mods to the script too I guess?"


      Yes, the classnames will need to be added to INS_definitions and or Unitpools and the addons they come form will need to be added to detection and activation in init.sqf
      Try this and let me know if you have trouble with anymore changes if you choose to do more.



    4. bodybaq


      Thank you so much Jigsor!

  8. Yo Jigsor!


    Tonight, Friday, November 30th, we at Gameaholic.se will together with Swedish Gaming Unit, arrange a 40 player milsim event at a edited version of yours BMR Insurgency Malden 2035.


    Link: https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FGameaholic.se%2Fposts%2F1941756525938693


    Just wanna thank you so bloody much for making this possible man, big thanks and keep up the good work!


    In advance, Andreas with crew @ Gameaholic.se

    1. Jigsor


      Thanks, sounds awesome! I would love to attend but I think due to time differences I won't be able to. I just got off from work an hour ago.

  9. bodybaq

    BMR Insurgency

    Hi again Jigsor! Thanks for the help in last reply, awesome dude. Well hope you working 65 hours per week with Insurgency.. .or? :D Btw! I'm trying to change the "Recruit Infantery" to soldiers from SAM, Swedish Army Mod. I've edited and changed the recruitable_units_static.sqf in bon_recruit_units from.. . to.. . Still giving me American soldiers when recruiting in-game, any clue?
  10. bodybaq

    BMR Insurgency

    Yes, exactly what I'm trying to do. I wanna handpick vehicles, enemy soldiers and civilians and make my own setup option. I do this in the INS_definitions.sqf under "Global Class Arrays" right? Couse I'm using Project_OPFOR, not Leight's Opfor Pack. When I check the option for "// Leight's Opfor Pack Islamic State of Takistan and Sahrani" they all miss "_OPF_" in class names.
  11. bodybaq

    BMR Insurgency

    Hi Jigsor! I wanna change the civilians in your Insurgency on Kunduz to the ones from @Project_OPFOR, any suggestions how to do this?
  12. bodybaq

    BMR Insurgency

  13. bodybaq

    BMR Insurgency

    Hello Jigsor! When using Moded helis and fixed wings on the enemy air patrol, the base defence shots down "alot" of'em around base area. This ends up in tons of chairs from the RHS air vehicles, spread out all over the place. Is there a way to add'em to the Clean-up or totaly remove'em due they dont serve any purpose at all in this mission? Edit: I should add, using your BMR Insurgency on NapfWinter and know you didn't make a "RHS version", but have seen this issue on the RHS Malden 2035, Takistan and Tanoa too.
  14. Hi all! I need help solving how to keep the appearance on the NDS_6x6_ATV_MIL after respawning it. As it looks right now, I've chosen it as bellow.. . ["Snow",1],["Camnetdeploy",0,"handguards",1,"bullbar",1,"HideBumper2",0] But when it gets destroyed it spaws back green and muddy instead of snow camo.