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  1. Nicholas Lendall

    Takistan Insurgency [Dev Thread]

    nice bro if you ever want someone to help test add me on steam its UncleSam978 or OldRed im trying to get the old group back together and see if they all wanna roll some time!
  2. Nicholas Lendall

    Takistan Insurgency [Dev Thread]

    phronk dident you start making a server just like this years ago when you where in a Mil-Sim unit? I swear i remember you saying you where gonna make one and your name then was F.Hutzler lol. I think Smock was in it and also White and Fowler?
  3. player setVariable ["tf_receivingDistanceMultiplicator", _interference]; player setVariable ["tf_sendingDistanceMultiplicator", _sendInterference]; if (_interference > 1) then {hint "Your radio is being jammed!"}; this good?
  4. Nicholas Lendall

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    For some reason it will not update on my server and change flags is there anyway to check whats going on?
  5. During the mission so people realize there raido is being jammed you know
  6. Is there a way to give a "hint" that your radio is being jammed?
  7. Fuck yeah dude good shit! Now i have a reason to destroy radio towers lol next step is trying to add reinforcements to show up via paradrop, or vehicles if not destroyed in time lol
  8. ok Radio Tower works as is lol
  9. OK SWEET! I have the mission working now to disable the jammer like in the video how do i add the addAction? Also if i set it to a radio tower can i disable it by blowing it up?
  10. https://imgur.com/Fcl4JE9 this is the error i get when i play with the default params
  11. hey bro i tried to play the Example Mission and it says it missing tfar_backpacks and tfar_handhelds. Are you willing to update this Script to the new v0.9.12 TFAR? Or am i doing something wrong lol
  12. Nicholas Lendall

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    DUDE!!! Thank you so much this is perfect!
  13. Nicholas Lendall

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    thanks bro! ill check it out!!
  14. Hey everyone im trying to make it so the Radio towers on the map call in random reinforcements. I saw the Simple Reinforcements script and i like how that worked but i want it to have a timer so when i enter a zone if have "x" amount of time to destroy the tower before reinforcements show up on and hunt me down. Im using the map Panthera.