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  1. Only thing I'm waiting for, one question, are the U.S officers going to be wearing those hats like in the original or are they going to be replaced with helmets cause its always bugged me h how US officers were wearing hats instead of helmets. ---------- Post added at 06:10 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:09 PM ---------- I really cant wait to start ww3 on chernarous! one thing though, will US officers be wearing those hats like in the first game, cause that has always bugged me.
  2. Amazing work, soo much detail! a question about that airport, will that also be detailed and realistic and not like the boring Military style airport of Chernarus?
  3. Killer27

    CAA1 public release

    Every time i try and run Caa1 i get this message, " 'glt_oac_core_efix' requires addon 'caa1_c_cti_buildings'" what does that mean?
  4. Killer27

    US Infantry - 2008

    IS there a way to make it so it replaces OA's Army units?
  5. Killer27

    CH M1Abrams Pack

    No, so to me this addon is useless unless some one can fix this?
  6. Killer27

    CH M1Abrams Pack

    Is it just me? or does the damage from these tanks are weaker than the BIS tanks? cause i had to shoot like 9 times just to destroy 1 BMP....not to mention how the T-90 tanks are practically indestructible while using these M1 tanks. And please make an official replacement pack soon!
  7. Killer27

    Sahrani Rearmed

    I'm just wondering, when is the next update coming?!!!!
  8. Has any one else realized that so far the weapons and vehicles of the Fraction NATO, makes absolutely no sense and is completely un-realistic and all over the place? really! 1st, the RAH-66 Comanche was a canceled project since 2004!! 2nd, the TAR-21 and FN-2000? ha! both Israeli weapons.....why on earth would NATO or the U.S use Israeli weapons?!? it makes no sense. And 3rd, the Merkava "M4" tank? ha! yet again another Israeli vehicle that NATO would never use. ArmA III screams out that the developers clearly did little to zero research and just threw in any random vehicle, weapon, and or system that seemed futuristic just because they wanted to create a futuristic game. And last time i checked, what put Armed Assault and Operation Flashpoint apart from other war simulators like Call of duty and Medal of Honor was realism. don't get me wrong great story, but more research is needed. I know its supposed to be a, what BIS calls, a "Futuristic game" and i wouldn't mind if in this game, the U.S replaced their M1A1 tank with a tank that looks like the Merkava "M4" tank or that has an automatic 105mm cannon. All i'm saying is more research is needed. (p.s, they should have just gone with another "what if" plot like in operation flashpoint, (e.g cold war almost turning into ww3), like oh "what if" north korea invaded the south koreans and Nato including the U.S got involved and causing the chinese to get involved while the Russians stood by in case the war got too close to them. like a ww3 scenario, but thats just me......)
  9. That UH-60 loooks nice...are there goin to be seats tho? or just sitting off the sides like Adukes blackhawks? or a combination of both? oh god i really hope that its a combination of both...that would be amazing : )
  10. Could you make a replacement addon along side this please?
  11. Killer27

    sdk-we can get it

    SDK? wat is that?
  12. Killer27

    WW4 Modpack 2.1

    Ah...now i see, I'll give it a try...thanks! :) EDIT: Could you also make a sound and weapon replacement?
  13. Killer27

    WW4 Modpack 2.1

    ....wait...what? I don't understand....ww4_wrp.pbo??? that isn't there. Is their a way i could replace the officer with the soldier model? (Please give me detailed instructions...as i am a rookie):rolleyes:
  14. Killer27


    Question BI Forums...About configs...ugh just saying it makes me want to :banghead: :banghead:. I would like to edit a config to replace the default units with new units, but sadly i have no clue how to do that! please just please! Explain to me...in a non-complicated way...how to accomplish this.