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  1. https://gist.github.com/shadez95/ba99e7674d2b9593fc859b2dd59bd389 Above is link to a github script set to get ACEX fortifications working with ALiVE persistence. If you don't want the 'budget' just use the initPlayerLocal.sqf and ignore the others. Sometimes things will not save but for the most part it works very well for us. We use it a lot to make forward operating bases or camps behind enemy lines and needing resupply it. Creates a cool logistics dynamic. ACE Extension wont save as far as I know but a clever workaround is to just add those items into your ACEX Fortify configuration and place it like that. In fact any item you put using ACEX fortify should save just fine.
  2. Australian Sabre team members in Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan Mods: Lythium, RHSUSAF, Task Force Viking Gear, USP, POLPOX'S artwork mod
  3. keIIy

    Zero Dark Thirty

    LEAP is the one we want to use the most since it's awesome; it's what we used to use on my local games. Right now the plane simply doesn't spawn in whatsoever on a dedicated server
  4. keIIy

    Zero Dark Thirty

    Hey, I'm aware that dedicated server support isn't a thing for this mod and hasn't been for as long as it's been out; I've been a fan of spookwarcom since its release. I haven't used it in a long time and have since moved on from coop local hosted games to dedicated servers through a server provider. With that said, what does "no dedicated server support" mean, exactly? Will it simply not work on a dedicated server whatsoever or does it just mean that if there are bugs on a dedi server they won't necessarily be fixed over time? Thanks.
  5. keIIy

    GF Missions Script

    It seems that AI in groups when a mission is generated are automatically removed; only the Team Leader of the groups that are generated stay. Is this what you're fixing? EDIT: it seems they get removed and then readded after a few minutes. Strange
  6. keIIy

    Combat Den

    I found the missions too easy for a group our size And what I meant about the UI is have it gone / not present on mission launch. I just want to be able to log in to my server and have a mission already generated without needing to click through mission settings.
  7. keIIy

    Combat Den

    Is it possible to edit the amount of AI that spawn? Is it also possible to have the menu / UI at the start disappear and have a task / mission generated ready-to-go as soon as you load in?
  8. keIIy

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Seems likes Sensei's github was active around five days ago on a possible rebuild; is this mod completely dead or is it coming back in the future?
  9. keIIy

    GF Missions Script

    Does this mission pack have player scaling so that more enemies spawn depending on how many people are playing? If not, is there any way to manually change how many spawn?
  10. I'd like to know this too
  11. The server for my Arma unit has used almost every mission generator that I know of out there; the MCC generator, ALiVE persistent campaigns, Dynamic Combat Generator (DCG), Invade & Annex, and a host of others. Are there any other generators out there? In specific, are there mission generators that, as soon as you join the server, give you an objective and spawn hostiles for that objective? A good example is DCG, but sadly it is a bit outdated and we have problems with the player scaling. Bad example is MCC as someone has to log into the console to generate a mission manually; it is not there as soon as players join. I've been wanting to pull my hair out for months because I can't seem to find any alternative tot he ones we've tried before. If DCG wasn't a bit outdated we'd be using that.
  12. Mods: RHSUSAF, Aspis Gear, Nikoaton and Direone's animation packs, Lythium (terrain used)
  13. Joint US-HI special operations patrol deep in the jungles of the Tanoan archipelago during Operation Palmetto. Mods: RHSUSAF, Spec4Gear, Aspis Gear, IBLE Assault Pack, Project Zenith, Nikoaton and Direone's animation packs, ReColor Edit: forgot I used recolor in this so I added it in
  14. This is the wrong place for this. You would want to go to the mission thread or the task force radio thread and post the issue there.
  15. Asking for an update on a, most likely, abandoned project isn't something you want to do as your first post on this forum. Go and read the rules.