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  1. Thanks to the Cold War Rearmed team.;) You made a great mod ! I have played through the Cold War Crisis campaign and I enjoyed a lot. it's impressive. The feeling and atmosphere is intact. I also used Group link 3 and I enjoyed a lot the mission "Pathfinder" with enhanced AI ! I have a Core 2, GEforce 8800 GT, 3 giga ram. The MOD is very well programmed and I do not have any issue. It runs fast and fluid! :)
  2. eirulan

    Civilian Women

    Feminist ! :bounce3: :bounce3: We say in Italy "Women at drive, costant danger! "
  3. eirulan

    This game is amazing

    Very good. I like positive comments on Arma 2 :)
  4. eirulan

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    mmmm.. I do not believe XBox people would be tolerant with the SP campaign "Harvest Red", which was programmed by crazy people.:). Too many show stoppers, even if the design and ideas are really great. Well, concerning multiplayer human and AI bots together, could be interesting. But I remain a "PC man". ;)
  5. Who is Arrowhead SP campaign designer and programmer? The same as ArmA 2? My dear. I hope they will not repeat the bugged campaign Harvest Red. Great game design, but unfortunately bad implementation. (need a lot of patches and still you see in forums people who have big problems). I would have preferred BIS continue to fix ArmA 2, and maybe produce an expansion for ArmA 2-Chernarus, not a new island "stand-alone" Takistan.
  6. eirulan

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    I think XBoX 360 team played the PC Version of Arma 2 and concluded that the game is too much complex, hardware intensive, bugged. Therefore no release (soon) for Console. How can you play ArmA 2 with a pad? :raisebrow:
  7. eirulan

    Done it at last

    My dear...:butbut: A lot of reasoning. ArmA 2 seems a puzzle game sometimes...
  8. eirulan

    SP Missions by SaOk

    Thanks for the tips. I'll try to complete the mission the next time! :)
  9. eirulan

    SP Missions by SaOk

    Black forest: I accepted NAPA mission to attack stary sobor (and call reinforcements 0-0-8). 1) I decided first to go the Middle outpost to sleep and start the attack with NAPA the next day on daylight: well after the cutscene of the sleeping, the objective "capture the HQ in Stary Sobor" was signed as "failed".Is it correct? 2) So I went to Middle outopost to "take breakfast": nothing happened for 5 minutes (no text file, no" objective done"). Is it correct or is it a bug? 3) Performance: The graphics engine and fps are oscillating, it is not fluid as standard BIS Missions. Could be the AI load, some scripts loading. Just check to get more stable fps, as also others suggested. Bye Alex P.S.: great great mission atmosphere....night, fires in the trenches...good!
  10. eirulan

    Done it at last

    Good to know that.:) By the way, as you confirm, the mission is sometimes bugged.
  11. eirulan

    How Satisfied with Arma2 Are you??

    ....and Hearts of Iron 3 too...:) ArmA 2 (patch 1.04) has still significant performance bugs (vegetation popping up continuosly, frame rate up and down....). Far Cry 2 does not have these bugs: an example of good production (technically speaking). Playing ArmA 2 with the actual graphic engine has annoyed me definetely. And I am a loyal BIS fan since 2003. At present, I will not suggest to buy ArmA 2 to my friends or in the forums. I've done it in the past months, but not anymore. I'm really bored by ArmA 2 defective production: very low production quality.
  12. eirulan

    Done it at last

    How did you reach the island in the south, to capture Lopotev? :confused: There is no boat in the harbour in front of the island. :rolleyes: I tried to reach the island with the amphibious vehicle, but it is very complicated.....and booooring. :D
  13. eirulan

    Graphics engine improvement

    I suggest to improve the interface for "Warfare" & "High Command" game type. :) An example: it is used actually in a war game "WW II:General Commander". I like the concept. It could be useful for the warfare high-command in ArmA II. Link: http://www.stragames.com/gc/
  14. eirulan

    How Satisfied with Arma2 Are you??

    To be honest, just one warfare mission (es: Badlands) could be ok. But two nooooooo....too much..... :D The last one, Dogs of war is incredibily long and meaningless. Why no boat near the island where Lopotev is? :rolleyes: It is very complex and meaningless to approach the island with amphibious tank.
  15. explain better please, I'm curious...:)