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  1. Tom1

    [CAMP] John - A Rambo Medley

    Hiya, sorry to bring up an old thread, I was just wondering how you got your bow awesomeness script working in your missions, as I extracted it and put it in my missions, even adding a line to the script that displays a hint that the script is working, yet I cannot retrieve my arrows, they do not make the impact sound and appear in their target (but the hint shows up, so I assume the script is being used???) Great campaign btw :)
  2. Tom1

    Post Apocalyptic Units

    Hiya, are the arrows currently retrievable? Any plans for other older weaponry, like crossbows or slingshots?
  3. Tom1

    Terrain Underground complexes?

    I just want proper trenches and foxholes to fight out of :\ Small placeable trenches in the editor, maybe a small mg nest/bunker covered in leaves that goes underground a tiny bit?
  4. Tom1

    Development Blog & Reveals

    sick loving these showcases.
  5. Lol, if you have the proper knowledge, hitpoints are more realistic than super formulas with bullet weight etc. How? Well if you take a look at the effects of the round in real life and give it a value that will impliment those affects in real life then you have more realistically simulated the real world effects of the round than if you invented a formula that isn't 100% correct and probably is really advanced and slows down the game with lag. People don't think those kinds of extended scripts slow down the game but if that were true I wouldn't experience a 10fps increase when playing without the ACE mod...
  6. Tom1

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I hope everyone can use bandages, but the medics are better. If the medics are the only ones able to use bandages that is no good :p
  7. ^we need a thumbs up icon especially for this thread to see what everyone wants, this has my vote!
  8. Tom1

    Operation E3

    He means that they wont like the gameplay or have the patience to experience arma how it is intended.
  9. Tom1

    Static Mesh support?

    I've got the idea the core game is already done at the moment they are just doing some heavy tweaking and tuning now that the barebones engine improvements/additions have been added. Be a bit silly to change engine now. I've always seen those pretty engines that show off pretty maps with a shit tonne of detail packed into a small space (console games pretty much) to be unoptimised for massivly open worlds...
  10. Tom1

