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  1. Hello mrmark just wanted to know if you are still working on your terrain. All the best
  2. nettrucker

    Merry X-Mas!

    Hahaha and I thought I was the only one. LOL maybe we gonna run into each other on Everon. LOL I'm a bit late to the party a Merry Christmas to everyone and a prosperous New year.
  3. Hello mrmark My sincere congrats to this map. It is one of the most beautiful maps I've seen so far. The look is stunning and the feel of Southern Italy comes across very realistically. Good job. I've checked how the AI would handle the road network with all the bridges which are beautiful to look at but the AI is bugging out on the bridges. No way the AI can handle them. I have really no idea why that is, not being a terrain modeler, it is hard for me to understand what is causing this. I had no troubles with a couple of bridges and the Ai is passing though with hesitation at times. The big elevated bridges are a huge no go for the AI he's just trying to find an alternative route until it gets lost and just stops. Other times the Ai is just moving back and forth in a 3 steps move trying to back up but constantly crashing into the walls until the car is broken. There are some cities or villages with immense narrow streets like in real life. The Ai gets stuck there as well. When making missions for this terrain the mission maker must be aware of certain limitations and apply that knowledge accordingly. Unfortunately, the AI driving issues is one of the most persistent issues in the ArmA games and the hope that BI is going to fix that issue in the future is slim at best we all know that. Anyways I just wanted to thank you for this beautiful terrain. p.s. é davero splendido il tuo terreno. Grazie!
  4. A good day to you gents. It has been a long time since I’ve posted the last time on BI Forum, but I’m back with this new topic. Although most of the ArmA community has switched to ArmA 3 there are still some die-hard fans like me and others who are not entirely done with ArmA 2 yet. I started the project years ago on my own first, but then batteriefuhrer; offered his help, and the whole project underwent a complete overhaul nearly from scratch and I must say it was a worthwhile endeavor which is coming slowly to an end. We are at a good point for a first release. There are still some missions to be completed. But these are some minor things that hopefully we will finish in the next upcoming weeks. When the CWR 2 MOD was released we decided to do a 19 mission single player pack for the CWR2 MOD for ArmA 2 Combined Operations. These missions are all OPFOR missions where the player plays different characters in a hypothetical European conflict which escalates into WW3. These missions are featuring cinematics. Voice acting and a lot of other stuff I don’t want to get too much into detail. You’ll find out when playing . . . if you are still playing ArmA 2. Since there is no CWR MOD for ArmA 3 we stuck to AmA 2 as both of us are a big fan of the CWR2 MOD and this is our way to pay homage to the CWR MOD team. There are 19 single missions for every Island version included in this pack and we ended up with 19 mission in the end (it’s nearly a small campaign). Progress over the time has been extremely slow due to RL issues on my side but we kept steadily working as our time did permit. I wanted especially thank my buddy batteriefuhrer without him this project would have ended differently. And not as great as it is in the current state. His contribution was priceless. Moreover, his patience has been something which has permitted us to slowly get the whole pack to the current state. Thanks!!!!!! I will ask in any case (although I have not much hope) we would be in need of somebody interested in a beta test run. Although we have tested over and over again but it would be great if somebody would be willing to give it a shot and test it. Drop me a PM here on the forum and I will get back to you asap. With that being said I hope that some of you will still be interested in playing ArmA 2 and check this SP mission pack out Here are a couple of trailers I hope you guys gonna like it. Fixes and updates: download Last War 1.01 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1E3i_1EaNL6wT8kEgnOUMcdwLWeKegygT Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=34174 Cheers
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    SP Mission pack CWR2 "The last war"

    Hello Mr. Reviewer I'm sorry for my late reply but I'm without Internet connection. My rooter is dead. You running CWR version 1.6 and I'm afraid the update has broken some things. I did a test run with 1.6 and I experienced error messages as well. When we released the SP pack CWR was 1.5 and we had no errors. Best is to keep the default folder 1,6 as seperate folder and adding the expansions separately. I'm sorry to say but I believe we need to check every mission once again with the 1.6 version. Unfortunately real life issues has prevented me to replay the missions in version 1.6 to understand what errors are now appearing and how to fix it. I could only replay the first three missions so far. I'm sorry for this inconvenience but I'm afraid I can't fix everything in a short time period. I'm extremely busy wth real life issues the same as batteriefuhrer. I can only say, put it on hold until we fixed the mission pack to be compatible. I'm not able to foresee when this can be done. Thanks for playing the mission pack and for your feedback. We will announce when we have fixed all issues but it might take some time. Thank you All the best
  6. Hello all It is long time that I’ve posted here on the mission editing subform. I have only started lately to make some missions for ArmA 3 so yeah I’m lagging behind some 5 years or so lol. Now I’m facing a problem that I can’t simply solve. I’m at wits end here for being honest. I’m running ArmA III with all cup addons from terrains to everything else cup related. I was editing the mission and tried two implement an auto save game at a certain point in the mission. The problem I’m facing is that every time I’m using an autosave the mission get’s corrupted. Sound files are not playing anymore I can hear the radio noise when the sound file is activated but the file itself can’t be heard. Moreover every time I’m getting killed in a mission I start from the insertion point and not from the last save point. That drives me really crazy. So I started to remove the addon and added I add-on per time checking if they are related to my corrupted save games issue. Strangely I wasted 2 weekends checking on what might cause this without any success. None of them are giving problem but if I run them all together my save games are corrupted. I did search for a solution in the net without coming up with results that could help me to solve this problem. Maybe I’m doing something wrong and therefore I can’t get the auto save game to work. Maybe someone can point me into the right direction on what to do to get this problem solved. Thanks in advance BR
  7. nettrucker

