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  1. @brightcandle What factors impact the spotting distance? Time of day? Weather? Cover? Troop Skill? Fatigue? Suppression? Target speed? Target posture? Target size? Target number?
  2. Thanks for the feedback but what is GAIA?
  3. @greywulf58 save a few bucks more and make these 3 upgrades: replace Ryzen 1400 with 1600 (+$15) replace DDR4-2400 with DDR4-3000 or faster (+$10) replace B350 mobo with B450 (-$5) replace Radeon RX 560 with 570 (+$10) Also (but less important), I'd replace that 1 TB HDD with a 500 GB SSD. The hyperlinks in the prices should help you find the best deals. Best of luck!
  4. Is there any chance that the wildlife be startled by the loud sound of firearms, explosives and/or vehicles?
  5. domokun

    Ryzen 7 2700X performance?

    Not exactly. There are other factors which significantly contribute to A3's performance (in order of importance & with links to reliable benchmarks) 1. IPC, i.e. any Intel CPU will deliver higher performance at 4GHz than a AMD at identical speeds (true for FX series in 2013, true for Ryzen in 2017 & still true for Zen+ in 2018) 2. RAM speed offers massive performance boost (minor in most other games) as demonstrated in many benchmarks, e.g. Ryzen 7 @ 4 Ghz with DDR4-2400/2667/2933/3200, i7-7700k @ 4.9 GHz with DDR4-2400/3000/3600/4200, i7-6700K @ 4 GHz with DDR3-1600/2166/2400/2666/2800 vs DDR4-2133/2400/2666/2800/3000/3200/3466/3600, i7-2600k @ 4.4-4.8 GHz with DDR3-1600/2133, i7-7700k @ 4.4 GHz with DDR4-2133/3000/3866, i7-6700k @ 4.50 GHz with DDR4-2133/2400/3000/3600/4000, i7-6700k @ 4.50 GHz with DDR4-2133/3000 3. SSD, helps reduce stuttering and/or LoD thrashing (especially when travelling at high speeds and/or with large view distances, e.g. vehicles, jets)
  6. Thanks for this mission. Is it possible to play this mission with ACRE2 instead of TF Radio?
  7. So LM needs a replacement PC before we get the replacement mod. Got it! Seriously I hope that he had back-ups and it was only his PSU.
  8. This looks awesome but does anyone know if this replacement pack is compatible with A3's main campaign?
  9. domokun

    New system. Tips for performance?

    Try unticking these as A3 now does a better job of auto-detecting the best settings
  10. @MichaeljonesMJ I share your concerns about Arma's ability to rapidly immerse us but then suddenly shatter the suspension of disbelief with janky physics and/or dumb and/or terminator AI. To reduce (practically eliminate) rag-dolling try TPW's TPWMOD
  11. domokun

    [MP CO15 Campaign] Wolfpack Vol. 1

    My squad and I just tried the Basic Training and we failed it even before the briefing period expired! I then realised that I (server) was running the ASR AI mod. So I quit, disabled ASR AI and restarted. After that the mission ran like a charm. It's one of the best briefings that we'd ever read. I never thought that we so enjoy a 45 minute jog through the hills and valleys. Thanks SO much. It even convinced them that we should (finally) adopt the ACRE2 and ACE3 mods! Next week's Advanced Training!
  12. domokun

    [FOX] Advanced Urban Zipline

    @DeathF0X Instead of "Stretch line" maybe it should read "Tension line"? Otherwise, it's awesome. I love the sound of the pulley.
  13. @matiasl To bring objectivity and prevent misunderstanding, let's focus the discussions by establishing some parameters: Scope: Arma 3 with latest patches, i.e. performance in other games isn't a MAJOR consideration Satisfactory quality: High or Ultra Satisfactory performance: 60+ fps CPU: i7-8700k (probably the most powerful CPU for gaming, especially if overclocked) Based on these definitions, I think that it's fair to say that these cards will provide satisfactory gaming (see definitions for quality & performance above) at the following resolutions: 1080p: GTX 1060 6GB (not the 3GB) / RX 580 1440p: GTX 1070 / Vega 56/64 4k: GTX 1080 Ti Source: playing Arma, reading benchmarks & building PCs for many years
  14. domokun

    [SP/CO19] Operation Iron Fist

    Cheers mate. Subbed. I'll provide once my clan have the courage to download all the required WW2 mods
  15. The issue is resolved in the next update of A3 or Unsung 3?
  16. domokun

    [SP/CO19] Operation Iron Fist

    Aweseome but where can we download it from? Steam Workshop? Armaholic?
  17. domokun

    Enhanced Helicopter Dust Efx Mod

    This awesome! Any chance that you might extend it to include downforce effects on water and/or snow?
  18. domokun

    Blastcore Tracers A3

    Does anyone know if this mod is compatible with Blastcore Edited (standalone version)? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=767380317
  19. domokun

    Blastcore Tracers A3

    Thanks for your splendid work. Will you upload a copy to Steam Workshop?
  20. Last week I published a list of great COOP campaigns on Reddit. After a week of feedback, I re-posted a longer (18 campaigns = 276 missions) and better (formatted) list for a more splendid COOP experience! CO03 Armed Assault (13 missions) CO04 Dead Paradise (2 missions) CO05 Soviet/Afghan (8 missions) CO05 Kolguev Red Hammer (4 missions) CO05 Nogova Red Hammer (13 missions) CO06 Ghost Recon Island Thunder (7 missions) CO06 Ghost Recon (8 missions) CO06 Persian Tale (7 missions) CO08 Pirog (6 missions) CO08 Mighty Justice (4 missions) CO09 Chesty Puller (5 missions) CO10 Escape (29 maps) CO10 PMC Versus: Cronos (10 missions) CO10 PMC Versus: Oriens (24 missions) CO12 The Forgotten Few 2 (7 missions) CO14 Wolfpack V1 & V2 (14 missions) CO15 Hired Guns 2 (100 missions) CO37 Two Sierra (15 missions) I haven't played all of these campaigns but I've fought through both of Lightspeed's Ghost Recon campaigns, so I can vouch so their quality. So if you've played through any of these then please provide feedback. Equally, if I've forgotten any, then let me know. OUT!
  21. domokun

    Immersion Cigs

    Do the cigs appear prominently on thermal imaging?
  22. domokun

    Huge loss of FPS since few months

    Really? What about Intel's new microcode update for Windows that patches Spectre vulnerabilities?
  23. @holyorangejuice To reduce AI's Terminator-style accuracy try Robalo's ASR AI mod. However beware that (like many other AI mods) it may hamper or even destroy mission design, particularly if they're heavily-scripted. As for simulating suppression, try the TPWCAS mod.
  24. Respect. Last month, my family and I visited the British cemetery at Hermanville-sur-Mer (4 km south of Sword Beach) where 1,000 men of South Lancashire Regiment, Shropshire Light Infantry and Staffordshire Yeomanry rest in peace.