    Vehicle Quality

    ^ Yes! Simple shit like that. Most of the Russian tanks in arma have this, it mades everything more difficult in most ways but is more realistic and immersive, and well, isn't that the reason we all play arma? :D
  11. IF insurgents wearing civilian clothes with no visbible weapons (maybe hiden or just stored in a car[which could make use ofvehicle search like vbs]) are not recognised as enemies, arma 3 will be assymetrically balanced. USA vs Russia/China/Armaverse Iran - Conventional Warfare, both have ultra-modern equipment and use similar tactics. USA may have slightly more advanced and technologically superior equipment BUT Russian equipment is still good but a lot cheaper due to the need to mass produce (e.g. T90 tank still very good at the same time as being a lot cheaper than an abrams). From what I know Russian equipment has heaps of firepower anyway easilly enough to balance out even number battles (but russians will usually have more numbers anyway) it is their electronics that have their equipment slightly lacking behind US equipment in these days of technological/electronic 'SMART' warfare. China is similar in this sense and if Iran was to build up their 'empire' and take over surrounding countries and become more powerful I suppose for game purposes they would also be similar to Russia and China. Guerillas are more mobile, are usually (initially) on the side of the local population (which asking for help from actually proveds quite helpful in large warfare style missions) and can (hopefully) blend in with civilians if the hide/ditch weapons and are wearing civilian clothes. It is believed by some that to win as a guerilla you just need to outsmart the tougher, superior side in conventional warfare, which is very difficult and unfair if they are both technologically and tactically superior. Wrong. Guerillas need to fight like they would in boxing or mma: with a gameplan that plays to their strengths and their enemies' weaknesses. E.g. No vehicles? Small numbers? Use the environment to your advantage to actually make the use of vehicles unadvisable (e.g. dense forest/jungle, urban terrain or mountainous terrain) and then use hit and run tactics, where you're more mobile than the larger and heavier (body armour and additional equipment) you can hit and then escape easilly ready to do it all again. I don't know, steal their uniforms and IR strobes to avoid their attack helicopter... Think outside the box, no matter what technologically inferior guerillas will always have the element of suprise in well made missions. For all of that to work a standard and more accessable game mode similar to warfare but easier to set up, more user friendly, able to be played on both small and large scale (without difficult set up in the editor- i.e. a simple warfare mission can be made using in-module dropdown menus instead of external functions and processes to be called upon) where you are actually able to be given or chose from a list of roles such as artillery team and you start with your side and are tasked with setting up an arty base close to the HQ then awaiting fire missions from players/ai. I know all of that can be done with scripting experience but it would be really cool if it was all possible with drop down menus and placeable game logics only. You still would have the freedom to piss off and go lone wolf and shoot at people if you wish but the gamemode would be more user friendly and easier to coordinate online in public matches because you don't all just spawn and have to talk to everyone else to allocate roles and callsigns and radio channels and objectives - Everything like that is already taken care of and ready from the get go. You could have clan like matches in public servers! All of that is a much better way to balance the game then using unrealistically modified stats. E.g. UK vs Takiban in arma 2. Takiban have T55, UK have challanger. BF style balancing would give the T55 upped stats and the Challanger reduced stats to even everything out, the T55 may be a bit faster and harder to hit, the Challanger might be a little bit better armoured with better weapons but slower and easier to hit. In Arma 3, the tanks will be as they are in real life, with the T55 being at least 5 times cheaper to produce and a lot faster to produce as well. This keeps public warfar, CTI and RTS games assymetrically balanced while keeping the realism. Custom coop missions (with specifically scripted objectives and no warfar/construction modules in play) or (team)deathmatch/ capture the flag, sector control, domination or AAS would rely on the mission maker to keep things balanced, usually by giving the inferior force greater numbers or an easier objective or an unconventional advatage.
  12. The current wounding system (with all 3 AIS modules) is great although limited bandages (regular riflemen) and medkits (spec ops/medics) would improve it a lot. Also, soldiers who are shot need to bleed with potential to bleed out if they aren't stabalised by a bandage OR 'healed' by a medkit. Having a short timespan to patch up more serious bleeding forces players to practise attending to casualties while underfire (not just medics in some cases) which in theory will be very common in post cold war era conventional fighting due to modern intermediate cartridge ammunition being specifically designed to wound rather than kill. This would make getting supressed with casualties very difficult, more realistic and more fun. If medics can heal wounded units this isn't super realistic as the units can get up and walk again, but it is the best option between realism (preserving medic AND the under fire casualty drill) and fun and MEDEVAC modules (user addons) are sure to come out quickly.
  13. Something like tcpw supression - great arma 2 mod gets ai to keep their heads down and actually react to overhead fire rather than just impacts.
  14. The game is already well balanced if the missions are made well. Balancing equipment and fluffing up authenticty isn't what OFP/ArmA has been about for the past 11/12 years, it has always been about realism, authenticity and making the best out of what you are given. There are plenty of other games where equipment is all balanced with their own counter parts for the sake of fairness over realism, but you have to understand that the majority of the ofp/arma community have been playing this series because it puts authenticity and realism above standard fair balancing to create a truely unique experience and the community who will still be playing/modding arma 3 3months after release when the next big fps comes out are the people who enjoy the series for its authenticity and realism over balance. Authenticity and realism over balance does not equal poorer gameplay, even in the PvP department. If the mission is well designed it offers an assymetrically balanced mission in which one team is 'overpowered' and technologically superior whilst the other has another advantage, i.e. surprise, great defensive position, numbers and/or mobility. Technology is usually somewhat 'balanced' during war times as each and every side is constantly workign to outdo the other. If you get sides like USA up against China or Russia the equipment is all modern and 'balanced enough' to give mission makers the oppertunity to make 'balanced' conventional style missions. But then again war isn't fair most of the time, if not all of the time. Arma stands out because it is the one and only infantry fps that offers such a degree of authenticty and realism and allows players to experience the true brutality of conflict, or atleast the closest thing to it in video games. Speaking of assymetrical balance, with the new 'enemy uniform' feature where the uniform determains which side the unit is identified to belong to, it would be sick to see insurgents wearing civilian clothes and hiding their weapons in their cars and the AI will not engage. If rules of engagement are set to return fire only, retreating militia who hide/ditch their weapons can blend back into civilian population if the situation permits. Would add a couple layers of awesomesauce to the game :)
  15. You should be able to like, thumbs up or recommend comments here...