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  1. Very interesting thread to read through, For all the modders who are staying back on Arma 2 (particularly Delta Hawk, your units truly amazed me, I don't think I've ever seen that quality in arma ever), I personally can not find any reason whatsoever to think that could be unreasonable, but there is a great sense of disappointment when you see modders stopping for the latest entry. To be honest, It'd be nice if Bohemia Interactive gave more support in the mod tools department, considering one of their major advertising points is mod support, plus they can also attribute a sizable amount of income to DayZ, essentially a mod. Still though It's nice to see quite a few quality modders with plans for the future in this thread.
  2. Militant1006

    AI Skill Settings

    yeah familiar with these commands, though cheers guys. I've figured out that the server skill doesn't seem to be entirely stable, though AI skill can be changed through the editor. Sometimes they are full retard, sometimes they become terminators.
  3. Militant1006

    AI Skill Settings

    From testing it seems to me that the AI precision is unchangeable, the reaction time seems to slow down when I lower the AI skill but the accuracy of their shooting is ridiculous, especially considering the weapon recoil of the Mk200 seems to not affect the AI's ability with it at all. Does anyone have solid information on the AI and how much of their skill settings can be configured at this point in development?
  4. Militant1006

    Design mastery weapons

    I reckon you'd be better off releasing whatever you've done that can be finalized for arma 2, then getting onto arma 3. I'm sure your weapons will be much appreciated in A3 considering it doesn't seem by default that it'll have any of the weapons you're making. Would love to see your weapons with attachable and detachable sights, etc.
  5. too bad there's no slings in arma. but yeah it does look like a very casual walk for a soldier, lol. Maybe do what OFP did and have the "weapon on back" thing which made the soldiers go from a combat ready stance to completely laid back, at least for the walking animations? If there was a combat ready walking animation I think having the weapon half-raised so it is not sweeping people but it is ready to shoot would be pretty good?
  6. Militant1006

    Design mastery weapons

    if we're talking about the whole sight, then what he has done is an improvement on the first version, therefore the best ;).
  7. Militant1006

    Design mastery weapons

    The best looking Eotech i've seen in arma by a long way.
  8. Is this a mod or addon, or a mission pack?
  9. No it won't, I know what LEA does, I need a script which I only have to manually set up once, then from there on it is easy, just execute it and it does what it needs to, on any mission. All I need is a way to execute this for every soldier on the map.
  10. Recently I have been trying to write a script which replaces all loadouts for a unit class on the map with another, basically swapping the Takistani Army FN FAL's for AKM's, however it is quite tricky. I have a file called weaponreplace.sqf which has this in it's contents and I have this being executed from the init.sqf I have tried replacing all the _soldier with _this and executing off a single soldier's init with and it works fine, replaces the weapon and everything, however I can't figure out a way to send this to each unit across the map, as I plan on checking every soldier type on the Takistani Army side, with almost all having their weapons replaced. Any ideas?
  11. Militant1006

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Hey guys, lately I have been making a mission which involves a parachute drop. A static C130 is set up, and the idea is to jump out and do a HALO drop, however I have a problem. Although the ACE HALO script seems to be executing and working, when I try to open the parachute, it says "chute opening" with the loading bar, but nothing happens once it is complete. I can't seem to make it possible for the chute to actually deploy. Any ideas?
  12. Militant1006

    80s, 90s, early 2000 US Military

    there shouldn't be a limit on config size delta, as long as there's no errors then I'd assume you would be fine.
  13. I've already checked that many times, also my ACRE has been working since the mod came out, it has only stopped working now, and I don't know why. The problem is something much deeper, it would be nice if a dev could explain the error and give a few things that may affect it, besides running as administrator or course.
  14. Militant1006

    ACRE Pipe Error?

    Got the same problem, no idea how to fix.
  15. Anyone know why I am getting this error while ingame? "ACRE has experienced a pipe error (most likely a timeout) and pipe is now closing!" tried all the websites troubleshooting steps, re-installed TS3, re-installed JayArma2Lib_new and ACRE, and re-installed all my plugins.