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  1. Nicholas Lendall

    Drongo's Air Support

    Hello is there an Init i can put in the players that disable the use of the Air Support so only my JTAC can use it?
  2. ok ill check it out thanks dude i appreciate it bro this is something the community needs and in a standalone mod for mission makers like me lol
  3. Nicholas Lendall

    ASR AI 3

    Hey can you set a unit to not move around but still look and shoot because it seems ASR takes over and ignores this forcespeed 0; i just want them to stay behind a bunker and shoot out.
  4. also what systems work with your VASS? for what im taking about?
  5. Oh ok i was trying to figure out a system for killing enemy and getting payed for it also capturing money stashes/gold and selling them to a store then being able to buy vehicles and gear kinda like a wasteland/RP style i just dont know enough about C++ to do any of this shit lol. I see a ton of post about a system like that but nothing has come of it. i would make the MSO/Insurgency missions way better making you pick up enemy's weapons and retrieving gear. finding a SAM site and gettting big $$ for selling the vehicle. but ok ill wait and keep trying to learn it and maby just maby be ready for Arma 8 lmfao
  6. also put this in the init.sqf or initplayer.sqf?
  7. Legend! lol you thinking of making a Vehicle shop soon? so that way we can have a full store and money system?!?! that would be badass
  8. Nicholas Lendall

    GF Ravage Heros Money Reward

    idn if you have a tutorial for this and heros but ive tried for the past hour to get this working and all i want is to have the money system and the Icon to show up and be able to set up a store with weapons and ace supplies lol. simple but im going crazy trying to get this working.
  9. Hey guys i saw a post a wile ago talking about giving money to the player for kills. anything we can do for MP dedi-servers for killing enemy and deducting money for civilian kills?
  10. Nicholas Lendall

    Markers Show/Hide

    Hey guys im trying make it so when i capture a sector it puts my flag up on the map and stays there even if i decide to leave. Then when the enemy moves into the town the flag changes to the enemy flag and hides mine. When i come back and take the town it hides the enemy's flag and my shows up again. My map starts out with 10 control points with the Slovenian flags showing i want to be able to move there and after a 100s the flag is changed to the US flag and stays there until the enemy moves back into the town and same for the enemy flag. Im using the Sector Control module to show if the town in cleared /captured. i used the setMarkerAlpha code to a trigger and did 2 triggers "UnitedStates_3" setMarkerAlpha 0; "SOL_3" setMarkerAlpha 1; and the other "UnitedStates_3" setMarkerAlpha 1; "SOL_3" setMarkerAlpha 0; but only the US flag changed and stayed forever. Its pretty much capture the area and show your flag until the enemy enters for X amount of time and there flag shows up and gives you a reason to go back and recapture with your flag.
  11. ahhhh ok honestly i like that everything is hidden until i enter the area now lol. Is there a scrip to hide everything that way intel does. Because it makes everything super clean in Alive with the grids and only turns green when you enter the 50x50.
  12. ok awesome also the Intel Report is making it so my markers placed on the map disappear during mission start. Also when it does that it Alives T.R.A.C.E. system gets wiped also. If i disable the Enemy Defences Mod. They come back so maby we can have an option to disable the Intel Report becasue i think thats whats doing it.
  13. Nicholas Lendall


    What are you talking about? Im not making a "New" addon and saying im the creator or anything of that nature. I just changed your setting so it would fit with my mission style. Sorry i dident mean to piss you off or anything. Figured you would think its cool to be able to expand on what YOU created. I mean are you cool with me changing the files addAction and using it in my mission that only I play on?
  14. Nicholas Lendall

    Full Screen Mission Loading Screen

    Hey guys Im trying to do what Stephen Wozniak did but i cant figure it out for the life of me Im using Panthera and i dont know if its overriding the map screen or not.