    Autosave corrupts my mission

    Hello AZCoder yeah I will upload the mission this evening and let you know. I'm normally using saveGame in triggers as well. It has always worked but when I ran into troubles with the save game isue I thought maybe i'm doing it wrong and I need to use the save game module, but in both cases I'm experiencing troubles with both methods. I will let yoou know this evening when I uploaded the mission. Sorry but I haven't be able to do this earlier. Have a great day. Cheers
  8. nettrucker

    Autosave corrupts my mission

    hello AZCoder strangely there are not many scripts running a couple of them are just for the radio messages. I never have experienced anything like this. I wasted two whole weekends testing every single addon. I had no problems with the save games. There must be something which I'm overlooking, which I'm unaware of. I recognize immediately when the file is corrupt because I can't hear the radio messages anymore. I hear them activating but not playing I can't hear them. I have to shut down Arma and boot it up again. As long as I don't save throughout the mission everything is fine. All radio messages are played and can be heard. Once I try to autosave or manually save then it corrupts the mission. Geez, I'm playing since OFP CWC never experienced anything like that. Do you think your script could solve my problem? Cheers p.s. maybe I'm too stuck up with ArmA 2 editing. I'm using normal triggers with "saveGame" in the activation field. Then I tried the savegame module I synched a saveGame module to a trigger it' saves but it corrupts something at the same time if I manually save during the mission it happens as well. Maybe there's a new command or code snippet. What I noticed as well is that when I get killed I land immediately at the end of the mission debriefing instead of replaying from the last save point.
  9. nettrucker

    Autosave corrupts my mission

    hi engima thanks for your reply. I removed all add-ons and then I added them back one by one in the hope to understand what is causing the corruption of the mission after saving. Strangely every test run I did it worked perfectly once back at the mission with all the addon it corrupts the mission as soon as there is an autosave, manual saves have the same result. Really strange. I'm stuck on this. cheers
  10. Congrats to the release and it was my pleasure. it would be great if we could have a specific user made mission thread in this subforum which is dealing with user-made missions for this specific DLC. What do you guys think? It would be a lot easier for people to find the right mission dedicated and made specifically for GM. Once again your mission is most probably the first user made mission for GM . . . keep it up.
  11. Send me a PM and I see what I can do. No accent here. "Ich spreche nur Hochdeutsch." BTW I'm looking as well for German voice actors I can only do so much of voice acting as 1 person. I'm bad at impressions or speaking with an accent but as long as it comes to normal German I can be of help with some of the voice acting. Cheers
  12. nettrucker

