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  1. caleb12


    dead link any one got it
  2. caleb12

    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    this what i did i download ffur 2007 2.0 then i download no hwtl 2xp as it was trying to download it said access denied on most of it so den i download ffur 2007 2.5 still didnt work so what to do now.
  3. caleb12

    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    still didn't work
  4. caleb12

    FFUR-SLX 2007 2.0

    hi this a different problem i am having every time i try to download furr 2007 2.0 it says its replacement pack isnt installed
  5. caleb12


    yeah does anyone have it
  6. caleb12

    OFP Addon request thread

    i been looking for this working link BD 2nd Rifle Core v1.0 but cant find it please help.
  7. caleb12

    WW4 Modpack 1

    will it be possible to drag people and heal them like in mcm or ecp.
  8. caleb12

    WW4 Modpack 1

    Sanctuary will u be using stuff from Operation Gulf War Crisis.
  9. caleb12

    Ultimate Flashpoint Mod Beta 0.6

    ultimateflashpoint were can i download beta 0.6
  10. caleb12

    FFUR 2006 and 2007 problem

    so can any with problem pleaes
  11. caleb12

    WW4 Modpack 1

    i was wondering if u were gone put minerollers and 5ton trucks with m.50cal or grenade launcher on them.
  12. caleb12

    Big problem

    when i play ofp mod or without it, it goes off and then says that am out of reserved memory ,code change required (current limit 524288 kb) total limit 45kb free blocks 8, max free size 7kb. and have 889 addons. please help :confused:
  13. any where near finished.
  14. i found things never finished like these things http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=43327&highlight=Miss_Cleo http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=41091&highlight=Miss_Cleo,the reason i put this here is because u could get ideas from it or finish it by making ur own.