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  1. sure we are interested, but we need to know the author if he give us permission, or the copyright of the model at least
  2. arg_foxtrop1

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    I all respect to BIS, I belive that the aliens are proper to the entire feeling of arma3, arma3 campaign and settings have been alienating, why nato uses israeli tank? why iran csat is so advance? what was that about the quake machine? where are our m16, aks, and other loved basic rifles that were in every game? ok, ARMA3 lifespan is reaching his ending and the aliens seems proper, if new players likes it, good, but lets hope ARMA4 goes back in time
  3. arg_foxtrop1

    MBG Aliens Ground Forces

    thats some creepy looking alien, pure nightmare fuel, sharing a lowpoly version of the body for other people to create gear for it could be a good idea
  4. updated. -added M2 Browning, High tripod and low tripod(M63) -added M20 superbazooka -added ballester molina -added ammoboxes
  5. yes, pretty much like that with a lot of rocks models it could improve a lot
  6. so it aims to a modern conflict? Nice work with those buildings
  7. I would really like to see canyons, like insane deep, to dogfight ala independence day
  8. -Added Uniforms of Argentine Army -Added Tempex Carry vest -Added M79 grenade launcher, credits to nzdfcrash -new model for M59 garand beretta rifle -tweak textures from uniforms - added trenches
  9. arg_foxtrop1

    Project - Vertical Lift 2035

    any chance we get, an excesively big vtol carrier? you know something like a c130?
  10. arg_foxtrop1

    [WIP] Proyecto EA

    Epic work on those tams, texture work is incredible
  11. not fair CSAT always looked alienish!
  12. arg_foxtrop1

    POOK JF-17

    Cool, is always nice to see new planes
  13. Carrier Op OA4AR on Nimitz MODS: cdm2035,USS nimitz,CBA
  14. arg_foxtrop1

    [WIP]CDM 2035

    CDM 2035 CDM 2035 is a side proyect by Cazadores de monte, the mod aims to create the setting of a fictional civil war between the national goverment and a fictional separatist faction. As the setting is fictional we take some freedom with the equipment, also the mod works as a testbed for the falklands mod proyect. Featured: -Planes- Skyhawk A4AR FA50 Gripen(Requieres JetDLC)- Gryffon retexture -Pistols- Bersa Thunder Pro 9mm Bersa BP9CC Bersa MiniFirestorm 45 FM M95 Bersa 380 -Rifles- FN FAL FN FAL PARA FN FAL CARABINE FAMAE 540 FAMAE 542 -Smg- FMK3 SMG Credits: to Loro, Franco Robledo, arg_foxtrop, wld427, eggbeast and all arma community WORKSHOP page Some pics:
  15. arg_foxtrop1

    [WIP]CDM 2035

    Added skyhawk OA4AR (tandem variant), credits to TeTeT for the ejection system script, credit to eggbeast for the help with the turret
  16. arg_foxtrop1

    The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

    have you experimented using the cargo system? that way you could have a mixed supply
  17. thats looking awesome! any chance to include mine laying capabilities?
  18. arg_foxtrop1

    HAFM Submarines V2.0

    detailed and complex for players, useful for AI, just epic
  19. great work on those ships!
  20. we just updated the mod, argentine faction was changed to opfor, we added the m16a1, and the L1A1 in two wood variants
  21. giant ships are not the priority for now, but we could see how to approach it, from the british point we should develop submarines a torpedos, we will probably have to ask for help for others addon makers that make naval mods, we have made a little test with torpedos mixing the underwaterbullet with explosive but is not relieable, as for the belgrano wouldnt be hard to make it a target except for the 50mts limits on the geometry, as for the argentine side, if we want to make it as a playable ship thats a colosal work, maybe could be made as a building for a cinematic mission, yet a lot of work on 3d modelling, for now we need to focus on ground troops