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  1. Pushed a quick fix (v1.33a) for a one-time message that was repeating under some conditions.
  2. @icebreakr: Ha. You can configure how you're notified via the add-on settings—or you could reduce the GR_MISSION_CHANCE parameter—but yes, if your group is killing large numbers of civilians during operations, the mod is intended to force you to deal with the ensuing friction, whether that friction is moral or logistical.
  3. Just pushed v1.33, a small update that includes Russian localization (thanks to @Barmalei75 -- sorry for the long delay in merging your pull request!) and a short one-time message. It's available on the Steam Workshop and via direct download.
  4. I'm no ALiVExpert but I suspect it wouldn't work automatically—you'd have to do a little bit of scripting. I think you could register a custom event handler to add concealed graves to the ALiVE Logistics module. You'd write something like this in your mission's init.sqf: [{ params["_player", "_nextofkin", "_grave"]; [ALiVE_SYS_LOGISTICS,"updateObject",[_grave]] call ALIVE_fnc_logistics; }] call GR_fnc_addConcealDeathEventHandler; I haven't tested this code, so I'm not sure if it will automatically save all of the grave object's required custom variables. Any ALiVE script mavens out there who would know? (Also, if anyone wants to add ALiVE persistence, I'd be happy to merge any pull requests on the GR Github.)
  5. Another small update (v1.32) to fix a bug that prevented the Doctor class from performing autopsies. There's now also a CBA setting which lets you customize which classes (Anyone, Medics+Doctors, or Doctors only) can perform the basic autopsy.
  6. I've pushed out a small update (v1.31) that should fix an issue with the ACE3 Medical update causing duplicate civilian death events. There will probably be another small update in the future as I work through some issues related to determining the cause of death via the autopsy module, but for now everything should be more or less functional. Please let me know if you notice any other problems as you play.
  7. 1) I noticed that an old ACE3 medical bug -- the "killed" eventhandler being called twice in MP -- has returned after the latest update. Reported here: https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/issues/1859 2) Would anyone be able to tell me the best way to retrieve the type of the last damage source (explosion, projectile, etc.) from the ACE3 medical system (or, in other words, the cause of death)? I had a complicated way of pulling it out of the "ace_medical_openWounds" variable, but the values seems to have changed with this latest update. Thanks!
  8. Glad you like it. The easiest way to add a custom event handler would be to put something like the following in the init.sqf of your mission: if(isServer) then { [{ params["_killer", "_nextofkin", "_body"]; // in case you need to access these // now add your code here, e.g. 15 call btc_fnc_rep_change; }] call GR_fnc_addDeliverBodyEventHandler; }; You could also pass in the name of a custom function if you wanted the ability to remove the event handler later.
  9. Released v1.3: you can now perform autopsies on corpses if you're carrying a Surgical Kit. In the field, you can only determine the rough cause of death... ...but if you're near a medical facility, you can also determine the faction of the killer, the time of death, and even discover the identity of unknown victims whose deaths had been concealed. You will then be given a task to return the body to their family.
  10. Hey, I’m aware of it. It’s a choice. The perspective that I take with this mod is that guilt isn’t just a private experience; it’s also a collective phenomenon, in the sense that you are often held responsible for the actions of others on your side, regardless of whether you feel personally culpable. The Arma AI may occasionally do things that seem bizarre or inexplicable, such as running over people or firing into crowds indiscriminately—but of course real soldiers tend to do such things, too. If you put the AI soldiers in a situation in which they're more likely to kill civilians—using grenadiers, or tanks, or mortars, or air support in an occupied town, for example—then you are in a sense responsible and should be made aware of the consequences. To avoid this you may have to adjust your tactics and operational stance in the game—as, for example, the US Army did in Sadr City—but my strong feeling is that once we decide to behave as if we wish to avoid the death of artificial "life," then we should not discriminate as to how it occurs. (I see that this is not a very practical position, but nothing about this mod is.) Hope that explanation makes sense. Thanks—yes, ACE-only for the foreseeable future.
  11. Released v1.23: per request by @Nicholas Lendall, the map is now marked where forces on your side have killed civilians. Also some bugfixes and generally more reliability under heavy CPU load / adverse network conditions.
  12. Released v1.22, with support for Antistasi and other MP mission types/mods where civilians are created on the client-side.
  13. Thanks. And that's already the case with the current version, so yell away — the notification that pops up when a player kills a civilian gets sent to everyone on the same side, and is marked down as a record in everyone's diary.
  14. Released v1.21, which fixes an issue with placing civilians via Zeus on dedicated servers. There is. Good idea, thanks. I'll look into that.
  15. Thanks guys. Just released v1.1, which is a quick update that allows you to customize the death notification method and adds diary records for every dead civilian. EDIT: and just released v1.11, which fixes a serious bug with singleplayer scenarios. v1.2 -- bugfix with dedicated servers + corpse/body bag inventory.