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  1. yes, pretty much like that with a lot of rocks models it could improve a lot
  2. so it aims to a modern conflict? Nice work with those buildings
  3. any chance that this can be used to recover temporal files, a virus corrupted my source files, but i keep the temporal files from binpbo I dont know how to recover them
  4. I would really like to see canyons, like insane deep, to dogfight ala independence day
  5. -Added Uniforms of Argentine Army -Added Tempex Carry vest -Added M79 grenade launcher, credits to nzdfcrash -new model for M59 garand beretta rifle -tweak textures from uniforms - added trenches
  6. arg_foxtrop1

    Project - Vertical Lift 2035

    any chance we get, an excesively big vtol carrier? you know something like a c130?
  7. arg_foxtrop1

    [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Epic work on those tams, texture work is incredible
  8. not fair CSAT always looked alienish!
  9. arg_foxtrop1

    POOK JF-17

    Cool, is always nice to see new planes
  10. Carrier Op OA4AR on Nimitz MODS: cdm2035,USS nimitz,CBA
  11. arg_foxtrop1

    [WIP]CDM 2035

    Added skyhawk OA4AR (tandem variant), credits to TeTeT for the ejection system script, credit to eggbeast for the help with the turret
  12. arg_foxtrop1

    [WIP]CDM 2035

    CDM 2035 CDM 2035 is a side proyect by Cazadores de monte, the mod aims to create the setting of a fictional civil war between the national goverment and a fictional separatist faction. As the setting is fictional we take some freedom with the equipment, also the mod works as a testbed for the falklands mod proyect. Featured: -Planes- Skyhawk A4AR FA50 Gripen(Requieres JetDLC)- Gryffon retexture -Pistols- Bersa Thunder Pro 9mm Bersa BP9CC Bersa MiniFirestorm 45 FM M95 Bersa 380 -Rifles- FN FAL FN FAL PARA FN FAL CARABINE FAMAE 540 FAMAE 542 -Smg- FMK3 SMG Credits: to Loro, Franco Robledo, arg_foxtrop, wld427, eggbeast and all arma community WORKSHOP page Some pics:
  13. arg_foxtrop1

    The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

    have you experimented using the cargo system? that way you could have a mixed supply