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  1. Heya, Whatever I do, the game doesn't launch with these files within ArmAII root. Once removed, the game launches nicely. Anything I missed out there? Thanks for any help. Regards, TB
  2. Thunderbird

    What is the first thing you will do in Arma3?

    Fly very low with 2035 jet fighters, eject over the sea and see how things turn up in water... Set up a 300m fight between the 2 main factions, including infantry elements alongside with tanks and choppers in high grass and watch... if (! everythingWorksNicelyAsExpected) { uninstallArmAIII(); waitForCommunityMods(); if (waitForCommunityMods() == 1) installBackArmAIII(armAIIIPatched2.3.1.XXX); else willNeverHappen(whoKnows); } else feelHappy(); Regards, TB
  3. Thunderbird


    Congrats to him. He was damn skilled as far as I can recall, able to carry out a complete brand new set of bugless AI scripts in a few hours... heh, the good ol'time. I agree there, a chinese DLC would be truely awesome... But I think BIS will never do it to avoid being labelled as "Codemasters" copiers... ;] Regards, TB
  4. Thunderbird

    Increased Bloodspat

    Next step would be having blood splats over the ground (like in SLX), that would be truely awesome. ;] Regards, TB
  5. Thunderbird

    CSLA for A2CO

    CSLA Mod, one of my favourites since 10 years, with FDF, RHS and FFUR : P ... Tested it and your quality standards haven't changed. That's truely impressive. And that NSIS installer ! Thank you for keeping high the standards... Looking forward to see you in ArmA III Hope Maa's still around? Regards, TB
  6. Thunderbird


    - Infantry units are well done. Including the weapons. - Nice touch with the chinese voices. - Vehicles are quite decent as well. - However, aircrafts need to get seriously improved: --> Maneuvrability of all Jet Fighters (I'm afraid your settings are far from the real standards). --> Maybe disable these static Nogova texture maps from the MFDs and put just a black screen instead. --> Maybe make the Afterburner appear on user command only. --> Pay more attention to the textures. That's all so far, good mod all in all. How is Tony Ranger btw? How is he doing? Is he still in VME? Regards, TB
  7. Thunderbird

    AI Improvement

    Theorically, MGs are the ones in charge of the so-called "suppressive fire", but things tend to be slightly different in real life. Especially in close range, excluding somevery well trained units (specOps, Elite elements...), any regular soldier would throw everything he has to "the supposed enemy position".
  8. Thunderbird

    AI Improvement

    Basing myself of what I have seen lastly, there are still some aspects that need to get seriously improved in terms of AI in my judgement. Honestly, the last footage released on Armaholic (GameStar.de - Developer walkthrough with Jay Crowe Part VII - Infantery) is easly redoable in vanilla ArmA II and you would get almost the same AI reactions. Of course the game is not finished yet and there are still plenty of things to come up soon or later, but I would like to point out some parts: The AI has to use more often the SUPPRESSIVE FIRE, which actually mean, when you are in a stressful situation, you tend to empty your mags by paying only a secondary attention to that aspect. Whereas in this video, we can still spot the so-unwanted 'Highly-accurate' 1-shot-1-kill AI situations. The only one who was throwing bullets here and there was the player himself, not the AI, though. This could be easly modified, it's just a matter of a few settings already predefined, even in ArmA II. And the community has already fixed this aspect through many Addons. Regards, TB
  9. Thumbs up ! I remember the first RHS addons released for OFP a couple of years ago. Glad to see you still in action folks ! Time comes to make a little config to replace BIS ArmA II russian vanilla units. ;] Best Regards, TB
  10. Thunderbird

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Wonder how would all this end up.. If things would keep going that bad against the regime, there are high chances that Bachar takes refuge in Iran.. If he manages to take the control over the situation, I wonder how the rest of the world would react towards him and his regime, I guess our cowardy-leaders will just make sure some time will pass before they reinvite him again.. Damn it.. Hate the lack of integrity & humanity in politics.. Regards, TB
  11. Those who coded win 8 kernel in assembly language / native C/C++ are in my judgement sad when they look at what their colleagues in charge of the GUI have done. What a shame... Such an outstanding core system with such a crappy interface... And that new M$ policy... Damn, get ride of those uncompetent leaders.. Kuddos to the devs, though. Fully tested the beast and it's in terms of speed & performance way better than what I have seen so far, including some UNIX/Linux kernels. I could barely imagine the amount of pointers pointing to pointers to optimize the use of memory... heh Regards, TB
  12. Thunderbird

    Day Z Announced as standalone title.

    Heh, no worries to get there folks, even if BIS ressources would all go to DayZ, community mods devs will turn it back to the ol'good simulator for those maniacs which I belong to. As long as we keep getting that top-notch engine. ;] Congrats BIS, more cash = new projects = better upgrades = better DLCs... Feel kinda confident about the company's future. Regards, TB
  13. Alright, cheers mate. regards, TB
  14. Nothing would be released before it gets fully tested, including by the team itself. ;] Regards, TB