    Global Mobilization - To higher price to pay

    Don't buy it, nobody is forcing you to buy it. The money I spent on this DLC is well spent in my opinion, moreover, I would pay for beer consumption a lot more in an evening on a drinking spree than what I paid for this DLC. May I ask what do you consider too much apart from the price? I'm honestly curious. cheers
  13. I had the chance to take a deeper look at GM in the editor without playing the campaign or any mission. I must admit I like it. What I've seen so far are models made from scratch. Notwithstanding certain flaws in functionality especially concerning NV on tanks, I'm not overly disappointed. The terrain and the models are beautiful in my opinion. It is a base on which can be built upon. @Beagle GM has been done by two guys it was not even a big team of people. ArmA III failed to deliver on content as well. No campaign on release 2-3 jets and tanks on each side. That's what I've read on this very forum back then. I don't perceive this DLC as a cash grab for the money I've spent on this . . . I can't complain. Are you guys aware what's out there and the absolute cash grabs that happened alone 2018 by developers, microtransaction and shit like this . . . Fallout 76 anyone . . . Star wars debacle? Has GM flaws? Obviously yes, some of them might never get fixed because it's ArmA 3 in the end. Others will be improved I believe. When it comes to missions and editing I have my fair share of experience because the editor is my favorite toy. I'm convinced that the AI at times is unpredictable. When playtesting some missions I had moments where the player's squad was to be dropped off by helicopter after a convoy attack and then move to the next objective. It happened from time to time that the squad would not move without no apparent reason. Most of the time the mission worked flawlessly but there were 3-4 times where the mission didn't continue. I have never figured out what caused it. This is just one of millions WTF moments I'm describing here. Was the ArmA 3 campaign bugfree at launch? I'm asking because I missed the launch. Anyways nobody is forced to buy the DLC. I personally believe that it adds to ArmA 3 something that I felt missing for some time. The Cold War era. GM is not perfect but it will maybe grow to a point where it will gain its place in the ArmA verse. I'm not disappointed for being honest and IMHO opinion for a 2 men team they delivered a solid base to further expand and improve upon. Just my two cents.
  14. @ Beagle thanks for your reply which is appreciated. I hadn' had the chance to test anything but without NV engagements are going to be difficult in nighttime conditions. As you stated the AI will have an advantage over any human player. I believe that this can be fixed though, at least on a functionality level. I don't know about the modeling side of it. I did some testing back in A2 with convoy driving. I noticed that the team leader of the group never enters the first vehicle you placed in the editor. He took seat most of the time in the second or third vehicle, which caused havoc because once the AI entered the vehicles they started to reposition themselves. The team leader starts to get into the lead position seated in the second or third vehicle I placed. The ensuing chaos which developed made convoy driving completely unreliable, It took the AI ages to get back into the right positions before actually moving to their next waypoint. Group convoy driving has always been a nightmare. AZCoder once told me that he experienced some hilarious stuff in ArmA 3 concerning vehicles veering off the road running over friendly units. It seemed to him that the AI in ground vehicles did it on purpose. They were actually going off road to hit the friendly AI. Well, the best thing the community can do is pointing out bugs and giving advice on what can be improved. Cheers
  15. The weakest spot has always been Ai driving ground vehicles it persists since OFP. It seems there's nothing that can be done to fix it. If I would get a Dollar every time I witnessed AI being overrun by Ai ground vehicles I would be a rich man by now. It seems it can't be fixed. Nothing has changed in that regards for over 18 years. I learned something in all that time tinkering in the editor. The AI is unpredictable and I really doubt that they will ever get fixed. ArmA has his flaws and we've learned to live with them although at times in extreme frustration. You either hate it or love it. We most probably do both.
  16. So what is really your point Beagle? I've read everything you pointed out which is constructive criticism although a bit harsh IMHO. My intent is not to attack you I'm just curious to understand. Broken stuff on the release is nothing new in the ArmA verse. I do understand your disappointment to a certain point. In order to provide a DLC up the standards, you were expecting can't be done by a two men team only. You should know that you are a veteran. Moreover, your great knowledge when it comes to the German military is definitely putting you into a position to be more critical than the average Joe. I understand your disappointment but geez it was done by two developers. I don't know but I'm willing to cut them some slack because for being honest I didn't expect it to be to the highest standards in the first place because it can't be done by only 2 guys and I bought the DLC without regret and I'm off being a fanboy for quite some time now. I believe it will be improved over time I personally witnessed every game launch since CWC except ArmA 3 there's always stuff that is broken and not working as intended. I haven't explored the DLC yet, I'm busy with RL issues. Just my two cents.
  17. Did a flyby on the terrain. It's ideal for tank warfare. Beautiful plains and the map is huge. which makes flying fun as well. I hope we will see air assets in the future to get the complete experience. Haven't played anything so far just went into the editor and made a flight over the terrain. Thanks, guys I'm unfortunately unable to explore very much in these days I have to dedicate it to next weekend I'm busy. Cheers
  18. Hey guys just bought it and I'm downloading now. I'm excited as a little boy hasn't felt like that for a while now. I'll report back once I'm done downloading and exploring. Thanks, guys. Cheers
  19. Looking forward to it. I must sadly admit I'm very late to Arma 3 it was the first and only BI game I didn't purchase at launch. Meanwhile, the community went over to ArmA 3 I was tinkering with Batteriefuhrer with the ArmA 2 CWR2 MOD. The result was a 19 mission SP pack for ArmA 2. Unfortunately, there were no Cold war assets available for ArmA 3 at that time. That will change in a couple of days I guess and it is with great satisfaction I see the first real Cold War assets being released for ArmA 3 in an official DLC . I hope that it will be a success which allows developing future assets and factions. All the best in your endeavor.
  20. Congratulations on my part as well. This looks amazing and I'm glad that we get the Cold War even to ArmA 3 because that's were everything started with the Cold war crisis. Thanks for your hard work and effort and I wish you all the success you deserve. Cheers
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    SP Mission pack CWR2 "The last war"

    Hi guys I really sorry for my late reply but the email notification doesn't work for me. I just stumbled on this post by pure accident. Thanks for reporting and giving feedback Kalle. Cheers
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    [SP] Mabuta pack, CWR² v.1.6 demo

    Hello Batteriefuhrer that sounds pretty cool have you already a release date in mind or is it too early to talk about it? Keep up the nice work. Cheers
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    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay here. Cheers
  24. Hello everyone That's why I love the ArmA community ArmA III - Brothers in Arms - Road To Hill 30 - Rendevouz with Destiny cheers
  25. I used once some tracks of the full metal Jacket movie made a vid using it also with a Hendrix tune. The video got muted and the sound removed. Luckily nothing else happened. I made once my own soundtrack for my "Hammer of Thor" campaign for Arma 2 just to avoid having problems with the copyright issues. I uploaded it onto Armaholic for free use but it's nothing related to the Vietnam era the sounds are to modern in my opinion, But maybe you can use it for modern time missions in case you are working on any. cheers